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Blue is an unusual hue for blooms. Indeed, you only come across true blue flowers, well, once in blue moon – unless, of course, you happen to live near a stream in a high-altitude meadow, where they are fairly prevalent. More popular are tinted with pinks and purples, but whichever end of the spectrum you prefer, you’ll find blue flowers evoke tranquility and harmony and portray a sense of stability suggestive of confidence, honesty and security.

Ocean Whisper

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- Blue Flowers
Beautiful Blue
4.2 /5
Blue Dendrobium
 £7  (26%)
4.5 /5
Star Sparkle
Star Sparkle
 £5  (17%)
4.5 /5
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes
 £5  (14%)
4.1 /5
Summer Skies
 £5  (14%)
4.3 /5
 £5  (20%)
4.3 /5
Apple Sours
 £5  (17%)
3.8 /5
Mrs Tracy Klein
 £5  (14%)
4.1 /5
Purple Blaze
4.1 /5
Spring Chicken
 £10  (29%)
4.4 /5
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Service rating : I wanted to send some nice flowers to my sister - something nice, a bit different, and no lilies (she has a cat - and lilies are toxic to cats, especially the pollen). I’ve used Serenata before, so I knew the service would be efficient and the flowers would be up to scratch. I had a quick look through their website - the filters make it easy to find the flowers you want to send for the price you want to pay. I picked some really funky blue orchids (Blue Dendrobium). Selecting and paying is easy with no hidden charges (and next day delivery is included in the price of the flowers).

Once I’d placed the order, I received sufficient emails to update me on its progress. A couple of hours after they’d been delivered, my sister sent me an email to say thanks with a photo of the flowers she’d received - they looked really great, as good or better than the website photo.

I’ve used one or two other internet flower sellers in the past, and there are some really bad ones out there who don’t know their iris from their elbow!
Serenata are in a different league - they’re really good.
Product : Really nice flowers - thanks.


Service rating : The standard option for ordering flowers was that they came wrapped, and you have to pay extra to have them arranged in a vase. The recipient has plenty of vases so I chose just to have them wrapped. I thought they would come ready to put into a vase and put on display. Unfortunately they had to be pulled apart and cut individually which was a lot of work when the flowers were a gift.
Product : They were very fragile flowers and two of the five stems were broken when they arrived. The flowers were dyed blue and the dye transferred to our hands while handling the flowers. Very disappointed at the final product, as the flowers were not nearly as majestic as the pictures appeared.


Service rating : Your system is tried and tested and performs well. That is why I continue to use it. It is complete, well presented, organised and thoughtful.
Product : Bearing in mind that I had pink dendrobium sent at the same from another company I have had a comparison. This was not intended however in the circumstances proved most useful. The serenata blue was not good. It was tired and clearly will not last for very long. There were two packs sent with the smaller one being of poor quality. The bigger bunch was only average and not stunning as expected. I felt let down as previous standards of product quality have been high.


Service rating : I have ordered three bouquets as gifts over the past year and have been very happy with the service. The recipients have commented on how beautiful the flowers were. I love the variety of bouquets available, especially the more unusual ones and I’ve no doubt I will order more in the future!!
Product : I did not see this bouquet as it was a gift for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. However, she phoned me imediately on receiving it to say how beautiful the flowers were. Blue is her favourite colour so this particular bouquet suited her perfectly. Thank you.


Service rating : Booked flowers for Mothers Day, last minute booking but didn’t seem to be a problem for Serenata Flowers, very impressed. Marked down to good as the flowers chosen and the flowers my mother received differed considerably.
Product : Choose the scented blue posy, but she received a multi coloured lot. I’m not a big fan of mixing too many colours and prefer the more classic look so was a little disappointed but she was very happy to receive flowers which was after all the point!


Service rating : Sent flowers for mothers day.... my mother telephoned me to thank me and said the flowers where beautiful, they had just been delivered and the person that delivered them was lovely, I will be using serenata flowers from now on , so impressed with the flowers and the service and the price was very reasonable. thank you very much
Product : Blue Dendrobium ....... my mother said she was amazed at the colour and quality of this so glad i chose these flowers.


Service rating : Flowers arrived next morning which was excellent as order made on a Sunday
Product : The flowers were absolutely stunning. I picked them for their blue colour as they were for a couple and wanted to pick something a bit masculine. However, that was lost anyway because they were so pretty and delicate. My friends were so thrilled with them thata a photo of them was put on facebook so others could see their beauty.

Blue and its related hues are undoubtedly the favorite colors of millions. It is believed to be a color that evokes peace or calm and tranquility while at the same time suggesting honesty, sincerity, and confidence. Even though blue is considered an uncommon shade for buds and blooms, serenata flowers, UK's top selling online florist, proudly offers a list of blue flower arrangements for the true flowers blue lovers.

Flowers that are blue do not occur very often in nature. Blue roses are mostly found growing freely near streams of flowing water or meadows located in high altitudes. Blue tulips flowers include those with deep pink or purple tints such as blue roses delivery, blue orchids flowers, blue thistles, blue gerberas and blue winter flowers. Of course, there are the 10pm blue roses flowers which are in a class of their own.

You can order any of Serenata Flowers' nine distinct blue bouquets flower arrangements. Ocean Whisper is considered Serenata's bestseller among the blue roses delivered. For only £29.99, this flower arrangement features shell-white gerbera daisies and daisy mums nestled amidst lush purple veronica blooms. Purple statice are interspersed with blue thistle, delphiniums, and purple lisianthus.

If your tastes are a bit on the conservative side and you know what flowers are blue, Star Sparkle would be your kind of blue and yellow flowers. In this serenata flower arrangement, delicate white gypsophilas contrast beautifully with the deep hues of 10pm blue irises.

To order blue roses you can also go online and buy blue roses and opt for Moonlight, Lemon Soda, All That Jazz, Blue Cloud, Tribeca, Santorini, or Summertime. Serenata's blue tulips flowers bouquet are affordably priced between £29.99 and £119.99 and included in the same day delivery service.

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