Mrs Tracy Klein
Mrs Tracy Klein

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Mrs Tracy Klein

An inspirational mix of magical mauve's, pretty pinks, perky purples and luscious lilacs make up this beautiful bouquet that is Mrs Tracy Klein .


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Pink Teddy Bear £4.99
Happy Birthday - Ribbon & Stars £6.99
Hand Cream Rose Petal £6.99
Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene £19.99
Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar £2.99
Luxury pralines 125g £5.99
Modern Lime Vase £5.99
(Silver) Marc de Champagne Cocoa Dusted Truffles £4.99
White Jasmine Bath and Body Collection £9.99
Modern Clear Vase £3.99
Dark brown teddy - small £2.99
Mini I Love You balloon - on a stick £1.99
Blue Teddy Bear £4.99
Congratulations Chocolate Bar £2.99
Nigella Vase - Black £6.99
Bola Ivory - 30cm £9.99
Rose Petal Bath and Body Collection £9.99
Lavender Bath and Body Collection £9.99
Orange Blossom Bath and Body Collection £9.99
Bernard Remy Rose Champagne £34.99
Charles Pelletier Sparkling Wine £19.99
Port £19.99
Hand Cream Ginger and Lime £6.99
Modern Cerise Vase £5.99
Modern Red Vase £5.99
Modern Blue Vase £5.99
Modern Purple Vase £5.99
Modern Yellow Vase £5.99
(Purple) Praline Cocoa Dusted Truffles £4.99
(Yellow) Cookies Cocoa Dusted Truffles £4.99
(Pink) Raspberry Macaroon Cocoa Dusted Truffles £4.99
House Champagne £34.99

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  • Standard
    • 1x chamelaucium - Chamelaucium violet
    • 3x dianthus / carnation - Dianthus/Carnation purple-tall1
    • 4x eustoma / lisianthus - Eustoma Minuet D Purple
    • 3x germini - Germini Kimsey-pink
    • 3x germini - Germini Whisper
    • 3x limonium - Limonium Flowers Blue
    • 3x rosa - Rosa Tr Pink Majolika
    • 2x dec/ greens - Dec Sanderiana White
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    • 2x chamelaucium - Chamelaucium violet
    • 4x dianthus / carnation - Dianthus/Carnation purple-tall1
    • 4x eustoma / lisianthus - Eustoma Minuet D Purple
    • 4x germini - Germini Kimsey-pink
    • 4x germini - Germini Whisper
    • 3x limonium - Limonium Flowers Blue
    • 4x rosa - Rosa Tr Pink Majolika
    • 2x dec/ greens - Dec Sanderiana White
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    • 3x chamelaucium - Chamelaucium violet
    • 5x dianthus / carnation - Dianthus/Carnation purple-tall1
    • 5x eustoma / lisianthus - Eustoma Minuet D Purple
    • 5x germini - Germini Kimsey-pink
    • 5x germini - Germini Whisper
    • 4x limonium - Limonium Flowers Blue
    • 5x rosa - Rosa Tr Pink Majolika
    • 3x dec/ greens - Dec Sanderiana White
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
  • Customer reviews

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    Overall Rating: 4.1
    Total Reviews: 340
    Product: Mrs Tracy Klein

