Versatile flowers with an unusual shape and enchanting scent, freesias are popular inclusions in bouquets. Their appeal doesn’t lie in their delicate blossoms and wide spectrum of hues alone – the flowers have a strangely attractive asymmetry, growing off just one side of a thin, elegant stem.

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Sent as Birthday flowers for my sister, she was over the moon with them She couldn't believe how many flowers in the bouquet and how the freesias smelt so beautiful


Efficiency is impressive - communicates stages of delivery which is appreciated. Delivered on requested date too. Flowers were apparently lovely (although sadly freesias were not delivered, carnations were substituted, to accompany the roses, but still nice). Nice selections on offer. Website easy to navigate.


Arrived on time and recipient was surprised and delighted with the flowers.Over 2 weeks later they flowers are reported to be still blooming and the scent of freesias fills the house.Thank you


Excellent service from the customer services when I realised that the recipient would not realise who the flowers were from. This was quickly rectified thankfully. The flowers went down well with my sister-in-law whose favourite colour is yellow (the roses) and her late mother adored freesias - so I had chosen well. She said they looked beautiful.


Arrived on time, flowers looked and smelled delightful, much better value than competitors! Was particularly happy to be able to choose freesias, my mum’s favourites, for her birthday.


My friend said that they were presented beautifully and the scent from the freesias is beautiful they were still alive yesterday when I visited and that was two weeks after purchasing them


Fast service, delivered next day. Flowers arrived looking excellent. Only disappointment was freesias only lasted 6 days. Would consider again but perhaps not freesias, pity because they are the wife's favourite.

Freesia delivery in UK

Freesias are one of the most popular flowers in the UK – thanks to the variety of colours they come in and relatively low price, you will find more and more fragrant freesia bouquet at weddings, as gifts for Mother's Day or simply enjoy the sweet fragrance even at home. Freesias are native to South Africa and were named after German botanist and doctor Friedrich Freese. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding flowers, along with roses. They are included in bridal bouquets, to add a sweet smell and romantic appearance, and even feature on tables as centerpiece. In the US, freesias are commonly give as the seventh anniversary flowers. There are several meanings associated with freesia flowers, including trust, friendship, sweetness, innocence, thoughtfulness, so they can be used for a variety of occasions. Freesias are often used in Thank You bouquets, due to their delicate nature they make great flowers to give to younger girls, for example after theater performance or as a small birthday gift. If you're worried about sending freesias of the right colour, you don't need to stick to any flower etiquette in this case. Thanks to the variety of generic meanings, you can choose any colour of your preference to get your sentiments across. To cheer someone up, send freesia by post, to wish someone a happy birthday you can choose bright yellow freesias and to congratulate on anniversary, opt for white. These flowers looks stunning in combination with other flowers, so don't restrict yourself to a particular flower variety only. Anyone receiving a freesia bouquet delivery will be certainly impressed with your choice!

How to Plant and Grow Freesia

Freesias can grow as beautiful fragrant plants in your garden or home and require only minimal care to keep them happy. They grow wild in nature, but you would have to travel all the way to Cape Province of South Africa to see them. To plant them, you will need to get freesia corms, which will be prepared (not the garden varieties). Prepared means that the bulbs or corms were put through dormancy breaking heat treatment, which mimics the conditions in South Africa, they get dried out and start growing in moist autumn. To get started, you will need a well-drained spot with a bit of sun or light shade. Plant the freesia corms 5cm deep in the soil and keep a distance of about 5-8 cm between them. If you plant them in autumn, they will reward you with fragrant blooms from January till April. They require regular watering and if you keep them in good soil or compost, they will not need any additional feeding. You don't need to wait till the next wedding or Mother's Day to enjoy a scented freesia bouquet! Freesia flowers are widely available in any florist near you, but if you want more convenient way to add some sweet fragrance to your or friend's home, you can shop flowers online at Thanks to our service, you can arrange flower delivery in just a few clicks and let the recipient enjoy fabulous freesias delivered straight to the door. You don't need to worry about the delivery, there are no delivery charges at all, from Monday to Sunday. Our flowers travel in style and safely – each arrangement is safely packed in a sturdy cardboard box, with support, flower food, and instructions to make sure they are well received in their new home. To arrange our speedy flower delivery simply pick one of our bouquets on this page and proceed to checkout. No matter if you're looking for a large freesia bouquet, or something sweet, small and scented to send freesias by post to a dear friend, you will find plenty to choose from at One of our bestselling arrangements, Twilight, is featuring a delightful mix of purple scented flowers with some fabulous white roses, no wonder our customers love it so much! Send freesias by post or courier and enjoy our free standard delivery Monday to Sunday.

