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The special occasions in life deserve to be celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, or two! If you don't want to splash out on expensive champagne, here are some of the finest sparkling wines on the market. Send as a surprise congratulations gift with free delivery Monday to Sunday.

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Sparkling Wines and Prosecco

Can you tell apart sparkling wine from Prosecco? Do you know what's the difference between sparkling wine and Champagne? You're about to find out! Sparkling wine has significant levels of carbon dioxide, which makes it fizzy compared to traditional wine. While there are many varieties of sparkling wines, only those produced in the Champagne region of France can be called Champagne. That explains the sparkling wine vs champagne dilemma, doesn't it? The quality of sparkling wine depends on the carbo dioxide content, which is result of either natural fermentation in a bottle (traditional method) or in a large tank designed to withstand the pressure (Charmat method), or a result of injecting the carbon dioxide directly in the bottle, which is the case with the cheaper wines. Sparkling wines are produced around the world and normally referred to by their region or local name, for example Cap Classique from South Africa, Cava from Spain, Asti, Trento from Italy or Espumante from Portugal. The largest producer of sparkling wines in Europe is Törley, whose founder József Törley started the production in Hungary using the French methods he learned as apprentice at Reims. UK has finally joined the line of sparkling wine producers and can offer quality wines from a few producers, some of these English sparkling wines also available in our wine shop at

What's the difference between sparkling wine and prosecco and why are so many people still interchanging these terms? Prosecco is Italian wine and can be spumante, or sparkling wine, frizzante (semi-sparkling) or tranquillo (still wine). The grapes used to make Prosecco wines are called Glera and combined with some other grapes like Verdiso, Bianchetta, Perera or Chardonnay and few other. The wine name is derived from the region in Italy where the grape may have originated. While many wines can be from Italy, only the ones from this region should be referred to as Prosecco, similar as with Champagne and the champagne region in France. So every Prosecco is a sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines are Prosecco.

The decision to buy Prosecco or sparkling wine from various countries /regions is really down to the taste and your budget. You can get a decent bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine under £35, but if you want to enjoy something really special, keep an eye on Prosecco offers and special discounts and your dream bottle might be more affordable than you think. Sparkling wine is almost compulsory for any celebratory occasion, and if you're planning a wedding you might want to consider offering this variety, as it's significantly cheaper than champagne. With you can get any of our sparkling wines delivered by post or by our trusted courier service already the next day.

English Sparkling Wines

Great news for everyone who love their bubbles is the fact that UK is also producing great quality English sparkling wine. At you can now enjoy a selection of English Sparkling wines from Gusbourne Estate in Appledore, Kent which dates back to 1410. In 2004, when Andrew Weeber took over the wine estate, there was a single vision for the wine making – to start producing finest quality English sparkling wine. That year, they planted the first vines and the wines had their debut in 2015 with Gusbourne Brut Reserve 2006 and Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2006. Both wines received a lot of acclaim and the estate quickly earned a reputation for their outstanding quality wines. The estate earned six gold medals in 2015 in international wine competition and continues to impress wine critics around the world. At, you can spoil someone with a wine hamper containing both rose and white English sparkling wine, and at significantly cheaper price than you might expect. Stay true to your roots when thinking of celebrating someone special in your life and opt for something close to home – English sparkling wine. Impress a host at the next party with a unique English sparkling wine, not many people have tried one before and they will be certainly surprised to hear that even in England we have quality wine producers.

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