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Saying sorry is one of the hardest things ? and the longer you wait, the harder it becomes. If your thoughtless actions or hurtful words have upset someone, make amends with an honest confession accompanied by a sophisticated bouquet.

A Dozen Red Roses Giftwrap

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Pink Callas and Roses
Pink Callas and Roses
 £5  (17%)
3.9 /5
 £5  (20%)
4.3 /5
A Dozen Pink Roses Giftwrap
A Dozen Pink Roses Giftwrap
4.3 /5
4.2 /5
Scented Pleasure
Scented Pleasure
4.0 /5
4.4 /5
 £5  (20%)
4.1 /5
A Red Rose in a Vase
4.1 /5
20 Luxury Red Roses
3.8 /5
Peachy Perfect
 £5  (14%)
4.4 /5
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Service rating : No problems with ordering over the web
Product : I have used your services before and have always been pleased when I have heard the recipient’s response - this time however I visited my parents of the day of delivery and have to say I was very disappointed with the flowers - they did not resemble the picture on your website and were not nearly as colourful. I did not pass comment to my parents as it would have worried them if I had complained - they are both in their 80’s and it was their 62nd wedding anniversary. Please don’t suggest and voucher for a deduction on my next order as I am now unsure as to whether I will have faith in using your company again. I am sorry to give this feedback as in the past I have always given a glowing report


There was a technical problem when placing the order and therefore the invoice was not attached to the actual order this lead to the flowers not being delivered on the correct day. I emailed Serenata's customer services and within 10 mins I had received a reply. They were very helpful, apologetic and upgraded the bouquet as a way to say sorry. Obviously I was quite disappointed that the flowers didn't arrive on the intended day but I can not fault the communication and help from Customer Services to correct the problem. I would definitely use them again and also recommend them to other people.


Service rating : I ordered flowers from your company for a friend who had a special birthday. Orders with previous companies have not been up to expectation, however, my friend was truely delighted and said the flowers were beautiful , I was only sorry not to see them. Thank you for a lovely gift. Kind regards, Moira Bonne
Product : Excellent service, flowers delivered on time and in perfect condition. I liked that you have asked me as the purchaser for feedback. Too often because the product is unseen, it’s not up to standard. Your were! Thank you


Service rating : Would have been ’Excellent’ but I was informed three roses were dead by the following morning.
Serenata Flowers communication with me was excellent, and delivery was prompt. The only other thing that miffed me a bit was that your web site led me to believe that the flowers would be delivered by a local florist near the recipient.
Product : See above - I felt the quality of the roses should have been a lot better, three dying less than twenty four hours after delivery was not acceptable - so I would hesitate before using Serenata again - sorry.


Service rating : I have already left a very positive review of the company and flowers, after my brother said they were beautiful. However, after speaking to my sister in law , she said he didn’t want to upset me, and the flowers are dreadful. Like a bunch from the supermarket. I was extremely saddened and upset as they were a Christmas present. The service was excellent and delivery on time.
Product : The quality of the flowers was extremely poor, like cheap supermarket specimens.
Not deluxe by any stretch of the imagination, I am sorry to say I will not be making a repeat order.


Service rating : Prompt service, delivered in a box, so protected.
Product : Unfortunately I can’t say that the flowers were good as the main feature (roses) were brown/crurled on the edges and oquite fully open, the rest looked ok, a little sparse, but acceptable. It did not have that fresh, vibrant look of special flowers. Arrived in a box, protected well, so that was a good point. Sorry. Jane


There was a problem on my behalf that you couldn't deliver the flowers on Christmas Day, which I completely understood, I don't work Christmas Day, it's family time. Your team were very helpful and very sorry to hear about my gran, which I am thankful for and I loved how fast your team responded to my emails, thankyou ever so much again for your service. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year. I will certainly be a customer for 2016! X

Sometimes the words get in the way and make ?what flowers say sorry? very difficult and hard to do. What is the best way to say sorry flowers? Send your special someone flowers to say sorry and show that you really care. Your recipient?s heart will melt once he or she gets these beautiful i am sorry flowers.

Luckily, shopping for flowers that say sorry is effortless nowadays. With online shopping, you can shop from the comforts of your home any time of day or night. After the fight, head online to serenata Flowers for the best selection of sorry flowers. If you are undecided what kind of i am sorry flower variety you are going to pick, the award-winning serenata flowers site has a team of flower to say sorry experts to attend to your queries and orders. Choosing the best flower to say sorry is trouble-free. The site also has a neat category of pictured blooms and bouquets that makes it very easy and convenient to send flowers to say sorry.

What sets Serenata Flowers? online shop apart from the others is that they give 100% satisfaction guarantee to each customer. Should the unavoidable happen, Serenata is willing to give a replacement or a full refund. Now that is value for your money. Additionally, shopping for flowers sorry is very convenient at this site. One can shop for lovely blooms by style, variety, color, occasion, season, and price. Aside from flowers say sorry, Serenata offers fresh flowers by sentiment and other gift items like wine and chocolates.

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