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Pink lilies with their vibrant soft colours and irresistible fragrance are one of the most popular additions to bouquets. Choose from a mixed bouquet or pink lily bouquet and surprise someone with a floral delivery from

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I was very impressed with SerenaFlowers. I was sending flowers overseas to my niece who just had a baby, and having had a bad experience with another company before, I was a tad sceptical. I placed my order early evening here in the US, they arrived by noon next day in England. They were gorgeous pink and white lilies. My niece was delighted and so was I.


Have used before so know good quality and quantity. Lilies were beautiful. Daughter delighted. Thank you


The flowers arrived in time at the right address. I've seen a photograph of a stunning bunch of lilies.


I was very pleased with the beautiful flowers I sent my sister who was not feeling too great. They cheered her up enormously, there were gorgeous lilies & roses inthe bouquet & it was delivered the next day, what more could I ask for.Yes I would definitely recommend SerenataFlowers.


My sister was absolutely delighted with the lilies. They arrived on time and were very fresh. She received them on 22nd December and they were still beautiful when I saw her on New Year's Eve. Well done Serenata.


Decided to order with serenta after reading the good reviews and because it was so cheap compared to other online sellers. Was not disappointed, flowers came in a sealed box the next day and they were of really good quality. It’s been 3 weeks and the bouquet I ordered is still going strong! Flowers are very colourful and pretty and the lilies are massive! Will definitely be using serenta again!


Easy and reliable. Nice choice. The purple callas and lilies were an unusual find.

Pink Lilies Delivered 7 Days a Week

Pink Lilies (Lillium) are herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs, with most species native to the temperatures of northern hemisphere, though their range extends into the northern subtropics. Many plants use "lily" as their description, when in fact they are not "true" lilies. Lilies produce large distinct flowers that come in shades of white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple (resembling almost black). The markings on the flower can be in form of spots or strokes. Pink lilies bloom in spring or late summer. The taxonomy of lilies includes seven types - Martagon, Pseudolirium, Liriotypus, Archelirion, Sinomartagon, Leucolirion, Daurolirion.

Pink lilies are most suitable for following occasions:

We have a wide range of either mixed bouquets featuring pink lilies, including our bestselling Strawberry Sundae bouquet, Madonna, Someday Dreamer or use can choose bouquets crafter only from lilies like our Calliope bouquet. All of our pink lily bouquets come with free standard delivery available also at weekends.

Pink lilies are delivered in bud form, for two reasons. They are protecting the flower during the delivery process and secondly, the new owner of the bouquet can enjoy their beauty for a lot longer than when they are delivered opened. Our lilies come in sturdy cardboard box with their own supply of plant food and water. We also enclose instructions so that the recipient knows how to take care of them properly to make them last longer.

Lilies, just like other fresh cut flowers, need a little care before you can enjoy them. When your pink lilies are delivered, trim off excessive leaves and foliage, cut their stems around 3cm at a 45-degree angle and place them in a cleaned vase with fresh water. Add the supplied plant food and place them in a light room, away from draft or too warm places in the house. Keep them out of reach for cats as they can cause serious harm.

Meaning of Pink Lilies

Pink lilies have various meanings and symbolism, but they are most commonly used as a symbol of motherhood and pink lily bouquets are therefore often given to mums. This meaning could be derived from the mythology which tells a story of Hera, a Greek Goddess whose breast milk dropped to the Earth and lily started growing in that spot. Another meaning of lilies associates them with prosperity and hope. Lilies of this colour therefore make a wonderful gift for a new mum, to give someone as a congratulations gift on new job, or moving into a new home. They are also very popular as a flower for Mother's Day and a great alternative for usually more expensive roses.

Pink lilies for any occasion

Lilies are popular addition to mixed bouquet due to their impressive size and irresistible fragrance. Most commonly used in bouquets for new mums, lilies also make beautiful wedding flowers in combination with roses. To have pink lilies delivered, order from and enjoy our free standard delivery 7 days a week. Place your order anytime weekday by 10pm and you will get your flowers delivered the next day.

Are you wondering whether you can send pink lilies as sympathy flowers? White lilies are normally used for funerals, but lilies in general are considered as funeral flowers and symbolize the soul of the departed receiving a restored innocence after death. Therefore there shouldn't be anything offending or unusual to bring or send a bouquet of pink lilies, preferably mixed with other flowers to a funeral or send as sympathy flowers.

One thing you need to be cautious about when it comes to lilies is the fact that they are poisonous to cats. Any part of lily plant can be toxic for cats and you should always keep the flowers our of their reach or in a room where they don't have access. If you have suspicion that your cat might have eaten any part of the plant, contact your vet immediately.

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