Port and Cheese Hampers

Don't settle for second best - opt for port wine and cheese when looking for a match made in heaven. Our in-house experts paired up some mouth-watering combinations to enjoy with your friends or to send as a gift for those who appreciate the fine things in life.

Please note port wine is currently out of stock, see below selection of wine and cheese hampers.

Port and Cheese Selection
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- Port & Cheese Hampers
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Newcastle upon Tyne

Service rating : The Customer Service team are very good. Shame that the tracking number is not included in the - your goods have been dispatched email.
The box should be marked fragile if it contains wine ROTC as Yodel obviously handled my goods harshly which resulted in a failed delivery due to damage. I was not contacted regarding this as it was I who did the chasing. Customer Service turned another Hamper around in 24 hours and I received it the following day.
Product : I haven’t opened the full hamper as it is a present for my parents which I will deliver personally but at first glance the content looks good.


Service rating : Serenata Hampers have an easy to use website and they respond to questions or queries very quickly. Unfortunately their service was let down by the delivery couriers who failed to deliver my order twice
Product : Excellent quality products that are well presented but they are very small for the price paid however I’m sure the taste will show quality


Generally Serenata provide an excellent service. I was disappointed recently when they failed to deliver chocolates to nurses wher I had been in hospital. No liaison with me, just a cancelled delivery and a refund. Problem may have been because box said Serenata Flowers, even though the contents were chocolate.


This service provider kept me updated every step of the way. The delivery (driver) went out of his way to track down the recipient and return within a reasonable time frame to deliver the hamper. Not only that but the products in the hamper were fantastic, worth every penny.
I will definitely make use of your services again,


I wanted delivery to Fife, Scotland for a specific week day, but this couldn’t be guaranteed. I had to email the company to find this out as the online ordering system just said they didn’t deliver on any day I tried to arrange delivery for. This was for a hamper. Apart from this service and communication was excellent.


Ordered at short notice - during a Bank Hol weekend - able to deliver on the Saturday, and delivered as promised.
Items were as ordered/described and of good qualit and delighted the recipients and reasonable price/value.
Happy customer and recipiet,


I have used Serenata before and they offer Excellent free delivery options, they deliver on time and are very good at keeping you informed with progress. The Wine has increased in price this year so hopefully a very nice bottle of wine. Excellent company, really recommend them.

Port and Cheese Hampers & Pairings

Impress your guests at the next dinner party with one of our port and cheese hampers. Whether you're looking for port and stilton cheese, or any other port and cheese combination, you will find plenty to choose from at SerenataFlowers.com. Choose one of our cheese gift boxes with a bottle of port wine as a wonderful gift for your loved one. Order online by 10pm and we will delivered it FREE next day anywhere in the UK.

Port wine is also known as Vinho do Porto, Portuguese fortified fine wine which is produced exclusively in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The wine has a typical sweet flavour and it often served as dessert wine. You might be surprised but Port wine is also available in white varieties. Fortified wines are also produced elsewhere in the world, for example in Australia or France, but under the European Union Protected Designation of Origin, only the wine produced in Portugal can use the name Port wine. The real Port from Portugal comes in many varieties, which can be divided into two main groups: Port wines that are matured in sealed glass bottles, practice known as reductive ageing, which leads to wine that is smoother on palate and contains less tannin. The second group are port wines which are matured in wooden barrels, practice known as oxidative ageing as it allows small amount of oxygen exposure during the ageing process. The wine loses volume to the evaporation, effect referred to as angel's share. The main port styles include Tawny port, Colheita, Garrafeira, ruby, rose or white port, LBV (late bottled vintage) and others.

SerenataFlowers.com offers plenty of varieties of port and cheese hampers, perfectly matched to save you the trouble of looking for your port and cheese pairing. They make a perfect gift for any occasion and especially if you're looking for Christmas cheese hampers, port wine will be a welcomed addition to the gift set. If you are buying wine and cheese hamper for the first time, there are few things you should consider: does the recipient prefer white or red wine, do they like a combination of wine with cheese? Depending on how far you can stretch your budget, you can get a small cheese and port hamper well under £35 with free delivery anywhere in the UK. When choosing the right port and cheese hamper, keep in mind that not everyone likes the sweet taste of port and to get a good quality port wine, you would have to spend a lot more on just a single bottle.

What cheese goes well with port?

There is a slogan that says Port is for life, not just for Christmas. Port is the old time favourite for a Christmas dinner, but there are plenty of reasons to consider offering port wine along with your cheese board. If you're not buying a ready-made port and cheese hamper, make sure you get your research done to get the pairing right. The pairing of port and cheese might not be as easy as with traditional wine, so here are few tricks and tested matches that will certainly impress your guests. If you're lucky enough to have a bottle of vintage port, it needs a powerful cheese to stand up to it's strength and any mellow and subtle cheese will simple be brushed away with the flavour of the wine. If you're planning to serve a selection of blue cheeses, like Stilton or Roquefort these would work really well with vintage port, along with powerful cheddar cheese. Add a selection of black fruits, walnuts and red grapes to compliment this pairing. Tawny port can have different flavour depending on how old it is, the standard 20-year-old version is sweeter and great alternative to traditional dessert wines like Madeira. Tawny port can be served with hard cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Cheddar or Pecorino.

How do you serve port wine?

Before you serve port wine, make sure it's correctly stored – it is relatively resilient wine and can be stored simply upright or sideways in a dark, cool place. Red port wine should be served at room temperature, but if you happen to have a bottle of aged port, you can serve it also slightly chilled. If you open a bottle of Ruby port, the wine stays good for about three weeks after opening. Tawny port is best to store in a fridge after it has been opened, for about a month and if you're keeping it at room temperature, it will last about two weeks. LBV can be only stored for about a week after it's been opened. If you prefer, you can buy special port wine glasses to serve it, but it can be enjoyed also in standard wine glasses. Best way to serve port? Of course with good cheese and company! Save yourself the trouble of looking for the best match and order a pre-made cheese and port hamper to impress your guests at your next dinner party.

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