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Thank You Flowers for a Friend

Flowers go way beyond simply saying Thank You, as they also show how much you value the friendship. Our wide selection means there's a bouquet to suit every occasion, and the quality is outstanding as each one is hand-tied daily from the freshest flowers.

Oriental Breeze with Chocolates

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- Thank You Flowers for a Friend
Oriental Breeze
 £5  (20%)
4.3 /5
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
 £5  (13%)
5.0 /5
 £5  (14%)
4.2 /5
Scented Pleasure
Scented Pleasure
4.0 /5
 £5  (14%)
4.2 /5
4.2 /5
 £5  (20%)
4.4 /5
Blue Dendrobium
 £7  (26%)
4.5 /5
Pink Callas and Roses
Pink Callas and Roses
 £5  (17%)
4.0 /5
Beautiful Smile
 £5  (14%)
4.5 /5
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Everything was perfect, except for the fact that the delivery did not contain the message card so that my friend had no idea who the sender was. Sh means her husband searched carefully for any clues to the sender including the delivery label but there was nothing to indicate even that it was from Serenata. Because the box contained a voucher for Hello Fresh they concluded that it was up scale marketing ploy on the part of Hello Fresh! This was disappointing and diminished the delight that my friend would have experienced had she known immediately that the flowers were from me. I have used Serenata before so I know how good you can be.


Great service and updates but not impressed really with the delivery. As the recipient was disabled and uses a walker, I requested patience when delivering. My friend told me that the courier had not even rung the bell or knocked ( she had not had the tv or radio on all day ), and the flowers were found by her carer at 5.30pm as they had just been left in the storm porch. She was not expecting the flowers as I had sent them for a surprise. As I was informed that they had left the building at 9.15am that morning, they were in real need of a good drink !


I usually use Serenata for flowers and postal gifts, but my friend lives literally opposite a florist, so this time I thought it best to use them. I phoned them only to get an answerphone, and left numerous messages. After no reply, I ordered through Serenata quickly without any hassle. My friend received her flowers the next day (Sunday!) and was very pleased with them. The local florist did phone me back, but I'd already ordered by then. I tried to support local shops, but next time I'll stick with Serenata.


I have used this company on a couple of occasions and have been very pleased with the service Serenata Flowers provide. From the web site design to delivery of the flowers - i can't fault it. One friend commented that she was very impressed with the way the flowers were packaged when delivered. The order status updates to my mobile were useful as i don't check my e-mails every day. I have recommended Sereneta to all my friends and family.


Ordered late at 10pm and delivered the next morning at 9am Amazing!! Lovely flowers my friend was delighted :-)
Sadly consistency isnt assured as my brother ordered our mum flowers for mothers day from you on my recommendation and they were wilting on the day she received them and in the bin by the tuesday Not good!


Flowers are excellent. They seem to use Yodel a lot and I'm afraid that Yodel are often poor. If the Yodel service is good the flowers arrive in excellent quality and on time, otherwise occasionally you can be let down.
I'd still rate them good. I'd use them for my mother and my sister but not for a friend as I've got used to where it works and where it doesn't.

High Wycombe

Fantastic range and value! I always use Serenata after receiving flowers myself from a friend from Serenata and I was so thrilled with them! I especially loved the card that came with them advising me how to look after them which was worded in a lovely friendly way. I have never been disappointed with Serenata. x

Friend Thank You Flowers with free delivery

Friends are easily one of the best parts of our lives. They are there during the best times of our lives and the worst parts of our lives, helping us cope and celebrating joys with us. True friends are a rare joy, and sadly, we do not celebrate friendship as much as we should. So change that and get your Friend Thank You flowers! Let them know how much they are appreciated and loved, and make them smile.

Friends aren't usually sent gifts because there is no such obligation – friends don't have to send each other things. However, that is also what makes it so special to send flowers to a friend. Since it is unexpected and there are no obligations, it truly makes them feel special. When you send flowers to a friend, they know you did not have to send anything but still did purely out of love. We owe the best times in our lives to friends. Think about the best times you had growing up and you will realise that the times were made amazing by the presence of your friends. The best parties, the best gatherings, and the best experiences always seem to happen when our friends are around. Any boring trip becomes an adventure; just sitting bored becomes a gathering with the right buddy. After having a particularly good event or time, when your friend or friends were instrumental in making it a good time, send your friend thank you flowers. If you make sure your friends know they are appreciated, you will be able to make sure that you do not drift apart.

Celebrate your Friendship

When you send Thank You flowers to friend, make sure you let them know why! There are so many reasons and each of them will make your friend feel special. You can send flowers after a very good time, letting them know they were the reason you had a good time. If you are going through a rough patch, you can send flowers to a friend to thank them for helping you. If they are going through a bad time in their life, you can send flowers to let them know you are there for them when needed. You can also just send flowers for no reason, and write a note about how much you care about them. Our florists have handpicked the best possible flowers that send the right message to your friends. We know that different flowers have different effects on people, and thus our flowers for friends are specially made to let your friends know how you feel. Instead of being romantic, they celebrate the love that only exists between friends. Send your Friend Thank You flowers today with, always free delivery even on weekends and you can order as late as 10pm. Let them know you care and that you are here for them if they need you.

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