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Saying sorry is one of the hardest things and the longer you wait, the harder it becomes. If your thoughtless actions or hurtful words have upset someone, make amends with an honest confession accompanied by a sophisticated bouquet.

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There was a technical problem when placing the order and therefore the invoice was not attached to the actual order this lead to the flowers not being delivered on the correct day. I emailed Serenata's customer services and within 10 mins I had received a reply. They were very helpful, apologetic and upgraded the bouquet as a way to say sorry. Obviously I was quite disappointed that the flowers didn't arrive on the intended day but I can not fault the communication and help from Customer Services to correct the problem. I would definitely use them again and also recommend them to other people.


Service rating : I ordered flowers from your company for a friend who had a special birthday. Orders with previous companies have not been up to expectation, however, my friend was truely delighted and said the flowers were beautiful , I was only sorry not to see them. Thank you for a lovely gift. Kind regards, Moira Bonne
Product : Excellent service, flowers delivered on time and in perfect condition. I liked that you have asked me as the purchaser for feedback. Too often because the product is unseen, it’s not up to standard. Your were! Thank you


Service rating : Would have been ’Excellent’ but I was informed three roses were dead by the following morning.
Serenata Flowers communication with me was excellent, and delivery was prompt. The only other thing that miffed me a bit was that your web site led me to believe that the flowers would be delivered by a local florist near the recipient.
Product : See above - I felt the quality of the roses should have been a lot better, three dying less than twenty four hours after delivery was not acceptable - so I would hesitate before using Serenata again - sorry.


Service rating : I have already left a very positive review of the company and flowers, after my brother said they were beautiful. However, after speaking to my sister in law , she said he didn’t want to upset me, and the flowers are dreadful. Like a bunch from the supermarket. I was extremely saddened and upset as they were a Christmas present. The service was excellent and delivery on time.
Product : The quality of the flowers was extremely poor, like cheap supermarket specimens.
Not deluxe by any stretch of the imagination, I am sorry to say I will not be making a repeat order.


Service rating : The flowers arrived later in the day, which is understandable. I think offering a morning delivery would have been a better option. Besides that great. My mum informed me that the flowers arrived in a sorry state, when contacted another was sent out.
Product : Overall good, but the 1st flowers that turned up wern’t great. I was informed the roses were dead and my mother had to ring up to complain. I am told the others that had been sent out were good


firstly i am sorry for being so late i ordered the blu dendrobium for my sister in weston super mare...choosing blue because it is my favourite sister waxed lyrical about them and the way they were carefully packaged...even my brother in law came on the telephone to say how beautiful they were sister has your details now for when she needs to send flowers...thankyou will use your service again......10/10


Again the only problem is the YODEL delivery company as they do not actually deliver as requested. They knock on the door and leave immediately or they knock on door and drop the flowers on the ground and leave immediately. The flowers are left in the open and not hidden from view. Sorry but YODEL should not be used as they do not care about customer service whatsoever and serenaterflowers are aware of this as I alone have complained 5 times.

What flowers say you are sorry?

So you need to say sorry. Well firstly what did you do and whom do you need to say sorry to? We all have to say sorry in our lives, so often in fact, that the word loses its meaning. So to quote the song, don't tell her - show her.

Mum, Grandma, Aunt or other Female Relative You're in Trouble With

So things are a touch easier when it's a female relative. You can choose to say I love you, you're my best friend, you have my loyalty and a host of other things and you're on safe ground, just avoid passion for obvious reasons. Roses; so whilst roses are a bit of a cliché they do have a classic elegance, try pink roses that signifies you respect the person for having grace and refinement, they can just mean thank you, other sources attribute the meaning Please believe me, to this simply elegant and beautiful bloom. Hyacinth (Purple): if you want something a little different try a bouquet with purple Hyacinth at its centre, this stately flower just states I'm sorry. Add a tendril or two of white ivy to signify affection and that you're anxious to please.

Work Colleague or Female Friend

Are you trying to say sorry for something you did, or sorry for something that has happened to them, do you want to say I'm a friend and I'm here for you, or leave the door open for something more than friendship down the line. I'm a friend and I'm here for you: nearly everyone knows that yellow Roses are the symbol for friendship, yellow Poppies are the symbol for wealth and success and yellow Tulips say, there's sunshine in your smile. I'm your friend, for now: want to say I'm sorry but maybe hint at something else (once she's forgiven you), try a bunch of Tulips, red as a declaration of love, and white to say I am worthy of you.

Girlfriend or Wife

So sometimes you just need to Sorry I was a bit of an idiot, but I love you. Nuts signify being an idiot, but may not go down well when she's mad at you already, so maybe something a bit more floral and a clearer apology.Roses: So sometimes you just need to get a big bunch of Rose to make sure your message is clear and understood. A mixed bunch of Roses says You're everything to me. Red Roses say 'I love you' whilst Lavender Roses speak of your enchantment. Loyal love; Daisies say your love is mine and I'm loyal or even I'm innocent, add some Buttercups to speak to a childish side or Gladioli say I'm really sincere. Faithfulness and fidelity; Bird of Paradise and Passion Flower as well as being a beautiful flowers symbolises faithfulness, Ivy means fidelity and blue Violets say I'll always be true. It's all too easy to buy flowers without thinking of what they say, a dozen cheap tiny roses says, I got whatever I could and I didn't put much thought into it. Whilst a single perfect bloom says I love you. Decide what you want to say, what you're sorry for and let the flowers speak for you.

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