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New parents will be in the pink with a special delivery of flowers to welcome their baby daughter. Some of our baby bouquets come with their own vase and each one is hand-arranged from the freshest flowers to last longer.

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- New Baby Flowers it’s a Girl!
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Service rating : I recently purchased some flowers for my sister, unfortunately I was very dissapointed with the services and flowers. I received an email at 9am stating that the flowers had been dispatched but my sister didn’t receive them until 20.40 that evening! This meant the flowers had been in a dark van for nearly 12 hours, the other thing that didn’t look great on your company was the fact the courier hadn’t even bothered to knock on the door. My sister has 3 young kids and was in bed when I called her at 21.10 to inform her the flowers had arrived. After 3 calls to your customer service department the girl could tell I was upset and kindly offered to send another bouquet as the flowers my sister had received were pretty dead after sitting in a van all day. I used your company a lot and often reccommend your company to friends so I was grateful when the girl offered to resend the flowers which were of much better quality.
Product : I have definitely noticed your received less flowers than usual flower companies, but I expect it considering you don’t charge for delivery. I think your company have been very clever with this descision because it’s very appealing on the eye when you see flowers being offered at a cost of £20.


Service rating : I think the overall flowers were good but the delivery was awful. We ordered these flowers nearly two weeks before they were to be delivered on the 16th April. We had the email to confirm they had left the warehouse on the morning of the 16th, Delivery of the flowers did not take place until 4.40pm. I think this is quite bad because a nice morning delivery would have been better and then the birthday girl wouldnt have had to wait in all day for the delivery! I wont be using your service again but instead will be going to someone else who can provide AM delivery!
Product : lovely flowers apparently once they turned up!


Very pleased. I have used this service before and was pleased again. The only thing I would change is the your flowers is the message system which is good in the most part but I received a text message at gone 6 pm, which didn't say probably delivered earlier as my email message did so felt bad for the birthday 'girl' my 90 year old Auntie & didn't actually know till later that they actually arrived in the morning but... Could they not text when they actually deliver? I would give an excellent had it not ben for my upset over the timing as I felt I'd let her down.


Service rating : Sorry for late reply ( Internet was down ). Anyway....Fantastic, got a txt saying they have been dispatched, then a another txt saying that my flowers have been delivered,, Then a txt from the girl I was sending them to saying,, aww I love them! now I’ve got browny points haha! cheers thank you, I will be using you again if I send some more to her! :) x
Product : She loved the flowers, that simple!, tahnk you again x


Service rating : only just started using Serenta so to early to comment.
Product : First order flowers were perfect but I or you!!! messed up big time! I ordered a pink teddy bear to go with the flowers as I thought my partner would appreciate something to cuddle as I work away from home... little did I see or realise it said on the feet of the bear "Baby Girl" or words to that effect, ill let you think!!!! oh the Ladies that sparkle was fantastic thank you x


Service rating : Ordered flowers over the phone - extremely helpful, friendly and polite girl. Excellent service. As I had never ordered flowers to send abroad before I wanted to use a company that I could actually phone and get advice - Serenata Flowers were brilliant.
Product : I didn’t see the flowers myself as they were sent to my aunt in Canada for a funeral but she has told me they were beautiful.


Service rating : Mum and her new little girl had to have some nice flowers ( girl babies even at an early age of 3 days should learn about Thanks, they were wonderful ,love Great Uncle James
Product : Now I know 1st hand how lovely the Oriental Breeze flowers are, as my own birthday girl loved her selection which arrived today

Welcome Little Princess with New Baby Girl Flowers

If there is anything that can even come close to the delicacy and beauty of a new born baby girl, it is a beautifully arranged fresh flowers. So, if someone in your family or social circle has been blessed with a beautiful gift of a daughter, sending them new baby girl flowers is the best way to express your happiness and joy. Whether you live close by or far away, we make it easier for you to choose and send new baby girl flowers and gifts perfect for the precious princess. We know how important flowers are to celebration, and we know that different occasions are associated with different types of flowers. When it comes to new baby girl flowers, we know the first thing that comes to mind is the colour pink. And our collection has all the hues and varieties of pink flowers you can imagine. From fully bloomed bright pink roses to pastel carnations and daisies, we have it all. And what makes our flowers truly stand out is the perfect arrangement done by our expert florists. We call them magicians who know how to express emotions through flowers.

However, not everything we have for your princess is doused in pink hue. If you are all about breaking gender stereotypes, you can start that with our multi-coloured varieties with blues, yellows, and whites wonderfully strange together in vases that are easier for the parents to handle. Just like your newly arrived angel, our flowers are picked up fresh and arranged professionally right before we dispatch the order. With our quick delivery, the flowers are bound to reach the destination just as fresh as we send them.

Send New Baby Girl Flowers and Balloons with Free Delivery

We understand the urge to shower the new baby with all the gifts and goods in the world. However, you will have to wait till she is grown up enough to appreciate those things. The best thing you can give her right now is something that catches her eyes and attention and stays with her day and night. What could fulfil that definition better than New Baby girl flowers and balloons? Thanks to our speedy delivery, you can send cute pink balloons, gorgeous flowers or even champagne gifts for parents within 24 hours. Order as late as 10pm, and we will fulfil our next day delivery promise! No extra charges. So, order away!

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