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There are people in our lives who just stay on our mind all the time. We miss them whether they are away for years, months, or even a day. If you have someone that special in your life, you ought to let them know you miss them. And what could be a better way to do that than sending beautiful Miss You Flowers their way!

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Service rating : Great service, delivered on time and with good quality flowers.
Product : It was hard to decide what rating to give.
Service from SerenataFlowers was fantastic and the quality of the flowers were great. BUT, I had purposefully decided to go for the Roses and Stocks - Deluxe so that my sister in law would have a big huge bouquet, but I am not at all happy with the Deluxe addition. Not only where there hardly any additional flowers, but there were only 5 roses when the original product description clearly states 6. Surely that means that with a Deluxe bouquet there would have been at least 7 or 8. There were a few more stocks, but not enough to justify the additional cost I had opted for. I feel somewhat miss-led by the product description.


Service rating : Good service, although when trying to place the order online, serenata systems were not working and after spending 1 hour and 10 minutes trying, I could not place the birthday order on time, very frustrating!! The next day when I called Serenata to see if they could do the same day delivery, customer service called me back fairly quickly, but the bunch I wanted was then not available for same day delivery. Consequently I had to order for the following day which unfortunately made me miss my friend’s birthday.
Product : The bunch selected, when received, met the specifications given.


The flowers when they arrived were of good quality however they were late being delivered which meant we had to cancel dinner arrangements we had made, according to Serenata web site delivery would be between 8am and 6pm, so I made my arrangements accordingly, when they had not arrived by 7pm I sent an email requesting an update, the reply informed me that Serenta reserve the right to deliver between 7am and 9pm in busy periods, as far as I am concerned this is miss leading, how are we as customers supposed to know which are there busy periods they should state delivery could be between 7am or 9pm period, I do not liked being mislead so will probably not use them again.


Serenata flowers are an excellent shop with no problems with leaving the order online, it was quick, simple and very easy to order with a large selection to choose from. However, the delivery company they choose to use is a bit hit and miss. Yodal! I have found from previous purchases online yodal are unreliable and unfortunately this was to be the case again. Saying this serenata sent a full refund and made sure the flowers arrived the day after the stated delivery time which was an acceptable gesture under the circumstances. All in all I would use serenata again they were brilliant.


Service rating : The flower delivery service itself and the choice are excellent. However, the functionality of the website lets it down, hence the ’good’ rating. I almost got so frustrated that I gave up, but ended up perservering as I really wanted to send these particular flowers. I had to use 3 different computers in the end as the website would not allow me to delete items from the basket, and the payment page was very hit and miss.
Product : Very unique and eye-catching! Haven’t found these on any other flower delivery website.


Service rating : i was told the flowers that was sent was very nice in how it was presented and wrapped up, but the message that was attached to the flowers had already fallen off and was lying at the bottom of the packaging like a recite it was almost miss which would of being sad if it was.
That was one of the downside. flowers were small that it was imaging compare to the pictures on the website. But my friend like the flowers overall.
Product : smaller than expected when discribe on the phone.


Service rating : I believe the arrangement was very nice but not superb. It was on time so that was good
Product : The arrangement was very nice. However I received an arrangement from my son on Friday 30th May which was below standard. It was roses tied in a bunch with a goldfish bowl and no instructions on how to arrange the roses. They were too tall to fit in the bowl and I had to put them in a vase. They were ordered by Miss D Banin.

Convey Your Truest Sentiments with Miss You Flowers

Sending a beautiful basket or bouquet of Miss You Flowers is essentially the best way to let someone special feel even more special. Out of the hundreds and thousands of faces we see in our lives and people we meet every day, there are a few who stay close to our heart no matter how far they are. Mostly, we tend to realize the importance of their presence only after they go far away. That is when we start to miss them like they were a really important part of our existence. That is when you should leave everything else and let them know how much they are missed. Forget the text messages and email. Let them know how truly special they are by sending Miss You Flowers!

Take a look at our extensive choice of Miss you flowers for your loved one. We have an exclusive range that is created by our florists who understand how to convey feelings through flowers. They are artistic minds with years of experience, and the arrangements they have created are unlike anything you have seen. From intense and elegant bunches in single colour to extravagant and vibrant vases of multi coloured blooms, we have something for everyone. We have baskets, bouquets, vases, pots, and unique arrangements you won't see anywhere else. You can always choose an arrangement of Miss You Flowers that best compliments the personality of the person you are missing.

Send Miss You Flowers without Missing another Day

So what's the best time to tell someone how much you miss them? It is exactly when you are missing them. At SerenataFlowers.com, we believe in sending your sentiments without any delay. That is precisely why we have our absolutely free next-day delivery service, available also on Saturdays and Sundays, even if you order as late as 10pm. The flowers you order get delivered at the destination within the next 24 hours. We source the finest breed of flowers fresh from the market and they are beautifully arranged by our experts and urgently delivered so that they stay just as fresh as the memories of that person in your heart. So, what are you waiting for? You are just a few clicks away from making someone's day extremely wonderful. Take a look at the gallery and order your Miss You Flowers right now and don't miss another day waiting.

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