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I was very impressed with SerenaFlowers. I was sending flowers overseas to my niece who just had a baby, and having had a bad experience with another company before, I was a tad sceptical. I placed my order early evening here in the US, they arrived by noon next day in England. They were gorgeous pink and white lilies. My niece was delighted and so was I.


Have used before so know good quality and quantity. Lilies were beautiful. Daughter delighted. Thank you


The flowers arrived in time at the right address. I've seen a photograph of a stunning bunch of lilies.


I was very pleased with the beautiful flowers I sent my sister who was not feeling too great. They cheered her up enormously, there were gorgeous lilies & roses inthe bouquet & it was delivered the next day, what more could I ask for.Yes I would definitely recommend SerenataFlowers.


My sister was absolutely delighted with the lilies. They arrived on time and were very fresh. She received them on 22nd December and they were still beautiful when I saw her on New Year's Eve. Well done Serenata.


Decided to order with serenta after reading the good reviews and because it was so cheap compared to other online sellers. Was not disappointed, flowers came in a sealed box the next day and they were of really good quality. It’s been 3 weeks and the bouquet I ordered is still going strong! Flowers are very colourful and pretty and the lilies are massive! Will definitely be using serenta again!


Easy and reliable. Nice choice. The purple callas and lilies were an unusual find.

White Lilies – Meaning and Varieties

White lilies, Lilium candidum, are known for their beautiful fragrance and as some of the most popular flowers used both in funerals and wedding. Their dramatic appearance and understated elegance make them a beautiful addition to any bouquet. They are a wonderful flower to present to anyone on a special day. Lily bouquet would perfectly compliment any type of event, gathering or given as a token of appreciation. The expert florists at SerenataFlowers.com offer a variety of white lily bouquets, all with free next day delivery. Choose elegant lilies to congratulate on engagements or send to new mum. Bring them with you as a small gift if you're invited to a dinner party. White lily looks stunning on its own, as a single stem in a vase. Just remember to buy from a reputable florist who guarantees good quality and long lasting blooms.

White lilies are most suitable for following occasions:

Mythology and lilies - per Greek mythology, lily flowers were associated with Greek Goddess Hera. Lily was created when a drop of Hera's breast milk fell on Earth. Lilies were considered sacred in the Minoan civilization. The earliest evidence of lilies dates back to 1580 B.C. when a painting featuring lilies was found in Crete.

Types of lilies - currently, there are around 100 species of lilies (Liliaceae) in the world. Some of them include Lilium Auratum, Lilium Bulbiferum, Lilium Canadense, Lilium Candidum, Lilium Japonicum, Lilium Lancifolium, Lilium Martagon, Lilium Pardalinum, Lilium Regale and many others.

Lilies and cats- word of caution - all parts of lilies are poisonous to cats, so make sure you keep away from your pets.

White lilies symbolise chastity and virtue. Lilies are also commonly given for 30th wedding anniversary. They are thought to signify the innocence of Virgin Mary and her role as the queen of the angels. Lilies in this colour are one of the most fragrant ones. You don't need to run to your nearest flower market to get these fragrant blooms. Thanks to online florists like SerenataFlowers.com you can have fresh lilies delivered straight to the door. Do you need to know more? Here are some common questions:

How do you send lilies?

Our lilies are sent in bud form. This protects them during their journey to the recipient and the new owner can enjoy them for longer. Our bouquets of lilies are packed in a sturdy cardboard box. They are secured with a wooden stick in the middle, which prevents the bouquet from moving around during transport. They come with supply of water to keep them happy and well fed during their journey.

At SerenataFlowers.com you can choose from mixed bouquets featuring lilies or pick a bouquet composed only of white lilies. Many customers prefer mixed bouquets with lilies because in that case they can enjoy the blooming roses and other flowers white they wait for the lily buds to open up.

How do you take care of lilies?

Lilies need plenty of light, water and flower food. When they arrive at their new home, make sure you cut about 3cm of their stems at a 45-degree angle. Place them in a clean vase with fresh water. Keep them away from drafty or too hot locations in the house.

Are white lilies suitable as funeral or sympathy flowers?

Lilies together with white roses are often used for funeral and sympathy flowers. They are elegant, timeless and of impressive size despite their reasonable prices. White is most often used for both sympathy and funeral flowers, but you don't need to adhere to the etiquette too closely.

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