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For friends, family and loved ones living abroad, you can send flowers overseas to almost all countries in the world.

Stay in touch and show your loved ones that you are thinking of them, even when physical distances separates you. You can also have flowers delivered same day to most countries.

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i sent you feedback immediately as I liked your style! then completed the feedback form with comments about the change in website so that moderatly prices bouquets no longer flagged up. Yes they are still in the range, but you have to know they are there, i DID NOT GET GOOD COMMUNICATIONON THIS MATTER, THE IMPORTANT POINT BEING IGNORED, AND AS i HAD BEEN RECOMMENDING YOU TO FRIENDS ON THE STRENGTH OF MODERATE PRICES AS WELL AS GOOD SERVICE, i CAN ONLY RATE YOU gooD NOW, PREVIOUSLY AND SPONTANEOUSLY IT HAD BEEN excellentN


However, I did not see the end-product and have not had a chance to ask the recipients what they thought. However, was disappointed to find subsequently that the recipients did not know who the flowers were from as there was no indication in the delivery - I did not use/send your standard greetings card as a card had already been sent privately. Therefore I think that a small indication at least of whom the flowers are from would be approporiate in the future.


Lovely products, great price (normally I can't afford to send flowers to people, but Serenata are so reasonable), and fast, reliable service. The website is really simple to use, too. What more could anyone ask for!


Order process is very straightforward and the level communication regarding the order and the delivery process is excellent. The only improvement I'd have liked on the website was to be able to search for flowers by colour theme - I couldn't see any way to do that.


Have used Serenata many times always with great feedback from the people I send the flowers to. Pity I don't receive them myself so that I can give you first hand feedback!


Because of an error, the company made it right with me. That meant a lot to me, and I would recommend them, and use them again.

St. Helens

Website was easy to navigate. Choice was excellent. Pricing was very reasonable. Delivery was on time with no issues.

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