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When someone you work with deserves a big pat on the back, show your appreciation with our super-fresh flowers. For convenience in the office, choose an arrangement that comes with its own vase, or go for a traditional bouquet, hand-tied by our own florists from freshly-delivered flowers that last longer.

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- Thank You Flowers for a Colleague
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Cannot fault Serenata flowers. They were in contact with me throughout via email and text, telling me when the flowers had left their depot, that they were on route and that they had been delivered. Fantastic. The prices are so reasonable too. I've ordered flowers for a colleague and went to Serenata. Have been telling folk about the website, the choice of flowers for different occasions and the great prices too.


I have never bought flowers before. So I wasn't sure how to go about it. I bought them for a sick colleague and had them sent to their house. The website was really easy to use. And the delivery was so quick especially when it was 2 days before Christmas. Will definitely buy flowers from here in the future if needed.


I purchased these for a colleague on behalf of our team at work as it was her birthday during the Christmas holiday. It was really easy to order from their site and a much better price than other leading providers


Beautiful flowers delivered on time. Work colleague was delighted with them. Overall service and updates received was excellent. However, no card was delivered with the flowers so recipient did not know who the flowers were from initially. I would use again.


Very easy to use . Company keeps you informed of each step of the process. This was a gift from a staff team to a colleague. Good to see a photograph of what you were choosing. Very competitive prices and delivery free. Some companies charge up to £8.


We ordered a bouquet for a colleague that is off due to a surgery that went poorly. We were so happy that it arrived promptly. Our colleague was thrilled, and told us that it was very easy to arrange.


my wife did not receive the flowers personally, they were signed for by a work colleague, so she did not receive them until the following day. but when I enquired who had signed for them they were able to provide a name so my wife tracked them down.

Send Colleague Thank You Flowers

The relationships we have with our colleagues are a bit strange if you think about it. Most of us spend more than 8 hours every day with our colleagues, yet we are supposed to not get too personal with them, staying professional all the time. While the rules may say that we should act professional all the time in office, anyone who has worked in an office for a significant length of time knows that this is not true at all. Colleagues end up being friends (sometimes enemies too) and we end up bonding them in a special way. That is why sending your colleague thank you flowers is a great idea. When colleagues help you, they help you out professionally as well. Sometimes true friendships blossom from a professional relationship too.

The biggest reason colleagues need to be respected so much is that they make our work bearable. Anyone who has worked in a bad office will be able to tell you how hard it is; not having a group of supportive people around you makes it impossible to work. Thus, when you have the right colleagues, even if you aren't too friendly with them, you need to appreciate them. You can send your colleague thank you flowers for many reasons. The most common reason for getting thank you flowers for a colleague is for when they support you professionally. It could be someone who helped you make that report, or someone who mentored you when you were new at the place. So when you get that promotion you were working for, make sure you thank the people who helped you get there. The most important thing in an office is to make people realise that you appreciate what they do for you; making it seem like someone's work doesn't matter is very demotivating.

Colleagues - Work friends and family

Another reason for sending a colleague thank you flowers is that they sort of become your secondary friends and family. When you spend your whole morning and afternoon with someone for years, you are bound to create a relationship with. Many people think colleagues are just strangers we happen to work with; truth is, it is our colleagues that make the work bearable. Our experts know that when sending a colleague thank you flowers, it is extremely important that the right message is conveyed. Sending flowers that are too romantic will be very awkward. Thus in our section especially for colleagues, you will see flowers that are full of different colours. Instead of focusing on roses our florists, use lilies, freesias, orchids, to create stunning sets with beautiful smells.

Get your Colleague thank you flowers delivered straight to the office and wait for their surprise to turn up. Wait to see their face lit up with excitement and joy as they open the box to reveal stunning blooms made just for them, send out of gratitude for their help and support. That's the best way to make them feel special and appreciated.

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