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Flowering plants are a calling card for small insects and birds. It is nature's way of spreading seeds from place to place without having to move an inch.

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My sister was very pleased with the flowering plant arrangement. She said that they lasted well.


Great service realy liked information regarding delivery.


Plant arrived on time (next day delivery free of charge) and was as expected (beautiful).


I ordered a plant and chocolate s for my sister s anniversary. They were very good quality and delivery was on the stated day and time. She was thrilled and so it was worth it. The items were so easy to order and pay for I have stopped using other gift sites now.


Super efficient service. My daughter received her delivery within one day and loved her plant.

Will definitely recommend you to friends and family.


My friends informed me they were lovely no delivery problems .
So since being in Australia and knowing that I would recommend them and use them again


A good choice of flowers on an easy to navigate site with excellent delivery and a delighted recipient. I really don't see what more could be asked of a firm.

Flowering houseplants with FREE delivery

Looking around the room and it seems like something is missing? If you haven't heard it yet, certain houseplants not only make your living space more appealing, but have actually some health benefits. Certain houseplants are great for keeping the air clean, some might even help you sleep and it has been proven that keeping a houseplant on your desk in the office will boost your productivity. So when it comes to decorating your home, there is one thing that shouldn't be missing from your list – adding flowering house plants to every room. Bear in mind – not all houseplants are flowering houseplants. There are certain varieties that will bloom only once a year, some only in summer and then there are those which bloom almost all year round. Another thing you should keep in mind is the care instructions. If you don't want to end up with a plant that's too sensitive to watering or light, you can choose one from the list below based on how fussy each plant is.

As with other plants from our selection, our house flowering plants are available for next day delivery anywhere in the UK, with our trusted courier service. If you prefer, you can also send a flowering houseplant by post, safely and securely by shopping at SerenataFlowers.com.

10 Most Popular Flowering House Plants

1. African Violets: African violets are one of the easiest flowering houseplants to have at home. Thanks to the fact that they require a lot less light than any other houseplants and they flower almost all year round, they would be a choice number one for many people.

2. Orchids: Unlike African violets, orchids need a bit of knowledge to keep them in good shape. The most popular varieties among flowering houseplants include Phalaenopsis orchids, Vanda Orchids, Dendrobium Orchids and other.

3. Zebra plant: Zebra plants boasts beautiful yellow statement bloom. When not flowering the plant will shrink. This plant is sensitive to correct water, so if you keep the soil too wet or too dry it will wilt away. Unlike other flowering plants, the lifespan of Zebra plant can be as short as one year, but it can be propagated easily.

4. Shrimp plant: You might have never heard about it, but this plant, named after its unusually shaped blooms, is perfect flowering plant because it thrives in average home temperatures. It loves direct sunlight and can be also used in baskets. If taken care of properly, it will reward you with flowers all year around.

5. Clivia: If you're looking for a bright flowering houseplant, then Clivia (also known as Kaffir Lily) is something you will certainly appreciate. Blooming only from February till March, it will be a welcomed ray of colour in cold winter days.

6. Lipstick plant: Lipstick plant is actually a relative of African Violets, producing vibrant flowers mainly in autumn, but can sporadically bloom also throughout the year. Because if its shape and growth it's ideal for handing basket if you prefer your flowering houseplants in baskets.

7. Hibiscus: You don't need to venture all the way to Hawai where these flowering houseplants come from to enjoy its beautiful blooms. Hibiscus is a staple among houseplants in the UK, probably due its size which makes it one of the largest indoor plants. Keep the plant warm and close to the window and it will reward you with gorgeous red blooms.

8. Anthurium: With a resemblance of cala lilies, Anthurium also known as flamingo flower, comes in a range of colours and is pretty easy to maintain. Most importantly, keep the leaves clean by wiping them occasionally with wet cloth. Unlike most other flowering houseplants, Anthurium is actually suitable as a cut flower and will last for a long time in a vase.

9. Chenille Plant: Chenilla plant might not be your best option if you have pets or kids at home. It's alluring flowers can actually cause skin irritation and if digested, can be mildly toxic. When working with the plant, wear gloves and keep it out of reach of children and pets.

10. Flowering maple: A tropical shrub that blooms almost nonstop in the right conditions. Available as small shrubs or trees, it is ideal for average home temperatures and looks stunning.

These might be our top choices, but there is plenty of other flowering houseplants to choose from, so don't limit yourself to the list above. If you need further inspiration, here are some additional ideas: Oxalis is a relatively unknown flowering house plant with clover shaped purple leaves and delicate flowers. Peace Lily with its almost angelic appearance is not just a popular flowering house plant, but one of our customers' favourite plant gifts to send to their loved ones. It tolerates low light and humidity, making it perfect for almost any room in the house. Jasmine is also available as a flowering house plant, but keep an eye on the variety you're buying. If you want to grow jasmine indoors, opt for Arabian Jasmine and Man-Flowered Jasmine. With very similar resemblance to African Violets, Streptocarpus is also easy to grow and flowers almost all year around. Brazilian Fireworks with their bold blooms and extravagant appearance is actually suitable to grow both inside and outside home. The interesting name comes from the nature of the plant – in summer the blooms explode in colours and in autumn, as the flowers face it can shoot its black seeds across the room. Some other popular choices for flowering houseplants include Ixora, Geraniums, Angel-wing Begonia, Rieger begonia, Wax Begonia, Guzmania and Silver Vase Plant.

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