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Saying sorry is one of the hardest things and the longer you wait, the harder it becomes. If your thoughtless actions or hurtful words have upset someone, make amends with an honest confession accompanied by a sophisticated bouquet.

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Boldon Colliery

Use Serenata all of the time as have has excellent service in the past; however, the basket I sent to my mother as a treat for being her, arrived with 3 heads missing off the flowers. Sorry Serenata for the first time can’t give you 5 stars as previously done. Maybe next time.


i always use serenata flowers for getting my mother in law her flowers as she is always happy with them. sorry cant show flowers as im in Cornwall and they get delivered up north


I know from the experience that this company deals with customer's question or problem. In the past I had a wrong address? delivery issue but they were helpful and dealt with the problem in a good and fair way (sorry my English is not great) and I appreciated that.


The flowers were lovely. and lasted for a long time. they remained in the church and two weeks later were only just beginning to show signs of deterioration. I was sorry to see that you had not put the poem on that I wrote to go with the delivery. I declined a card but did want just an ordinary flower card. luckily the undertaker informed me and I was able to complete one on the day.


I was disappointed the bouquet was lovely but could not see the value for money. Sorry.


Sorry that rating was meant to be excellent Absolutely delighted with service arrived on time as requested


Your service by doing everything on line and keeping me informed was excellent but I'm afraid the flowers went to the wrong address. My son and his wife used to live at that address and had moved not far from there. Hence the person living in that house now, kept the flowers. The person who delivered might have asked their name when delivering. Basically I was given the wrong address to send them to but I think we could have rearranged things if we had got the flowers back. Sorry partly my fault ....

What flowers say you are sorry?

When you get in trouble, there are few ways you can apologise. One of the proven and tested methods is of course sending I'm sorry flowers. If you need to say sorry to your girlfriend, mum or a friend, sending flowers is one of the sincerest and easiest gestures you can make. Apology flowers come in many colours, sizes and with various meanings. How do you choose the right I'm sorry flowers for her? If you're looking for the best flowers to say sorry to girlfriend, we are here to help.

Below you will find a list of best flowers to say sorry and also recommendations for various recipients. If want your apologetic gesture to be as sincere as possible, send the flowers as soon as you can. The recipient will be touched not just with the stunning fresh blooms, but also how fast you acted. No one needs to spend days guild-ridden trying to figure best way to apologise. Don't worry too much about meaning of I'm sorry flowers or sending the right colour of apology flowers. It's the gesture that matters the most.

Flowers to Say Sorry

White tulips - white colour in general symbolises new beginnings and as such, makes a wonderful statement if you want someone to forgive you. Choose white tulips to send as an apology, they also represent peace and forgiveness. Send white tulips to apologies along with a nice card message and you're standing pretty good chances of being forgiven.

Blue Hyacinths - Although not widely available as cut flower, blue hyacinth symbolises peace and the blue colour symbolises truth. That makes blue hyacinths the perfect I'm sorry flowers for any recipient. If you present someone with a bouquet of blue hyacinths, they will also appreciate the time you took into finding the flowers with the right meaning for the occasion.

White Orchids - Another popular white flowers to be given as a way of apology are white orchids - they are elegant, exotic and timeless. If you can find potted white orchids even better because they will be a long lasting gift. As with other white flowers, the colour symbolises new beginnings and sincere intentions and it will remind the person you gift it to about your sincere apologies as long as the plant lives.

Roses - If you're looking for something to send to your sweetheart, you can never go wrong with red roses - even though they are not designated apology flowers, they remind her of your love and passion, and that's more important than worrying about what colour should you be sending her. If you need to apologise to a friend, you can choose yellow roses as they symbolise friendship. If you really want to make a grand gesture, go for bouquet of 50 roses as those symbolise unconditional love.

No matter what flowers you send or deliver in person, they will be welcomed with joy and excitement. Make sure the card enclosed with the flowers clearly states your intentions and describes what are you apologising for.

Apology Flowers for various Recipients

Mum, Grandma, Aunt or other Female Relative - so things are a touch easier when it's a female relative. You can choose to say I love you, you're my best friend, you have my loyalty and a host of other things and you're on safe ground, just avoid passion for obvious reasons. Roses - so whilst roses are a bit of a cliché they do have a classic elegance, try pink roses that signifies you respect the person for having grace and refinement, they can just mean thank you, other sources attribute the meaning Please believe me, to this simply elegant and beautiful bloom. Hyacinth (Purple): if you want something a little different try a bouquet with purple Hyacinth at its centre, this stately flower just states I'm sorry. Add a tendril or two of white ivy to signify affection and that you're anxious to please.

Work Colleague or Female Friend - are you trying to say sorry for something you did, or sorry for something that has happened to them, do you want to say I'm a friend and I'm here for you, or leave the door open for something more than friendship down the line. I'm a friend and I'm here for you: nearly everyone knows that yellow Roses are the symbol for friendship, yellow Poppies are the symbol for wealth and success and yellow Tulips say, there's sunshine in your smile. I'm your friend, for now: want to say I'm sorry but maybe hint at something else (once she's forgiven you), try a bunch of Tulips, red as a declaration of love, and white to say I am worthy of you.

Girlfriend or Wife - so sometimes you just need to Sorry I was a bit of an idiot, but I love you. Nuts signify being an idiot, but may not go down well when she's mad at you already, so maybe something a bit more floral and a clearer apology.Roses: So sometimes you just need to get a big bunch of Rose to make sure your message is clear and understood. A mixed bunch of Roses says You're everything to me. Red Roses say 'I love you' whilst Lavender Roses speak of your enchantment. Loyal love; Daisies say your love is mine and I'm loyal or even I'm innocent, add some Buttercups to speak to a childish side or Gladioli say I'm really sincere. Faithfulness and fidelity; Bird of Paradise and Passion Flower as well as being a beautiful flowers symbolises faithfulness, Ivy means fidelity and blue Violets say I'll always be true. It's all too easy to buy flowers without thinking of what they say, a dozen cheap tiny roses says, I got whatever I could and I didn't put much thought into it. Whilst a single perfect bloom says I love you. Decide what you want to say, what you're sorry for and let the flowers speak for you.

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