Thank You Flowers for a Man

Turn the tables and send him flowers for a change, he will be bowled over. Here is a selection of our more masculine arrangements with dramatic blooms and powerful colours. They are ultra fresh too, so guaranteed to stay looking good for longer.

Precious Pink

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- Thank You Flowers for a Man
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Once again Serenata came up trumps, extremely reliable and flowers were beautiful, my friend was so pleased with them. there was a small problem with the courier however, who upon delivery did not follow the 'this way up' direction on the packaging, when my friend pointed out to the delivery man that he had the box upside down he replied that it was ok as it didnt contain glass, however upon opening she found that two of the lillies in the box were broken. Non the less the was delighted with her flowers and I will of course continue to use Serenata


Service rating : very easy web site pictures of flowers excellent and; descriptions spot on. I especially liked the fact that I was texted when the flowers were sent out and another to let me know they had been delivered Lots of people have got in touch with me to find out where I got them so have passed your details o9n.
Product : Caused great excitement for the recipient, she was delighted with the service and asked me to say so when I did feedback, the young man who delivered them was very courteous.


Very easy to order, only negative feedback is my friend (who received the flowers) said that the delivery man was quite abrupt and rude, which somewhat diluted the impact of receiving the surprise. My friend has gone through a difficult time, as have a lot of people who probably receive flowers, and the delivery drivers should really be better trained in customer service. Flowers were lovely however.


The website needs to be a little clearer so when trying to book an AM or PM slot on Monday which I know no you can't do. Why not tell the customer this on the booking page and if you need an AM/PM booking select a different date.
Granted I'm a man and I was (man looking) but it would make life much easier and I'm sure I won't be the last especially if your in a rush or not familiar with the web site. Other than than it's amazing.

Haywards Heath

as a company it has always been excellent service,but sorry to say this time I was dissapointed with the delivery service,I requested for them to be patient when delivering,as it might take time for someone to answer the door, due to family illness.only to find out the delivery man just left them on the step not even ringing the bell,they had been there for about two hours before being found,according to the delivery time signed obviously by the driver.luckly they were not damaged.


The delivery man didn't ring the doorbell when he delivered them, I was bedridden following an accident and had ordered the flowers for my mother who was looking after me. If I hadn't been expecting them we wouldn't have known they were in the porch and they could have been there for days. I don't think that is necessarily serenata's fault though.

Sutton Coldfield

Brilliant service and I especially like how you can choose for which day you would like the floors to be delivered on, the delivery man was very careful in leaving the flowers under shelter because it was raining. Would definitely recommend. However it would be nice if there were photos of the bouquet as a grand and grandissimo.

Man Thank You Flowers with Free Delivery

If you want to really make him smile, send your man thank you flowers. Women know how sweet and romantic it is to get flowers, but sadly, most men do not because they usually aren't sent any. We can guarantee that he will be bowled over, and will always remember that time he got flowers. Most movies, songs, and books show men giving the flowers to the women. It has become an expected thing, that men will give flowers to women on romantic occasions. The problem is that everyone likes getting flowers, even men. This time, you can turn the tables on him and make him smile with flowers for men.

Sending a man thank you flowers also makes things easier, because it is so hard to think of gifts for men. For women, there are hundreds of things, but for men, we are typically limited to the usual watches, wallets, shirts, and similar boring items which the men receive all the time. Even men do not know what to give to other men when it is time to give gifts. Contrary to popular opinion, men aren't embarrassed at all to receive flowers. It might seem like a feminine gift, but the fact that the flower is being given to them by a woman will negate any embarrassing thing about the flowers. Men can then even brag to their friends that their girl likes them so much that she sent them flowers. They can ask their friends if they have ever received flowers and feel lucky.

The Perfect Flowers for Men

Flowers by themselves are beautiful; however, there are definitely some arrangements which are feminine. Thus our expert florists have a collection of more masculine arrangements which consist of perfect flowers for men. Our florists make each arrangement by hand and when making arrangements to send to men they choose smells and colours which are fitting. We also make sure the smells and the flowers themselves are sweet, so they remind him of you every time they look at the flowers or smell them. Nothing tells a person that they are loved like flowers and the same is true for men as well. When giving a man thank you flowers you do not have to worry about convention at all. You can always send them a dozen roses because roses are simply the most classic symbol of love. You can also send them our wilder arrangements like Amazonia; even though the arrangement might seem unconventional it will be perfect for giving to a man. We would also recommending choosing a good vase when sending flowers to men. Men who live alone often don't have vases and it would be a shame if your flowers had no safe place to be displayed in. So send them in an appropriate vase so he does not have to think or worry about the flowers and can simply keep them next to his bed or his television and be reminded of you. All of our thank you flowers for men come with free next-day delivery anywhere in the UK.

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