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Red is splendid and spontaneous, forecasting fast action, fun times and pulse-quickening excitement. It’s intense, it’s passionate, it’s dynamic and it’s deliciously dangerous. If seduction’s your game, roll out the red-petal carpet...

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Fabulous service it was my friends birthday in that terrible snow and Scotland were on red alert in the boarders, they apologised about not being able to reach her ,but believe it or not the flowers got there the following day


This is not the first time I have ordered from serenata flowers. The email contact was good. Easy to order. Price was reasonable. Flowers and extras delivered when specified. Recipients contacted me to say how pleased they were. The only thing that would be nice, is if they offered more chooses on balloons for special occasions, like 21st etc. and also numbers in red or blue glitter to suit gender for either age occasions like 18/21/50 etc. and small versions with things like: congratuations/get well soon/happy anniversary/with love etc. to stick in the flowers.


Customer service helped me when my order came up with the wrong date on my order confirmation. They corrected the delivery date and emailed me back within a few minutes with a very polite message. The flowers arrived in great condition on Valentine's day before lunch. Lovely red roses that lasted a fortnight using the supplied flower food. Wife and her work colleagues thought the truffles were delicious. The mini balloon is fun and looked nice stood in our vase at home with the roses. Highly recommended!!!!!! :)


I sent Red Roses and the amount of people that saw them told me that they were beautifulMum loved them too. She deserves the best at 92 and that was what she got. Many thanks.


Flowers arrived on Valentine’s Day just ordering late afternoon the previous day. Big red roses which my other half absolutely loved!! Still looking good two weeks later


Delivery good considering it was Valentine's Day. Flowers were for my daughter, they were red roses, beautiful


Great service my partner loved her red roses.

Red Roses and Flowers with Free Delivery

Are you looking for flowers that match your passion? You may think that are the obvious choice, but you can't be more wrong! There are plenty of other red flowers that have romantic meaning associated with them, giving you the opportunity to be unique and adventurous if you need to send flowers to your loved one next time. Here are just a few to give you idea!

Red Carnations - carnations are one of the most popular flowers and they come in a variety of colours, including red. Red carnations symbolise deep love and affection. Did you know freesia flowers also come in red shades? Red freesias are actually one of the most scented ones, so if you want to send a bouquet in full blooms, you're guaranteed to make a bold fragrant statement. Red freesia symbolises passion, so if you want to express your flaming aspirations, make sure you send her red freesia. Red Lilies are another hidden gem among flowers - they also symbolise love, adore and affection, so they can be used for plenty of occasions, not just the romantic ones. Are you looking for something rather unusual? What about red chrysanthemums? They are a symbol of love and not as overused as red roses.

Did you get inspired by our selection above? If you still prefer to stick to the official queen of romantic flowers - red rose - we have plenty of these to choose from. Above is just a small selection of our red rose collection, including single roses, dozen roses and luxury roses, all of which are available with free standard delivery all week, including weekends. Don't just wait for the next romantic occasion, or Valentine's Day and surprise her with a blooming gift arriving at her door or waiting for her on her office desk. Make every day an excuse to declare your love and affection in a way women appreciate the most - by sending flowers.

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