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In the words of Plautus, let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words. We can certainly provide the first and your company can take care of the rest! Choose from a wide collection of fine wines available with free next day delivery anywhere in the UK.

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Newcastle upon Tyne

Service rating : The Customer Service team are very good. Shame that the tracking number is not included in the - your goods have been dispatched email.
The box should be marked fragile if it contains wine ROTC as Yodel obviously handled my goods harshly which resulted in a failed delivery due to damage. I was not contacted regarding this as it was I who did the chasing. Customer Service turned another Hamper around in 24 hours and I received it the following day.
Product : I haven’t opened the full hamper as it is a present for my parents which I will deliver personally but at first glance the content looks good.


Service rating : Serenata Hampers have an easy to use website and they respond to questions or queries very quickly. Unfortunately their service was let down by the delivery couriers who failed to deliver my order twice
Product : Excellent quality products that are well presented but they are very small for the price paid however I’m sure the taste will show quality


I wanted delivery to Fife, Scotland for a specific week day, but this couldn’t be guaranteed. I had to email the company to find this out as the online ordering system just said they didn’t deliver on any day I tried to arrange delivery for. This was for a hamper. Apart from this service and communication was excellent.


Generally Serenata provide an excellent service. I was disappointed recently when they failed to deliver chocolates to nurses wher I had been in hospital. No liaison with me, just a cancelled delivery and a refund. Problem may have been because box said Serenata Flowers, even though the contents were chocolate.


This service provider kept me updated every step of the way. The delivery (driver) went out of his way to track down the recipient and return within a reasonable time frame to deliver the hamper. Not only that but the products in the hamper were fantastic, worth every penny.
I will definitely make use of your services again,


I have used Serenata before and they offer Excellent free delivery options, they deliver on time and are very good at keeping you informed with progress. The Wine has increased in price this year so hopefully a very nice bottle of wine. Excellent company, really recommend them.


Ordered at short notice - during a Bank Hol weekend - able to deliver on the Saturday, and delivered as promised.
Items were as ordered/described and of good qualit and delighted the recipients and reasonable price/value.
Happy customer and recipiet,

Wine Gifts UK from our Online Wine Store

Welcome to one of the largest wine cellars, where you won't find any dusty shelves or barrels full of fine wine gifts. At SerenataFlowers.com a gift wine is within the reach of your fingertips. First things first – do you know where wine comes from or how it's made? How do you taste wine properly to experience all its flavours and tones? Wine is made from fermented grapes or other fruits (you can get cherry wine, rice wine, pomegranate wine, apple wine and elderberry wine). Grapes are naturally so well balanced, that they can ferment without the need to add sugars, acids or enzymes. The yeast that's created in the process of fermentation consumes the sugar and converts it to ethanol and carbon dioxide. The style of wine you get is dependent on many factors, including biochemical development of grapes, reactions during fermentation, special characteristics of the wine region (climate, soil etc) and appellation along with intervention of humans during the process. The earliest evidence of wine making was found in Georgia, where 8000-year-old wine jars were discovered. Throughout history, fine wine has been enjoyed on many occasions and gained popularity thanks to its evident intoxicating effects. Fine wine gifts has long enjoyed popularity even in religion. Red wine in particular was associated with the blood by ancient Egyptians, and Judaism incorporated it into Kiddush and Christianity into Eucharist.

Wine Delivery in UK – FREE next day

Few of the advantages of booking a wine delivery in UK with SerenataFlowers.com:

No minimum order required: Unlike other wine merchant and online wine stores, we don't have a minimum order policy that would require you to make a certain order to qualify for free wine delivery. UK wine delivery by SerenataFlowers.com is free always.

Free next day wine delivery: SerenataFlowers.com offers only top quality wine all with FREE next day delivery anywhere in the country. Our standard delivery offers you a convenient option for sending last minute gifts to your loved one, no matter where in the UK they might live. Our standard next day delivery ensures your gifts arrive between 8am and 8pm on your selected day. You can book wine delivery in London or any other cities in the UK, with free delivery. Unfortunately, our wine delivery service does not extend to same day delivery or international delivery.

Convenience: Order your wine online in UK in just three simple steps and arrange next day wine delivery if you order by 10.00 pm weekdays (and earlier for Sunday and Monday delivery). Buy wine online instead of searching for a wine store near me and save yourself a lot of time and money.

