Sugar Hill
Sugar Hill

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Sugar Hill

Hip, hop, ya don't stop smiling while golden Aztec lilies are rapping down spiky microphones of lilac liatris to the rhythm of curious violet lisianthus blossoms and bright yellow clusters of solidago.


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  • Standard
    • 3x eustoma / lisianthus - Purple Lisianthus
    • 3x liatris - Purple Liatris
    • 3x lilium - Yellow Lily
    • 3x solidago - Yellow Solidago
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    • Size: 55cm
    • 4x eustoma / lisianthus - Purple Lisianthus
    • 4x liatris - Purple Liatris
    • 4x lilium - Yellow Lily
    • 4x solidago - Yellow Solidago
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    • 5x eustoma / lisianthus - Purple Lisianthus
    • 6x liatris - Purple Liatris
    • 5x lilium - Yellow Lily
    • 6x solidago - Yellow Solidago
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included

    (Sometimes the lily flowers in this bouquet may arrive unopened – but that’s a good thing. The buds will come into bloom within about a day and the recipient will enjoy the flowers for even longer.)

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    Product: Sugar Hill

    | | |
    The lady I got this lot for was 80 & she was over the moon she said they were realy lovely. I have ordered a few lots of your flowers now for many people & they have all been satisfided. I have not had the pleasure of seeing any myself yet but there is always time. Maybe someone will think to send me some soon you never know lol. Thank you for doing what you said you would do, it is sometimes rare in this day & age for that to happen.
    | Blackburn | |
    I was very disappointed to find that the flowers I arranged for delivery from the local florist only about a mile away, were delivered through the post by a generic parcel delivery company, in a sealed - damaged - cardboard box! I thought the idea of a Florist is to hand deliver the flowers, a personnal touch, not a white van man.
    This was the aim of ’ringing’ a local Florist.
    | Hull | |
    My friend said it was a wonderful suprise to find them in her porch when she arrived home after doing the school run and she said they were beautiful but i didn’t actually see them myself only the picture on their website. Should have asked her to take a pic and post it on Facebook for me hahahahahahah
    | Bury St. Edmunds | |
    The first bouquet ( that arrived 2 days early) was very poor quality. However, when I contacted Serenta thay were very good and arranged to replace them (on the correct day) and were better quality. All that being said the recipient said I would have been better going to Marks and Spencer or Next.
    | Cheltenham | |
    I haven’t seen the friend who had the flowers but she did send me a Thank you email, so I must just presume they were good. I will try your service for myself one day and then I can give you a fair rating on your flowers. I will be using you again. Thank you
    | Wirral | |
    Although the flowers were lovely, we were a bit disappointed with the size of the bouquet - the website photo was a little misleading and we expected a bigger bouquet. The presentation in the box was also unexpected - we thought it would be a bouquet.
    | Calne | |
    The colours in the sugar hill bouquet were bright and vivid with colour and this is why i choose this bouquet of flowers. My nan said they were beautiful, and her pleasure in recieving them made me very happy! Also the price was very reasonable too!
    | Chester | |
    Apart from briefly seeing flowers I ordered for a funeral last year, I haven’t been on the receiving end of your products. My aunt for whom I ordered flowers last month, phoned me to say how lovely the sugar hill flowers were.
    | Bury St. Edmunds | |
    As far as I know the flowers were OK but as my friend lives in Edinburgh and I live in Suffolk I naturally haven’t seen them.
    Wasn’t she the lucky one to receive two bouquets... she didn’t send me any on my birthday!!
    | London | |
    The flowers were great, although i found it quite odd that they were delivered in a large box. that way it makes the feeling quite impersonal and takes away the "WOW" factor
    | Wrexham | |
    The flowers arrived at a perfect time during the day and arrived beautifully wrapped. The flowers were so fresh that they almost didn’t seem real. Thank you so much fantastic experience!!
    | Bedford | |
    Ordered pretty standard bunch, filled two vases, Mum was very pleased. Staff friendly and helpful when delivery. Would use again. Price was very good too. Faultless!!!
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  • Q. Why are your flowers fresher?

    A. Instead of lounging about for days in the back of the floral-equivalent of a cross-channel tour bus that crawls to all the florist shops across the UK, Serenata’s supermodel flowers travel in style and in double-quick time.

    Q. How are the flowers packaged?

    A. Very comfortably, very securely, and very elegantly.

    Q. Do the flowers come in a vase?

    A. Some of our arrangements do come with a vase included in the price. For those that don't, we display a range of appropriate containers in the 'Special extras' panel of the product page for you to add to your order if you so fancy.

    Q. Can I order a vase to go with the flowers?

    A. With the greatest of pleasure. If the flowers you're ordering are suitable for presentation in a vase, we'll present some appropriate choices on the product page for you to add to your order.

  • In the same way as you like to take off your coat and put down your bag, your roses want to get rid of any excess baggage. Carefully peel off any of the outer guard petals that look a little rugged – these were left on to protect against potential pre-arrival stresses. Likewise, remove any leaves that will be below the waterline of the vase, and untie any bits of string that are holding the stems together.

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