Chocolate Pralines

Who doesn't love picking a favourite filling out of a huge box of chocolate pralines! No matter what your winner is, you'll find plenty to be happy about in our Belgian Chocolate boxes. Free delivery anywhere in the UK from Monday to Sunday.

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I liked all the chocolate I bought! And the terms were sustained..I am glad I have found SerenataFlowers..I will use your service one more;)


I use Serenata for all my flower and chocolate gifts/deliveries as they are of good quality and always relaible.


The recipient was very happy with the chocolate hamper


Delivery was as requested, notified of delivery time, mum very pleased with chocolate hamper for her birthday ??


Great quality and good value for money! My niece and family loved the chocolate hamper! So easy to order and you can even pick your own day for when you want delivery. Thank you so much ??


Good, on time service with email updates to me because I am in Australia and used the online service. Thank you for making my sister's birthday a special day. She also loved the chocolate and said the packaging was too lovely to undo!


Everything was great, great value and the recipient loved the basket with a Teddy Bear, Flowers and 2 Jars with chocolate nibbles.

Chocolate Pralines

Chocolate pralines are one of the most popular confectionary products, containing generally nuts and sugar, with added cream as a common third ingredient. If you're buying chocolate pralines, you should know there two main types to look out for – French pralines, which have a firm texture and contain almonds and caramelized sugar, and American pralines, which are a bit softer texture, and creamier combination of various flavours, most popular ones being syrups, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds with cream or milk. There is also a third variety of chocolate pralines called Belgian pralines, which have a very soft shell with soft filling, made from different mixes of nuts, sugar and often milk paste. They are an important product of Belgian chocolatiers and have high melting point. They are also called chocolate bonbons and were first introduced by Jean Neuhaus II, in 1912 in Belgium. There are many types and shapes of pralines in Belgium, but confusion may sometime arise as the word praline is often used to describe filled chocolates. The chocolate pralines tradition in the US came after French settlers brought it to Louisiana. Sugar cane and pecans were in high supply in this area and in 19th century the chefs in New Orleans started substituting pecans for almonds while adding cream to make the consistency thicker, and creating chocolate pralines, as they are known around the American south nowadays.

Pralines and cream became quickly a popular ice cream flavour in the US and Canada. There are a lot of chocolatiers especially in Europe specializing in chocolate pralines and they come in hundreds of flavours and shapes. If you want to experience the real luxury, head over to Belgium for the finest and smoothest, melting on tongue chocolate pralines. However, if you're happy with a praline selection in a luxury edition, you don't have to leave your home either. Many retailers, including, offer door to door delivery service for any chocolate products, including chocolate pralines.

To order chocolates pralines from the comfort of your own home, simply browse our selection of chocolate gifts just with a few clicks and add your choice to the basket. Proceed to checkout where you will be asked your and the recipient details and finally pay for your order. Its a simple as that. We have chocolate gifts for the little ones or grown ups and no matter what your budget is, you will find a sweet treat without breaking the bank. Send the smoothest chocolate pralines with today and enjoy not just delicious chocolate but also free delivery anywhere in the UK.

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