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Pleasing the lady in your life can't be easier - simply send her a beautiful bunch of seasonal blooms and watch her bloom with delight. Roses or Lilies, not matter what you choose you can always rely on great quality blooms and affordable prices from

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I always worry that when I tick ’Excellent’, anyone reading this will think I work for the company. I don’t - I’m based in London but my girlfriend lives in York.
Anyway, I sent her flowers from Serenata Flowers, they got there when they were supposed to and she actually said that ’they were probably the best bouquet she’s ever recieved.’ We’ve not been going out long so that was a plus.
I fully expected them to be on time (after all that’s what I paid for) but what I wasn’t expecting - and was pleasantly surprised by - was the quirky e-mail (and by ’quirky’ I mean in a lovely way), that followed updating me on the flowers’ location. I’d actually use these guys again, simply to get another one of these. More companies should communicate like this and I take my hat off to whoever is behind their e-mails. Well done guys, you made two people happy. Keep it up.


Service rating : Great service, good updates on order progress, flowers were great!
Flowers were ordered for delivery the following day.
Great selection of flowers to suit all occasions, tastes, and budgets, in my my opinion.
I received updates on my order progress, via SMS message and email, at each stage of the order process, even confirming they had been delivered.
Shortly after which, I received a message from my girlfriend thanking me for the lovely flowers.
Great service, will use again and recommended!
Product : Didn’t get to see them, but was told they were fantastic.


Service rating : Good delivery time and within scope. And good competitive prices
Product : Ordered the pink rose and had it delivered when it got their it was in a poor state, dry petals spider cob webs on the leaves. I complained and sent in pictures off the flower and it did not look healthy. I then got another one sent as a good will gesture and the same happened to that one also. It was dead on the day off arrival. My Girlfriend was looking forward to this as it was marking a special occasion. I now have to go else where for bouquet at another cost on myself


Service rating : The service was good, just disappointed in the flowers dieing so quick, when you spend a lot of money on flowers you expect them to last longer than 5 days.
Product : I’m not happy at all with the flowers, yes there were lovely and my girlfriend loves them, but they have died already, and it’s been less than a week, also I bought another bunch a week before and they died in less than a week to, iv spend over £160 on flowers in two weeks and both bunches are dead, so not pleased at all.


It was a reasonable deal, but sadly I don't think as a customer, we get a true idea of general size. My main gripe was the limited choices of card to send with it. I ended up not sending one at all.I nearly spoiled the surprise as I was sending them to my girlfriend by asking if she had received anything & the flowers didn't arrive.
If using the text service, although useful to know its on its way is one thing, knowing they were delivered would be helpful too..


Many times I have ordered from Serenata Flowers and each and every time they have delivered excellent service by making sure the flowers were delivered on time but as important in such a beautifully presented way. My new girlfriend loved them as a surprise sent to work. Many thanks, see you again soon. Merry Christmas :-)


It was quick, flowers got to my girlfriend on our three year anniversary before 12, she never sent me a text so I got worried, but she called me after work and that’s quite rare for me, she was so happy with them however they came in a box and she had to assemblebthe vase and flowers separately, she said it was fun but I can see some people being annoyed at this, overall it was great service!

Flowers for girlfriend delivered free

There's no such thing as too much romance when girls and flowers are concerned. No special occasion required, just random opportunities to make her feel loved, wanted and desired. If you need some ideas on how to select flowers for your girlfriend, we are here to help. Take a look at our selection of flowers for girlfriend above, ranked by their popularity among our customers. For a truly romantic gesture, opt for roses in the most prominent of colours - red. If you're feeling adventurous, go for something more unique and unconventional like our galaxy blue Dendrobium orchids. The true is, you can never go wrong with flowers, so even if you don't match the flower variety she prefers, she will be certainly moved by your gesture and attentive selection of the gift. If you're buying flowers for your girlfriend, keep in mind that the surprise is part of the appeal of sending flowers by post. Send her birthday flowers early in the morning to the office or home before she leaves.

What are the best flowers for my girlfriend?

Every woman has her own preferences, but generally roses and lilies are the most popular choices for girlfriends. Some other popular varieties include gerberas, freesia and carnations. If you want some unusual alternatives, we suggest our dendrobium orchids or some of our more tropical flower arrangements.

How can I have flowers for girlfriend delivered tomorrow?

That's very easy to arrange. Select one of the suggested bouquets above, place them in a basket and tell us where to send them. Pay for your gift order and leave the rest to us. As long as we receive your order by 10pm tonight, we will deliver the flowers to your girlfriend tomorrow, with no delay and in an immaculate condition.

What are the best romantic flowers and their meaning?

Roses are probably the most romantic flowers, but there are plenty of other flowers that also have romantic meaning. If you want to express love, opt for red rose as it depicts the passion and deep feelings the best. Avoid yellow roses as they symbolise friendship, rather than love. Surprising flowers that you wouldn't think of as romantic ones, perhaps, are the modest daisies. They symbolise loyal love, purity and beauty. Red tulips also symbolise love and are perfect alternative if you want something more original than red roses. Even carnations can be romantic - choose red carnations that symbolise represent admiration, deep love, and affection.

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