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Very impressed with how easy it was to look for, buy, pay for and have the flowers delivered. It would have been better if I could also have included the telephone number of the recipient so your company could have called/messaged them. Now they waited for the wreath to arrive as I only got the message that it had left the warehouse and was on route. No approximate time was given as far as I am aware.

Hong Kong

The service is good but I was disappointed that although there was someone at home, the flowers were left at the front door -- which is seldom used!-- and not at the back door as requested. The delivery notice was not pushed through the letterbox so the flowers were left overnight!! Luckily, they were not ruined!!

Hong Kong

everything is alright but only lack communication with customer as I have contact with the customer service department for requesting special arrangement for delivering to my girlfriend however I cant receive any respond from them. fortunately the flower and the delivery were smooth but I think your company can increase the communication with customers in an more efficient way.

sai kung

My mother was delighted with the flowers and the speed of service is very convenient especially when ordering from overseas.


Always reliable and the site has a good UX.
Good name too - memorable.
I use this quite often from Asia.
I really like the updates regarding tracking.

Hong Kong

Receiver said flowers were beautiful


easy and efficient

Send Flowers to Hong Kong

When choosing a perfect present for loved ones, gifts from Hong Kong florists are a wonderful option. These gifts are comprised of bouquets and baskets filled with beautiful flowers like roses (both white and red), daises, and pink gerberas along with the national flower, the orchid (Bauhinia blakeana). This particular orchid has five deep purple colored petals that lend it an unmatched beauty. Hong Kong floral gifts are good for every occasion, be it a celebration or a show of love and respect. This is because the beauty of the flowers is so captivating that they represent the emotions of the sender in a simple yet effective manner. They can be sent out on weddings as well as birthdays, through any of the Hong Kong florists. They even are perfect to be sent as business gifts. There are some special gift packages for marriage anniversaries and births. The gift packages offered by the florists can be presented in a number of ways. They can be sent out as plain bouquets or can be coupled with another gift item to form a flower gift basket. Also, the flowers can be tied together in a bunch in a simple yet endearing manner. There are options to get the gifts wrapped. Additionally, Hong Kong floral shops can assist the buyers in making a personal delivery of the flowers. The fact is that the money spent on the gifts from one of the flower delivery services is totally worth it. The product and the packaging are worth more than the price paid. Buyers can easily pick and choose to find a perfect present for any and every occasion.

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