Romantic Flowers for new relationship

Sometimes the greatest joy is when a bouquet of flowers arrives totally out of the blue. When you want to surprise her for no particular reason, here's a selection of our most romantic arrangements, hand-made in our own floral workshops from the freshest blooms..

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- Romantic Flowers for a new Relationship
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Service rating : They have a professional air about them, especially website, however the bouquet I ordered was not as I expected. Nice roses, but very basic wrapped in cheap looking plain wrap. Delivery off the van was in a soggy plain card board box, not so romantic for valentines day! The description was also over hyped, it’s just a good job my missus is easily pleased! Delivery was late, despite additional comment on ordering to plead with the delivery company to deliver before 1.30pm, this was late and therefore blew the suprise element of the gesture. Score should be good/poor. If I was to use them again I’d feel the need to spend double which to be honest a local flower shop I have used in the past would conjour up a magnificent display. May give Serenata one more chance one day.
Product : Nice roses, but exceptionally basic in presentation, bordering cheap looking. Poor delivery presentation too in soggy cardboard box, Other companies flowers were on the same van and they looked a lot more professional. Sorry!


Service rating : The website is good and the flowers were easy to order. The product was delivered before noon on Valentines as promised. However there were no photographs to view that represented my actual order - the deluxe red roses (£25).
Product : I’ve ticked good but I really mean average to good. The roses seemed good quality, though the heads were a bit smaller than hoped and the packaging - simply a standard cardboard box - was certainly not romantic. I hoped for a little tissue paper or cellophane type wrapping at least. It was also not very practical - could a crude water bag/vase not have been provided to sustain the flowers until my girlfriend could bring them home from work?


Service rating : Good service and delivered as promised
Product : Extremely poor product. This was supposed to be the upgrade so dread to think what the basic £20 version would look like?! Bouquet was very small for £35 and a few of the flowers had seen better days. Spent £35 elsewhere in the past and received a large bouquet, this was no bigger than a £10 bunch from Asda and I was actually embarrassed when my fiance walked out of work holding them. Also, they were delivered in a cardboard box so not the most romantic of deliveries. Highly unlikely, well, I wont be using Serenata Flowers again! I was going to order a delivery for my mum for mothers day but good job I didn’t!!!!


Service rating : The product was delivered at a satisfactory time.
Product : I’d ordered the deluxe for an extra £5 thinking it would be more special. However, having spoken to my girlfriend, the flowers arrived damaged, and in a cardboard box wrapped in wet tissue... hardly the romantic gesture I was hoping her to receive for £30. I’m very sceptical as to whether I’ll use your service again and actually feel like I need some sort of refund for a bad quality product... which was supposed to be *deluxe*


Service rating : Communications were brilliant with a touch of wit to the emailed updates of the progress of delivery.
Product : The flowers were beautiful with the biggest Lilly’s I have ever seen. They came in a cardboard box, ok not very romantic, but it meant the flowers arrived in perfect condition. I was lucky enough to get these at half price. I would have been happy to pay full price for them.


Service rating : I was kept informed by text and email with humorous and descriptive messages, building on the Fairytale Love theme. Fabulous!
The order was delivered within the time specified and delivered to the alternate address agreed if the recipient was not home, as was the case.
Product : The Fairy Tale promise was delivered and received. And was every bit as romantic as it looked online. Thank you Serenata Flowers.


This was my first and last purchase with Seranata, only due to the poor quality of flowers/wrapping. I ordered 12 LUXURY roses, and instead I received 16 very poor quality ones. The wrapping and water box were also poor. Delivered in a cardboard box! Hardly romantic for valentines! Not £60 worth! Interflora give much superior quality flowers and wrapping.

Romantic Flowers for a New Relationship with free delivery

Relationships bloom like a flower they say. They require a fair share of time and care. One of the best ways to ensure healthy nurturing of a new relationship is to keep it fresh and beautiful with flowers. At, we have the most splendid selection of romantic flowers for a new relationship. With these flowers, you can shower your newly found beloved with affection and pamper them with the most priceless and prettiest of all the gifts. Sending romantic flowers for a new relationship ever so frequently means that you are reminding and reassuring your beloved that they have found the most caring and loving partner they could have wished for.

Since we understand that romantic flowers for a new relationship is something you would be ordering quite frequently, we present and alluring variety to make sure you have something different and exciting to surprise your loved one every time. Of course, you can start with the plain and romantic classic red rose bouquet or gift bag of light pink roses, and you can gradually move on to more extravagant vases or baskets of colourful collection that can be conveniently placed on shelf or table. Your choices are unlimited with We work with caring professional florists who understand the importance of romantic flowers for a new relationship. That is why they arrange every bouquet with equal amount of care and professionalism. They make sure that each bloom in your basket or bouquet is fresh and pretty as it can get. And with our free next day delivery service, we promise that it will arrive just as fresh.

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At, we understand that you can get too caught up in your daily rut and completely forget about placing the order for romantic flowers for new relationship. With that understanding, we offer you a guaranteed free next-day delivery even if you place your order at 10pm, other ranges order by 10pm). It is a free of cost service to make sure you always get the best buying experience with us. Our Romantic flowers for a new relationship can be ordered any day even if it is a public holiday or weekend. Our flower shop is open 24 hours / 7 days a week, at your convenience you can shop at the time that suits you from the comfort of your own home. Order your flowers in 3 easy steps and let us take care of the rest. Shop with confidence from one of the most trusted online florists in the UK.

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