The most popular flower colour choices and meanings

Throughout the year we celebrate and commemorate milestones and occasions, choosing flowers as a keepsake for those we love and care for. We may also use flowers to enhance the spaces in which we live, contributing to the improvement of our health and well-being.

The Birth Month Flower

Birth month Flower colours

In celebration of National Gardening Week (29th April - 5th May) we recently undertook an extensive analysis looking at the correlation between the birth month flowers of the UK and the most popular flower colour choices throughout the year.

Each flower carries special traits and meanings which are associated with every month. The birth flower is closely connected with the language of flowers (Floriography) which began in the 1700's as a method of communicating secret messages.

  • January - Carnation - Love / Distinction
  • February - Violet/Iris - Faithfulness / Hope
  • March - Daffodil - Spring / Rebirth
  • April - Daisy - Youth / Purity
  • May - Lily of the valley - Appreciation
  • June - Rose - Humility / Sweetness
  • July - Larkspur - Levity / Lightness
  • August - Gladiolus - Moral integrity / Honor
  • September - Aster/Myosotis - Patience / Daintiness
  • October - Marigold - Warm / Fierce
  • November - Chrysanthemum - Compassion / Friendship
  • December - Poinsettia - Success

...vs the Flower Colours Chosen over the Year

Flower colours choices during the year

For five months of the year UK flower senders tend to lean towards the traditional birth month flowers, but when we take a closer look into the winter months a distinct pattern arises. The choices are full of rich and warming orange and red tones which represent vibrancy and excitement. Could this choice be a reflection of the seasonality with celebrations of family time enjoying rich flavours and fragrances in front of warm fires.

Towards the beginning of the year flower senders gravitate towards the happiest of colours - yellow. This colour symbolises new beginnings and rebirth as the nation looks forward into a new year. Moving into late spring and early summer we see a distinct difference with softer tones taking centre stage. This colour palette is a favourite for births, weddings and anniversaries representing feelings of happiness, grace and gentleness.

In 2017 there were almost 60,000 people born under the birth flower Marigold. Looking at the traditional star sign associated with births at this time of year, virgos have a passionate, intense and cheerful personality type. These traits are strikingly similar to those of the colour of the Marigold - exuberant orange. A colour full of life and passionate, communicating nothing but enthusiasm and excitement.

The Flower Colour Map of the UK

Interestingly, for eleven out of the twelve months of the year yellow is chosen heavily above any other colour. Could it be that flower senders gravitate towards this colour because it is communicates such positive feelings all year round?

Flower colours map UK

Red is chosen across most of the year and not surprisingly sent at very specific times of the year, both February and December. This vibrant colour is associated with passion, love and romance, feelings which align with seasonal celebrations like Valentines day and Christmas.

White is consistently chosen throughout the year communicating feelings of purity and gentleness which is often chosen to add balance to a bouquet and interestingly purple is picked the least. This vivid colour is both royal and regal offering feelings of well-being and success.

Flower colours in UK year round

Floriography is still very much used today as it was in the 18th century. The findings show that throughout the year, the most popular colours tend to reflect the feelings which transpire with seasonal events and occasions.

If you want to find out more about how the flower fingerprint graphics were created click here.


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