Fairytale Love
Fairytale Love

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Fairytale Love

The vibrant red roses watch over the delicate scattering of Gypsophilia, like a Prince watches over his Princess, these are the things dreams are made of.


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  • Content (Standard)
    • 3 - gyposophelia - Gypsophelia Million Star
    • 1 - rosa - Rosa Red 50cm
    • 5 - rosa - Rosa TR Spray Red-tall
    • 1 - dec/ greens - Dec Salal Tips - Per Half a Bunch
    • 3 - dec/ greens - Dec Cinerea Small 1/3 bunch
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    • Size: 55cm
    Content (Deluxe)
    • 4 - gyposophelia - Gypsophelia Million Star
    • 2 - rosa - Rosa Red 50cm
    • 8 - rosa - Rosa TR Spray Red-tall
    • 1 - dec/ greens - Dec Salal Tips - Per Half a Bunch
    • 3 - dec/ greens - Dec Cinerea Small 1/3 bunch
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
    Content (Grandissimo)
    • 4 - gyposophelia - Gypsophelia Million Star
    • 4 - rosa - Rosa Red 50cm
    • 8 - rosa - Rosa TR Spray Red-tall
    • 1 - dec/ greens - Dec Salal Tips - Per Half a Bunch
    • 3 - dec/ greens - Dec Cinerea Small 1/3 bunch
    • Wrapped in clear cellophane
    • Vase not included
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    Overall Rating: 3.6
    Total Reviews: 411
    Product: Fairytale Love

    Barry | Luton | |
    The flowers and card were fine and as expected however I think you delivery model can be improved I understand I could pay an extortionate premium to have the flowers delivered before 10am or even 12pm but having made the order 2 days before the delivery I expected the order to relatively early on in the day. I’m sure you will agree receiving of flowers is all about surprise, in order to make the most of the opportunity then it is best if the intended recipient is able to receive the order themselves. Having no idea of when the flowers were going to arrive throughout the day just that they would be delivered at some point between 9 - 5:30 isn’t helpful if you are trying to make sure the intended recipient stays at home. An experience that could be bettered and something I think Serenata should work on without charging the earth. In future I would book flowers from a local florist as I am more likely to get the order in the morning
    janice | Crook | |
    Service rating : Easy to order, got good communication when they were sent and delivered
    Product : The flowers were more leaves than flowers, they had black edges as soon as we got them, the driver left them outside in a box in the rain and the box was soaked, the flower heads drooped on the second day we had them, not impressed at all and wish I had never used this company, I wont use them again
    Denise | Birmingham | |
    Service rating : I was kept informed by text and email with humorous and descriptive messages, building on the Fairytale Love theme. Fabulous!
    The order was delivered within the time specified and delivered to the alternate address agreed if the recipient was not home, as was the case.
    Product : The Fairy Tale promise was delivered and received. And was every bit as romantic as it looked online. Thank you Serenata Flowers.
    Hardeep | Hayes | |
    Service rating : Overall the website is good and easy to use. Good range of products available.
    Product : The flowers were much smaller than I had anticipated and I read that other peoples flowers had died after 2 days but thinking that this would happen to me, I purchased them still. However, our flowers died 2 days later even though we had plenty of water in the vase.
    Mick | Oxford | |
    Service rating : The Service was exceptional. The emails and texts kept me aware of the status of delivery.
    Product : The Flowers arrived on time but SEALED in a cardbox box. If the delivery method had been quoted on website. I would not have ordered. The Flowers died within 2 days despite our best efforts (because of being sealed in a box for 24 hours?). Some of the foilage leaves had been attacked by snails (slimy trail marks on leaves).
    Eve | Ascot | |
    Service rating : I tried Interflora and they informed me that they could not deliver on the day that I wanted as it was in Coventry, so I went on line and found Serenata and immediately saw that they could. I chose the flowers and they were delivered exactly as I wanted them to. I shall use them again.
    Product : The Fairytale love flowers were beautiful and my niece loved them.
    nicholas | london | |
    Service rating : Not what i expected toatly diffrent from the picture and the carf was just a cheap printed message ok the card was free but still could have put a little effort in to it but other than that they done the job
    Product : Not what i expected toatly diffrent from the picture and the carf was just a cheap printed message ok the card was free but still could have put a little effort in to it but other than that they done the job
    Martin | | |
    Service rating : Delivered on time
    Product : The flowers have arrived on the 14/02.2013. They are in Vases and dying 3 days later . I am not happy that I paid over £30 for what was just a service. My daughter had bought some flowere for her home for less that £6 and they are flourishing NOT HAPPY would not reccommend you. In all you ruined Valentines day for my partner and embarrassed me
    Lara | Choppington | |
    Service rating : Excellent communication from start to finish kept me informed every step of the way on the progress of my order and service was top marks. Delivery driver was very polite too and product arrived in perfect condition
    Product : The product was stunning and just what we had hoped for would reccommend and use again
    Alan | Portsmouth | |
    The company delivered (literally !) as promised. I would have liked a shorter time span for delivery at no extra cost. Getting an email to say the flowers had left the depot is very good but you still have to wait and see when they will turn up. In my case it was about 6 hours after the email -within the promised time frame but not ideal.
    Antonios | London | |
    The follow up email after the initial incomplete order is a clever and efficient idea. However the fact that is taking more than 24h to deliver an order in the Stratford area where your store is actually located is unacceptable. That was the fact that almost made me abandon my order. You need to look into that ASAP.
    Michael | Sheffield | |
    Service rating : Arrived on time
    Product : Flowers came on time but quality was very poor very small flowers that only lasted 2days understand valantine day big demand but would rather be refused than have poor quality products sent. Have used before and had great quality products but this time felt let down. Sorry

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  • Next day gift delivery

    All next-day courier delivered gifts are dispatched from our central production facility.

    • Deliveries are normally made between 8am and 8pm. However, during busy periods, these delivery times may differ slightly, and we reserve the right to deliver between 7am and 9pm.
    • If standard delivery is chosen, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery time
    • We do not guarantee to be able to follow delivery instructions.
  • In the rare event that a substitution is necessary when buying a gift, products of similar style and quality will be used, and the value of that substitution will always be of the same or higher value.
  • Q. Why are your flowers fresher?

    A. Instead of lounging about for days in the back of the floral-equivalent of a cross-channel tour bus that crawls to all the florist shops across the UK, Serenata’s supermodel flowers travel in style and in double-quick time.

    Q. How are the flowers packaged?

    A. Very comfortably, very securely, and very elegantly.

    Q. Do the flowers come in a vase?

    A. Some of our arrangements do come with a vase included in the price. For those that don't, we display a range of appropriate containers in the 'Special extras' panel of the product page for you to add to your order if you so fancy.

    Q. Can I order a vase to go with the flowers?

    A. With the greatest of pleasure. If the flowers you're ordering are suitable for presentation in a vase, we'll present some appropriate choices on the product page for you to add to your order.

  • In the same way as you like to take off your coat and put down your bag, your roses want to get rid of any excess baggage. Carefully peel off any of the outer guard petals that look a little rugged – these were left on to protect against potential pre-arrival stresses. Likewise, remove any leaves that will be below the waterline of the vase, and untie any bits of string that are holding the stems together.

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