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Dozen Roses

There is no more timeless, elegant gift than a simple dozen roses. Whether you need to say “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” a dozen roses is the perfect gift. The beauty of roses begins when they are buds. That beauty withstands time as buds open and bloom into the fullness of the rose. Long after those dozen roses bloom, your recipient will cherish the memory of your sentiment and of those beautiful dozen roses.

A Dozen Red Roses Giftwrap

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- Dozen Roses
12 Luxury Red Roses with Gyp
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A Dozen Red Roses
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A Dozen Red Roses Giftwrap with Ted...
A Dozen Red Roses Giftwrap with Ted...
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I didn't actually receive the goods but I rate it "good" because I was immediately awarded with a full refund. However the service delivering as promised would have been much better, obviously!

I placed this order a week before the event which was when I needed to get these dozen red roses to a special person for her birthday. I thought a week was more than enough time to prep, package and post out. I had paid extra for a "before noon" delivery...

Searching for florists, I wanted initially a local one and when searching for one in the SW London area via the internet, SerenataFlowers came up. However it turns out the flowers came from Birmingham. It isn't a problem as such unless this distance was the cause of why the flowers didn't turn up before noon on the day in question... If the company claims to use local florists or allow their website to come up in local searches when they're not local, this can be misleading if the service is not seamless or falls down..which it did here.

Another issue was that I asked the recipient to stay in until midday on a very important day of hers. However as the flowers didn't arrive, she had wasted that time and it stressed her out more as she had lost four hours which she needed in preparation for the evening.

A delivery service for relaxing, calming products such as flowers should do the total opposite affect than to cause stress on both the recipient and person who ordered them. Reason I used this service was because I couldn't physically be there, as is why most people arrange flower deliveries.... So for a company which claims to do just that (alleviates that burden of not being there for that special person) but doesn't actually deliver, defeats the point of providing this service in the first place..


Service rating : I have in the past, been very pleased, but this time I sent a message because 3 of the dozen roses drooped almost instantly and I asked how we could have prevented this. My request for info was not answered, instead I was asked to send a photo as if I was complaining about the "product". Delivery ,presentation etc excellent.
Product : Some roses drooped instantly. I was asked to email a photo but I wasnot visiting the recipient again ( I had visited on the day saw the flowers and emaile., The distance made another visit uneconomic. Also I am not particularly "computer-savvy". So I could not comply. I felt disappointed as the recipient really needed a "cheer-up". Still 75% of the roses and 100% of the freesia were still fine 4 days after delivery so poor is quite harsh but I couldnot say good as I wanted "wow factor" for my money. Supermarket flowers and self delivery for me from now on.


not happy at all. Ordered dozen red roses for my girlfriend who has been to hell and back the past six months and deserved a nice surprise, only to find out at 10:30pm that my order had been cancelled. The reason they gave was dispatch informed them and said something about lack of details for address. When I got sent the order details everything was as it should have been on it, address and all. I am really disappointed and angry and will not be using the 20% discount they offered me to order again. That particular bouquet is no longer available for delivery on valentines day. I feel really let down, and still waiting for the money to be repaid to my credit card like they said it would. What do I tell my girlfriend now after I told her she would get a surprise tomorrow? I didn’t think the surprise would be a last minute cancellation. Won’t be using this site for mothers day now. Bob


Service rating : Very good customers unfortunately not impressed with the flowers!!
Product : Firstly I have to say the customer service side of serenata flowers was very good. I had texts and emails for notifications about when my order was placed, dispatch and delivery. This was very good howeveer this was hugely let down by the presentation of the flowers on delivery. I paid extra money for my selected flowers to be deluxe however when they were delivered they looked pitiful in comparison to the Internet pictures. 3/4 of the flowers weren’t in the arrangement as was displayed on the Internet (minus vase). I felt cheated as a customer when I saw them as it looked like someone had got rid of all the dead ones and just left the last remaining healthy flowers which was only about half a dozen!! Unfortunately I wasn’t impressed and I don’t think I’ll be using this service again


Service rating : Excellent
Product : The flowers arrived when my partner and I were out the courier took the time to walk all the way round to the back garden and sensibly left them in a small recess near the back door. The box was well packed and the flowers in perfect condition as were the teddy, balloon and little cake. My partner was delighted with the whole gift. The dozen red roses are thriving and from semi buds have opened fully to form a beautiful display in our home. Excellent value for money and excellent service, I am really pleased and would recommend your company to others and will definitely use your service again. An additional bonus was the online discount voucher I have also received which was actually worth having. Thank you and well done most impressive.


Service rating : Easy to use website, good choice.
Product : I ordered the ’deluxe’ dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day. This included extra stems and a ’considerably improved’ presentation (I can’t check the exact wording, as the product is no longer available on the website). The extra stems were present, but I can’t see how the presentation was any different from standard. I’d have thought improved presentation might have included some gypsophilia, or even just a ribbon, but the roses were just plain stems. More importantly though, a number of the stems weren’t fresh and were beginning to show signs of wilting; the whole bunch didn’t last more than four days. Disappointing, particularly on Valentine’s Day.


Service rating : an excellent site that is highly competitive in price and exceeds all competitors in customer service. from the moment you place your order, you are made to feel that you are in safe hands - being sent an email is only the start of the journey. you are kept in the loop that the flowers are not only way to the recipient but also that they have been delivered safely. a great service from start to finish.
Product : i was told that the dozen red and pink roses that i had sent to my niece were amazing not only in looks but in quality too. they have lasted almost a week and were the same price if not cheaper than competitors.

Whether it is your first dozen roses valentines day or your 25th anniversary, no flower arrangement better demonstrates your indefatigable passion and unwavering love than does the elegant presentation of a dozen roses. Timelessly classic and always spectacular,dozen roses delivery uk have the ability to captivate the senses and warm even the most carefully guarded of hearts. The rose’s place alongside Cupid and Aphrodite is well earned, for little else conveys unguarded love, friendship, and consideration as splendidly. A florist dozen roses can express sentiments as diverse as love, gratitude, condolence, and praise, but regardless of the occasion, 2 dozen roses delivered are all equals when it comes to touching the heart and inspiring a smile.

At serenata flowers, we have always thought of dozen roses uk delivery as physical manifestations of poetry. The shape of their buds gives dozen roses to be delivered the appearance of delicate parchment wrapped into tender scrolls, while the gentle velvet of their petals and their warm perfume captures the very romantic qualities and intense emotions that abound in love sonnets. A bouquet of a dozen roses for delivery can stand alone as the perfect testament to your love, whether romantic or familial, and our impressive selection of colors ensures that you will find the perfect free flower delivery dozen roses tomorrow to complement any occasion. Because we respect the intimate charm of these sophisticated dozen roses buy, we take care to choose floral artists capable of arranging and preserving the flowers without disrupting the poetry inherent in the blossoms. At serenata flowers, we know where to order a dozen roses and send it to your lover. We select only the most picturesque flower delivery dozen roses, so you can be certain that your bouquet will arrive poised to take your loved one’s breath away with a dozen roses and truffles $39.99.

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