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Flowering plants

There are thousands of different varieties of flowering plants around the world. Some are grown within the gardens of kings and noblemen, while others thrive in the wild. Some flowers are grown simply to be sold to the masses, while other are so delicate that even the slightest touch could cause them to wither and die. Flowering plants are a calling card for small insects and birds. It is nature`s way of spreading seeds from place to place without having to move an inch.

Laurustinus Viburnum tinus

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Viburnum tinus is a popular and attractive specemin shrub, now available in a dense, compact bush form which is par... read more »

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- Flowering plants
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The service was good but paying an extra fee for delivery on mothers day was annoying


Service rating : very quick, lovely selection and they kept on flowering for ages after
Product : good value


Service rating : Good
Product : The white roses and mauve freesias were loved arriving in bud and still flowering!Beautiful.


Service rating : Excellent service, loved the text status updates. Will definitely use this service again. Highly recommended
Product : Recipient loved them and tells me more are flowering several days after receipt


The company are excellent and deliver the bouquet as promised, in bud and ready for flowering. Now they're open every one who comes into the room comments on the perfume permeating the room.


Lovely bunch, nicely flowering afterwards, and with proper attention keeping well.


Service rating : Delivered precisely on schedule. Cannot fault it.
Product : Exactly "what it said on the packet" - - with flowering buds and in beautiful condition. Cannot fault it.

Comprising about 90% of the Kingdom Plantae, flowering plants are the most diverse group of land plants. They practically colonized the earth during the past 130 million years. Their most remarkable feature distinguishing them from other seed plants is their flowers, which are also their reproductive organs.

Although they all produce flowers and seed-bearing fruits, flowering plants come in an astonishing variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, whenever they bloom together as a whole; their appearance is always stunning. For home decor, these are excellent choices because they grant us with astounding displays. They are also good for gifts because they can be placed anywhere in the house or even outside.

Flowering plants that are used indoors must always come with vases, and pots for outdoors. It is extremely important to select the vase or pot carefully because its appearance with the flowers should always be as a whole. Depending on their survivability, they can either be wrapped or not.

Choosing the specific flowering plants to give can be confusing, but you need not feel that only one plant is suitable for a specific person. Any kind can be suitable as long as it looks marvelous. Always make sure that they are in perfect condition when given. Just imagine the look of someone’s face when he or she receives a wilted flowering plant. You surely don’t want that to happen.

Flowering plants are useful in many ways. Most often, they are used for decorations and gifts. The stunning beauty they offer will last for quite some time if they are taken care of properly.

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