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Thank you. If two little words can make someone feel appreciated, imagine what a mass of brightly coloured blossoms could do. A charming host, a supportive friend, a caring relative or a colleague who?s gone the extra mile ? show someone you appreciate the lengths they?ve gone to with some specially selected flowers.


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I had made an error with an order I placed and contacted Serenata for help. They fixed the problem right away. Always very understanding and accomodating. The only company that would gladly deliver orders to our grandmothers address (three local montreal companies refused saying her location was out of their service region) we now give Serenata all our business and recommend them highly to others. A little puddle skipping does a lot of good. Thank you Serenata!! :)


The delivery was an adventure!
1st message - "we received your order"
2nd message - "your order is being processed"
3rd message - "your order is being chauffeured"
4th message - "your ears must be burning now that your flowers have been delivered"

Brilliant (and on time)
Thank you

Chemainus, B.C.

My sister was just ecstatic in her appreciation of the presentation Serenata delivered. When one delivers to U.K. Addresses from the West Coast of North America, you really can only rely on the integrity of the Company and Staff. Seranata came up aces at every level, from order to delivery, service and quality was superb. thank you, Serenata


I am told ( I did not see the bouquet personally) that the flowers that you delivered were extremely nice, as always. I will continue to use Serenata Flowers as my 'go to' flower delivery people. Thank-you for such lovely flowers.


I ordered the flowers, chocolates and card with a special message in Edmonton Canada on a Saturday and they were delivered on Sunday in London England at no extra charge. I was most impressed! Thank you!


The website was easy to use, and the service amazing. I received emails of my payment, order, and you delivered on time with a confirmation, and the flowers were amazing!
Thank you again from Canada!


The customer service and promptness was extraordinary !! :) I would recommend their flower shop and service excellence to one and all !! :) Thank you so much for saving mine and my Fiance's Valentine's Day !! <3

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