Roses are the ultimate romantic gesture. And who better than the French to turn to for elucidation on this tricky matter? According to a saying from la republique, white roses are for love, red roses are for passion, and yellow roses are for friendship. If you?re a victim of love at first sight, express your enchantment with lilac roses. For happiness, choose pink roses, which connote grace, gentleness and gratitude, and tell recipients they?re a joy to behold.


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Service rating : Serenata for the most part is a reliable and quality floral delivery service. If I were writing this review before my last order I would say they’re flawless. However, my most recent attempt to send my girlfriend flowers to her work resulted in the flowers being dropped at reception without notice and my girlfriend receiving them 4 days later wilting an on the verge of severe dehydration.
Product : Every time I’ve used Serenata I’ve sang their praises. "Roses that radiant their life well into a second month. Spectacular updates on delivery status via email or text." Unfortunately this review is conducted on my most recent order. In Short I ordered flowers to be delivered on Friday and they were received on Tuesday.


You only have one choice of vase on your website. I had hoped with that type of vase that you would fill in any gaps between the roses with baby’s breath or something. My cousin sent me a picture and the roses looked sparse and falling over because of the type of vase. They seemed to be falling all over the place and weren’t evenly spaced. To be honest, I wasn’t happy with the way they looked.


Service rating : The flowers were delivered on time and at a reasonable price. Nothing exceptional, but nothing wrong either. The delovery serice was good
Product : Nice roses, but from what I saw of the photo, the arrangement lacked a measure of elegance - large, but bogger is not always better. Hard to tell when I could not see the flowers in person


Service rating : Flowers were delivered late in the day which was perfect as my sister had just got back from a long day at work and was thrilled.
Product : My sister was delighted with this bouquet. She told me the roses were tight buds and opened up slowly which meant the flowers lasted a long time.


Service rating : I have used Serenata previously and will continue to do so in the future.
Product : The Red Roses were delivered as requested for a lady’s 93rd birthday, in perfect shape. When I spoke to her on the telephone she was thrilled and ecstatic. It made her day! That is not including all the ’Brownie Points’ I picked up.


Service rating : This was a last minute order before Christmas and it was delivered in excellent time and I was pleased.
Product : As far as I know the roses were good quality as the recipient was happy. I looked for a reasonable price and 19 pounds was within my budget. Thank you.


She received the most beautiful bouquet of golden roses and cream and gold freesias and said : They are glorious. The quality and service of SerenataFlowers is consistently good and reliable. I always choose them.

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