    | Norwich | |
    Service rating : The one good think, they deliver on time I’ll give them that, and not at an unreasonable time either BUT... the delivery man called my mum Jack? Right.. okay thanks mate, my mothers name is Jack.
    Product : Although my mum was pleased with the flowers because she hadn’t seen the picture of what they were supposed to look like on the website, when she sent me a picture it’s safe to say I was fuming. There weren’t nearly as many flowers as in the picture, bulk wise and also I think regarding missing types. I was absolutely fuming and I really am annoyed at paying £40 for it all. I think next time I’ll just use M&S.
    | Morecambe | |
    Service rating : Although through no fault of their own, the flowers were delivered a day late. At all times either by text to my mobile or emails I was informed at all times.
    Product : My sister was over the moon with the flowers she received especially after just coming out of hospital after surgery, she said that they were beautiful. The delivery man was very patient waiting for her.
    This was the first time I had used you, and will certainly use you again.
    | Baldock | |
    Service rating : Delivery instructions were not followed so flowers were a day late. Serenata very apologetic. Flowers were wrapped in white paper not cellophane. Had to make 2 separate complaints which was annoying. Serenata responded immediately and I got a full refund.
    Product : Although they sat in a van overnight, the flowers looked quite fresh and several of them hadn’t opened yet. The bouquet was however wrapped in white paper which ruined the look but I did get a full refund after complaining.
    | Derby | |
    Service rating : Difficult to comment sensibly. I sent the flowers to my sister in law who is extremely ill. The flowers were left in a secure place at her house as, sadly, she had been taken into hospital that day. I did not see them and neither has she seen them.
    Product : The picture looked beautiful, which is why I chose those flowers. I did not see the flowers as they were for my sister in law who lives 100 miles from me.
    | Wallasey | |
    Although, everything is very good?......I would ask,- could you please "pass on"
    to right dept...this message :- will you please "DESIST" & stop sending me
    otherwise I will "DESIST" in using "serenata flowers" in the future !!! many thanks
    | Brentford | |
    Service rating : Very happy with the service - ordered at 9:30pm and they were delivered the next afternoon. Cheaper than other florists too. Will definitely use again. Thank you.
    Product : Recipient of flowers was very impressed and enthused: "they are a perfect picture - have never seen bouquets as well displayed before, or as fresh!" Very happy.
    | Barton | |
    Service rating : A very easy to use and efficient service. Flowers were delivered on time and I was sent lovely e-mails to tell me they were on their way and when they were delivered.
    Product : My daughter was delighted with the flowers. They arrived in lovely condition, with many of the flowers still being in bud so they will last longer.
    | | |
    Service rating : I have used Seranata before and will do so again. Even though I left my mother’s day order really late, the flowers arrived quite early on Saturday and I was kept informed by text message about progress of the order.
    Product : The flowers were beautiful and the bouquet looked bigger than I expected. Mum was delighted...
    | Ledbury | |
    The bunch of flowers looked lovely but I do not know what the ones delivered were like. I really feel that you need feedback on that score from Mrs. Jeffery, the friend to whom they were sent, rather than me. I have no idea what the delivered bunch was like condition wise, the bottom part was a bit ’bashed about’ I gather.
    | Maidstone | |
    I felt really disappointed with this. After purchasing the flowers for my nan who has cracked her ribs, I thought it would be lovely to get a vase to put them in. Only- the vase was absolutely tiny! Wouldn’t even fit half the bouquet in. You should provide dimensions at the very least, or advise customers their flowers will not fit in this!
    | Southall | |
    Service rating : The service was good. I ordered next day delivery and I recieved emails and texts when they were dispatched and delivered.
    Product : The flowers were beautiful and a lot bigger then what I thought they would be. They were a gift for a friend and she said that they were stunning and lush. I will definitely be using serenata again. Mandy
    | Daventry | |
    Wow, what a service can’t fault them. Excellent. I was the sender of some thank you flowers, to a friend, I was emailed, and texted all the time to let me know exactly, when they left for delivery, and when they were delivered. Excellent service would use again, and again

    Thank you Serenta Flowers

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  • Same day flower delivery

    Deliveries are normally made between 8am and 6pm by a florist local to the recipient address. However, during busy periods, these delivery times may differ slightly, and we reserve the right to deliver between 7am and 8pm in exceptional circumstances.

    • We are unable to provide delivery notifications for same-day orders.
    • We do not guarantee to be able to follow delivery instructions.
  • In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.
  • Q. Why are your flowers fresher?

    A. Instead of lounging about for days in the back of the floral-equivalent of a cross-channel tour bus that crawls to all the florist shops across the UK, Serenata’s supermodel flowers travel in style and in double-quick time.

    Q. How are the flowers packaged?

    A. Very comfortably, very securely, and very elegantly.

    Q. Do the flowers come in a vase?

    A. Some of our arrangements do come with a vase included in the price. For those that don't, we display a range of appropriate containers in the 'Special extras' panel of the product page for you to add to your order if you so fancy.

    Q. Can I order a vase to go with the flowers?

    A. With the greatest of pleasure. If the flowers you're ordering are suitable for presentation in a vase, we'll present some appropriate choices on the product page for you to add to your order.

  • In the same way as you like to take off your coat and put down your bag, your roses want to get rid of any excess baggage. Carefully peel off any of the outer guard petals that look a little rugged – these were left on to protect against potential pre-arrival stresses. Likewise, remove any leaves that will be below the waterline of the vase, and untie any bits of string that are holding the stems together.

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