Wine delivery seven days a week: Unlike traditional wine shops our doors won't close on Saturday and Sunday and you will be able to buy wine online UK even at midnight. Wine gifts in UK are now within the reach of your fingertips even on Saturday and Sunday.

Track your wine gift online: Ordering wine gifts is as simple as three easy steps – choose wine from our broad selection of gifts featuring individual bottles or wine hampers, proceed to checkout and pay for your order. You will be informed about your wine delivery promptly by sms and email notification and will be the first one to know when the gift has been delivered.

Exclusive wine offers: if you shop online wine in UK you're getting the added benefit of being able to search for discounts and promotions before making your order. Our wine section at SerenataFlowers.com features regular offers and discounts and we also regularly offer various voucher codes for all of our gifts, including wines.

Wines by post: Send your wine by post or courier with our premier speedy delivery service. All of our wine gifts by post are safely packed for the journey so there is no chance that they will arrive damaged in their destination and they are delivered straight to your door.

Fit for every budget: Our boxed wine gifts or wine hampers are fit for every budget. Even those with a restrictive budget can book a single bottle wine delivery that wont cost them a fortune. If you're looking for a cheap wine delivery in UK, SerenataFlowers.com is your answer.

Wine presents are not hard to find in small shops, supermarkets or any local kiosk, so why should you consider shopping at an online wine store? The main reason why people opt for shopping wine online is simply the convenience – no need to visit any shops or stores in search of the perfect bottle, when you can do the same in the comfort of your own home. If you shop for online wine in UK, you're saving yourself not only the trip to the shop, but also money – most online wine stores come with regular discounts, promotions and extra vouchers you can use to get the wine presents at the best possible price. To gift wine doesn't have to cost you a fortune when you know where to shop, and best of all – if you gift wine from SerenataFlowers.com, you are also saving the costs of the wine delivery in UK. You don't need to wait for any special occasion, you can gift wine just to say thank you, thinking of you, congratulations or simply I miss you.

How do you go about tasting fine wine? You have probably read a few wine tasting guides and tips, so do you know where to start? One thing you might have heard about is decanting, also known as letting the wine breath. Fine wine enthusiasts still consider it a bit controversial, because decanting does not benefit all wines. For example, older wines when poured into decanter and allowing to breath, may fade and lose their character. On the other hand, younger wines may benefit from breathing as it usually relaxes the wine, making it smoother and integrating the flavours better. The usual flavours you can taste in fine wines are chocolate, vanilla, coffee – these are added by letting the wine age in oak casks. The aroma of fine wine comes from volatile compounds that are released into the air – if you want to experiences the aromas fully, twirl the wine in the glass and serve it at room temperature. The aroma, or nose of the wine can be divided into three categories – primary aromas, which are derived directly from the grape and are fruit based. Secondary aromas are product of the wine making process, easiest to spot these is in white wines. Tertiary aromas in fine wine come from the aging process, if the wine aged in oak barrels you will certainly be able to tell so from the aromas. And the best part? The tasting of course! Enjoy your wine and savour all the flavours and aromas.

How to choose fine wine gifts

Are you looking for a wine gift for a connoisseur? Are you wondering how to choose the right wine gift that will impress him or her, without spending hundreds on just one bottle of wine? Getting gifts for wine lovers is a lot easier these days, there is a lot of information available about wine online, so you can educate yourself a little before making the purchase. Even more conveniently, you can now also arrange wine delivery without even leaving your home. If you're looking for wine gifts for men, you can choose from a selection of wine hampers, one bottle wine gifts, two or three bottle gifts . Depending on your budget and the recipient's taste, you can opt for a selection of wines from a specific region or certain wine type. Many retailers, including SerenataFlowers.com, offer boxed wine gifts so you are not getting only quality wine, but also beautifully presented in a gift box. If you're looking for something for your lady, then flowers and wine are the right choice – much more affordable than buying a case of wine, and she will certainly appreciate especially the fresh flowers. If it's a celebratory occasion, bubbles are of course compulsory – you arrange a wine delivery and send a bottle of champagne in a nice wooden box along with a nice message. Do your research on wine online before you proceed to arrange your wine delivery, with professional guidance and lots of information you will certainly pick a wonderful gift, no matter how big connoisseur you're trying to impress. Wine gifts can be delivered normally anywhere in the UK, sent by courier or you can also send wine gifts by post (do make sure you pack it safely for the journey, if you're not ordering online wine store).

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