Beautiful Smile
Beautiful Smile

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Beautiful Smile

Is there a recipe for the perfect smile? We think our researchers have come pretty close: take a handful of precious pink gerbera daisies, stir in a dash of alstromeria blooms, add a sprinkling of daisy and finish with a swirl of roses. (Note: The real secret of this smile is that you'll be sure to get one in return!)


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  • Content (Standard)
    • 4 - rosa - Rosa White 50cm
    • 3 - germini - Germini Kimsey-pink
    • 5 - chrysanthumum - Santini pink Chr
    • 3 - alstromeria - Alstromeria Overig Rose
    • 2 - dec/ greens - Dec Salal Tips - Per Half a Bunch
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    • Size: 50cm
    Content (Deluxe)
    • 5 - rosa - Rosa White 50cm
    • 5 - germini - Germini Kimsey-pink
    • 6 - chrysanthumum - Santini pink Chr
    • 5 - alstromeria - Alstromeria Overig Rose
    • 2 - dec/ greens - Dec Salal Tips - Per Half a Bunch
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    Content (Grandissimo)
    • 8 - rosa - Rosa White 50cm
    • 6 - germini - Germini Kimsey-pink
    • 7 - chrysanthumum - Santini pink Chr
    • 6 - alstromeria - Alstromeria Overig Rose
    • 2 - dec/ greens - Dec Salal Tips - Per Half a Bunch
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
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    Overall Rating: 4.5
    Total Reviews: 3248
    Product: Beautiful Smile

    | Swadlincote | |
    Service for the supply & delivery of the flowers was excellent. However, we thought that the emails we kept receiving were not appropriate. For example..."Jazzed up like the King in a fancy white outfit, the flowers you ordered for JoanThanker have just departed from the Serenata HQ. ". We were all in a saddened state due to the death of her husband - a fact which should have been realised (or something akin to it) from the card and message that had also been requested. Please read and understand what type of audience you are delivering to for each order and choose an appropriate mooded email, if you are going to send one.
    | Manchester | |
    As a Church, we send out flowers for a variety of reasons - new baby, ill health, get well soon, sympathy and as such we do not receive the flowers directly, nor always get to see the product. We are therefore unable to confirm whether, for example, the product meets our expectations i.e. what is delivered is what we expected from our order. However, the feedback that we have had is that the flowers are beautiful and no negative feedback has been received. As such, we will be continuing to use your services for our needs.
    | Wilmslow | |
    Excellent service . Delivery on time and text to say delivery on its way and another when they were delivered was much appreciated and gave me peace of mind to know they had arrived safely . My Sister in Law text me to say how beautiful the flowers were. An excellent company will definitely use them again.
    | Frome | |
    As they were a gift, obviously I didnt see them. However the recipient said they were beautiful and commented about how long they were lasting with flowers still opening several days after delivery - so different from some of the tired flowers I have received from different companies. Would definitely use Serenata as first choice again.
    | Barry | |
    I wanted to send some flowers to a friend and looked up her area on-line. The service received from Serenata Flowers was excellent, they kept me informed throughout the delivery and it was great to know they had been safely delivered not like Interflora who from previous experience have left the flowers outside the door in the sunshine!!
    | Bury St. Edmunds | |
    I wanted these delivered on a specific date and selected this on the website but somehow it reverted to the default "immediately" without my noticing so the flowers were delivered ten days early. I think the website should be easier to use in this respect.
    | Edinburgh | |
    2nd time I have used serenata flowers for a family members birthday who lives in maccelsfield (I live in Edinburgh) and both times I could not have been happier with the product or service! Have now recommended serenata flowers to her partner so I am sure you will have loads more orders!
    | Auckland | |
    Thanks so much. My mother loved the flowers and even though I ordered the other side of the world in New Zealand it was such a breeze to do. Thanks again!
    | Guildford | |
    Variety, quantity of flowers and freshness was very good. Some were open, others in bud which all then gradually opened and some centres went from green to gold. In all they kept going for two weeks of pretty display.
    | Deeside | |
    The flowers were delivered fresh and good display. The recipient my sister who had been unwell was really delighted with them and phoned to say thank you and they had brought a tear to her eyes.
    | Liverpool | |
    Didn't see the flower so only going by the recipient who to be fair is unlikely to say they were awful. Sending a photo of the actual flowers before delivery to send to the purchaser would be a fab idea
    | Hull | |
    The flowers where for my niece who was recovering from an operation. She was so pleased with them and she said the perfume from them made the room smell beautiful.

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    • Deliveries are normally made between 8am and 8pm. However, during busy periods, these delivery times may differ slightly, and we reserve the right to deliver between 7am and 9pm.
    • If standard delivery is chosen, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time
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  • In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.
  • Q. Why are your flowers fresher?

    A. Instead of lounging about for days in the back of the floral-equivalent of a cross-channel tour bus that crawls to all the florist shops across the UK, Serenata’s supermodel flowers travel in style and in double-quick time.

    Q. How are the flowers packaged?

    A. Very comfortably, very securely, and very elegantly.

    Q. Do the flowers come in a vase?

    A. Some of our arrangements do come with a vase included in the price. For those that don't, we display a range of appropriate containers in the 'Special extras' panel of the product page for you to add to your order if you so fancy.

    Q. Can I order a vase to go with the flowers?

    A. With the greatest of pleasure. If the flowers you're ordering are suitable for presentation in a vase, we'll present some appropriate choices on the product page for you to add to your order.

  • In the same way as you like to take off your coat and put down your bag, your roses want to get rid of any excess baggage. Carefully peel off any of the outer guard petals that look a little rugged – these were left on to protect against potential pre-arrival stresses. Likewise, remove any leaves that will be below the waterline of the vase, and untie any bits of string that are holding the stems together.

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