Taking care of Freesia bouquet

Once the flowers arrive, make sure you cut the stems at a 45 degree angle, under running water. Place them in a clean vase, and replace water every couple of days – that way your flowers will last a lot longer. Place the vase in a well-lit room, but away from full sun and drafty corners. Enjoy the sweet fragrance of the flowers and spoil someone else with the same wonderful surprise and arrange flower delivery from Send a freesia bouquet with next day delivery anywhere in the UK, from an award winning online florist – join over a million of satisfied customers and find out why more and more people are discovering the convenience of sending flowers online.

Named after the German physician Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, the Freesia is well known for its bell shaped blooms and citrus scent and is amongst one of the most popular flowers in the world. Used to celebrate 7th wedding anniversaries, the Freesia is thought to mean innocence and friendship. Originally from Africa, Freesias are incredibly tall plants and will grow up to one foot in height featuring long, narrow stems that are light green in colour. This bloom is also available in a range of colours, from yellow to pink and red to white. Freesias actually weren't established until 1875 and just 10 years later had a firm place in the nursery trade where they have been cultivated and harvested around the world ever since. Whilst the Freesia flower is thought to symbolise innocence and friendship, today, it also means trust and this is why florists around the UK will use it to celebrate the seventh wedding anniversary. So many flower fans love Freesias because of their ability to keep the garden they are in well pollinated through their attractiveness to bees, butterflies and birds. Moreover, they are also resistant to deer which comes in extremely useful if they are being planted in the wild. However, Freesias have been used for more than just making your home and garden look pretty. They are now one of the most used flowers in perfumes around the world – especially at Christmas. The Freesia fragrance is often used as a middle tone in perfumes in order to round out other scents, and you may be surprised to learn the Freesia can be found in some of the most well known perfumes including: Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Intuition by Estee Lauder and Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.

Taking care of your Freesia:

While the plants are popular and fairly hardy, they still need looking after. Before planting your Freesias you should ensure you have the right conditions for the flowers to bloom and that means ensuring: They are only planted in a spot where they will receive direct sunlight for most of the day. They are only planted in well-drained soil. They are only planted in late summer. If you choose to plant your Freesia in the garden you should be sure to plant them in soil that is rich but not too heavy. A garden with compost is the ideal location. Because Freesias come in corms and not bulbs, they are extremely small and therefore don't need to be planted deep within the soil, just two inches beneath the surface will suffice. Within just a couple of weeks of planting your blooms you will notice a number of sprouts appearing. When this happens, be sure that the plant is receiving direct sunlight. When the buds begin to appear, you should fertilise the soil for the first time. It's also worth noting that Freesias look best in the garden when a number of them are planted close together in bunches or clusters. When they have each flowered your garden will look absolutely spectacular.

Five Essential Freesia Care Tips:

Whether you choose to have your Freesia in the garden or in a plant pot in your house, there are five essential Freesia care tips that you should always keep in mind:

  1. Freesias grow rather tall and may need to be staked to keep them upright
  2. Light is vital to their care and maintenance so ensure they get as much natural light as possible
  3. Keep soil most at all times but be careful not to overwater the plants
  4. Keep the plant warm while sprouting and move to cooler areas afterwards
  5. Feed the flowers every two weeks, beginning when the first bud appears

Freesias make amazing cut flowers too so they are ideal as a gift to someone or as an addition to your home. Simply cut the stems early in the morning before the sun is at its peak, ensure you cut the stems at a slight angle whilst holding them under water. It's important that you place your stems in water immediately after cutting them from their roots. As long as you change the water daily, there will be no need for flower food or preservatives to be used. Freesias are great as vase flowers as they last a long time and are guaranteed to brighten up your home. With these hints and tips in mind there is no reason your stunning Freesias won't win you a few awards this year and last for as long as you want them to. Remember to keep them in the optimum conditions needed for their growth and have fun planting!

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