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The rub of the green brings good luck, especially apt for someone exploring pastures new. Emerald leaves, apple-tinted blossoms and chartreuse stems suggest a zest that’s gently tempered by harmony and stability.

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No-one knocked when delivery arrived (as I was in with my parents visiting hence delivery date) but found box outside back door and mum opened them.
Lilys were unopened and look nice with green and white however the 6 pink roses looked very tired - a little disappointing!
Happy with punctual delivery and good communication though. I did send them message with feedback and later they asked me to send photo however by this time I was returning to London. I didn't want to bother my parents with photos etc shame they don't trust customers so probably won't use again.
Happy I had not paid full price!
Paul Whitworth (Order no:215438688)


I liked the green & white combination but I do not really think it's good to abandon the seasonal flowers..must we have chrysanthemums in the spring when there are so many other flowers in massive availability? . Why must these old ' reliables' dominate the market so? And how long before the English roses with their beautiful soft shades and shapes, start appearing in mass-produced bouquets instead of the hard colours bred in the 1950s? Don't mind me, I am delighted really to be able to send a lovely fresh bouquet to a grieving and much-loved widow.


The flowers were beautiful and nicely displayed but providing additional water was difficult and once the vase was removed from the box it very top heavy. I personally would have preferred the flowers to have long stems in the vase not cut short and placed in the green foam. The didn last any longer then 6 days and considering the cost I would have expected them to last longer then this. I personally wouldn't use the company again for this reason, also I would have expected the flowers to include some sachet of flower feed also.

Hemel Hempstead

Service rating : The flowers arrived on time and I received the notification of the delivery.
Product : I wasn’t satisfied. The roses were already fully bloomed, but the other flowers were still all closed. So, when the flowers were received, there were just 30% of the flowers bloom. It looked like I gave a bouquet of 5 roses and a lot of green.
However, after 3-4 days the flowers looked finally like the picture.


The recipient of the flowers called with nothing but praise for the beautiful blooms they had received. A perfect combination of glorious lilies and pretty roses against a backdrop of luscious leaves; wonderful hues of orange and green.


Service rating : Good offer, good service, especially the order processing update
Product : Too much green leaves to make up the size, let they flowers appeared comparatively little and not colorful as it should be


Service rating : Quick to respond to queries. Smart online customer journey.
Product : When i saw the flowers that my friends received, the showed few flowers and lots of green leaves. Not like the online picture.

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