Romantic Flowers from a Secret Admirer

Reveal your heart, but not your identity, with one of our gorgeous bouquets, from traditional red roses to dramatic, pure white blooms and elegant, colourful arrangements. We use only the freshest flowers, because we want our bouquets, and your secret love, to blossom and last.

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Service rating : No complaints except that my delivery instructions were left on the box for the recipient to see! Should have been removed as was a dead give away who the recipients "secret admirer" was!Product : Apparently very tasty, though with sickly after taste, though thats chocolates for you.


Amazing company and the recipient enjoyed the flowers. The emails from Serenata to tell the progress of the delivery were wonderful and so romantic it made me feel special too. Thank you Serenata.


Delivered roses to the wrong floor of the intended building and then left there, when they found their way to my girlfriend they were in a box. Not the romantic gesture I was lookin for sorry

Hemel Hempstead

Simply because I received a happy birthday cake as opposed to a romantic cake, even though it looked good with the candle also.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Service rating : Communications were brilliant with a touch of wit to the emailed updates of the progress of delivery.Product : The flowers were beautiful with the biggest Lilly’s I have ever seen. They came in a cardboard box, ok not very romantic, but it meant the flowers arrived in perfect condition. I was lucky enough to get these at half price. I would have been happy to pay full price for them.


I ordered a romantic cake but actually a birthday cake was delivery. Very disappointed with this mistake. As suggested in the name of the cake I ordered it was for an anniversary .. Two red hearts. A cake was received with big blue ribbon on it and happy birthday.


Service rating : It was easy to order and price was goodProduct : Roses were lovely, delivery was in a box which wasn’t as romantic but I guess it was protected!

The clandestine charm of Romantic Flowers from a Secret Admirer

Falling in love is beautiful at every phase, even when it is just the initial one sided infatuation. That is exactly where it all starts – the secret admiration. This is exactly where you need to start working your way to your crush's heart. And the best way to do it is by sending romantic flowers. These anonymous flowers will spark a mysterious charm and ignite the same passion in the heart of your beloved. This is the smoothest path to the heart of any man or woman without being too direct and straightforward. We stay with you throughout this wonderful phase with the most amazing variety of romantic flowers from a secret admirer.

We offer a free next-day delivery service to make sure the flowers reach their destination as fresh as the feelings in your heart. With our flowers you can uncover your true sentiments without revealing the identity. No matter if it strikes you late at 10pm, our next day delivery clause will still be applicable and valid. You can order your romantic flowers on any special occasions such as holidays and weekends, and we will arrange prompt and speedy delivery, without revealing the recipient's details. Yes, you need a trustworthy accomplice to win your beloved's heart, and we know just how to play the part.

Every Bud Bundled with Care

We understand how precious the blooming love of yours is and how important every single flower in the romantic flowers from a secret admirer can be. Our flowers come in various forms including big bouquets and baskets of pinks and reds as well as beautiful vases or pots that can be gracefully placed on tables and desk. Our experts know the language of love and how it is spoken in the form of flowers. You can count on them to make sure your investment in romantic flowers from a secret admirer yields exactly the results you expect. The variety we have is simply the best you will find online. Pair it up with our amazing service, and we are your best bet. So, choose your preferred romantic flowers and be the mysterious lover your beloved can't wait to find and meet.

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