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Service rating : Delivery of the product was very good.
Product : For the money, my friend said the teapot was nice, but the flowers in them were nearly dead. In fact, being green-fingered, she had to cut them down and start them again. Now, they are as they should have been(she sent me a before and after picture). This is the trouble when you cannot see the goods before purchase. I used Serenata as it was near to my friend's home. Very disappointed to say the least. I expected better and will not be using them, or, for that matter, any online florist again.

Letchworth Garden City

I have used Serenata online for many years, with ease. Also all the choices I have made, have been successful. This time I did have great problems online and had to resort to telephoning for help. All was well in the end.


Amazing service! I was unsure as some online services aren't so great but there was free next day delivery and updates from completing my order to delivery! My mum loved her birthday present!!

Burgess Hill

I ordered a basket of flowers online as a 'get well' gift for my aunt. It was delivered promptly and courteously.


Once again Serenata have made a member of my family very happy. I am always very satisfied with the whole process of buying flowers from you.
You keep me informed every step of the ordering and delivering process.
Thank you


This is my second purchase from Serenata Flowers. I am very pleased with delivery, quality, and price. The web site is customer friendly, easy to use with concise easy to use directions and descriptions.

Well done.
Brian Wilson.


First class, the people who recieved the flowers were delighted, and to me , that is what counts. I also like the notifications of when they were on the way to being delivered. I will be buying more. Well done.

7 tips for buying plants online in UK

There's no doubt about it that buying plants online gives you access to a wider range of plants that probably aren't available at your local garden centre. And it's also a great option if you're thinking of buying in bulk, ready for to give your garden the makeover it needs. In fact, more and more of us are choosing to buy our blooms online, and hey who can blame us? It's a lot easier and often cheaper too! However, we can all make mistakes when it comes to purchasing our plants online, so to help you along your way here are 10 tips you should be following when ordering your beautiful potted plants.

1. Always read the details: Most people like to plan out how their garden is going to appear or how their potted plant will look in their lounge so it's important to read the fine print in terms of the size of the bloom you're ordering. Remember that any photos used will only show one type of product so check how many stems it is showing so you're not disappointing if ordering a smaller bouquet.

2. Keep an eye on shipping costs: This is a common mistake we're all guilty of making. While you may think you're getting a great deal, sometimes if you forget to factor in shipping costs you could end up paying much more than you think.Also bear in mind that it can be expensive to ship some plants because they need fast shipping and special packing requirements.

3. Is there a quality policy? While most plants you purchase online will be of superior quality and look spectacular, you need to ensure you're not one of the unlucky ones that receive a plant in bad shape. Indeed, most places and online stores are absolutely fantastic in providing you with a replacement however it's worth checking their quality policy before you hand over your credit card details, just for peace of mind.

4. Buy from a reputable company: Always try to ensure you purchase your plants from a company that you know and trust. Whether this is because you've heard your friend had a good experience from them or you've used them before. And always try to use an online company that's based in the UK because it's easier to fix any problems if they occur.

5. Compare prices: While you'll probably find that ordering plants online is much cheaper than buying them from a store – simply because they don't have as many over-heads, it's important to compare prices with other online plant shops. This will ensure that you're getting value for your money and not getting ripped off.

6. Choose your season carefully: This will naturally depend on what sort of plant you're planning on buying but you should try to coordinate the plant type with the season you purchase it. For example, the best time to buy shrubs or spring flowering bulbs is during the autumn, so plan your garden well in advance.

7. Always unpack your plants immediately: Don't leave your plants stuck in their packaging for too long after they've been delivered – this is for two main reasons. For one, you want to know straight away if it's been damaged so you can give your company a call and two the longer your plant is in the packaging, the more dried out it can become.

8. You want home grown plants: While many plants are grown in locations like the Netherlands, you will find that a number of popular plants like roses are born and bred in the UK. If you have a particular desire to only have home grown plants, then look out for the "home grown" logo on websites. Alternatively, you can ask the company you're purchasing it from.

9. Choose the right delivery date: While you may be choosing plants for your garden, you may also be purchasing them for a good friend as a gift. If you want to have this gift delivered directly to your friend, it's important that you indicate that on the submit form when you place your order – and also keep an eye on the date it will be delivered. After all, there's no point in choosing a day for delivery that falls on the week she's out of town!

10. Have a good look: The good thing about purchasing plants online is that there's no need to rush, so take your time and have a good nose around to see what plants are on offer.

Send flowers and plants online in UK

If you're a regular visitor of a garden centre, you know it could take a while to find the perfect plant, especially if it's a gift for someone you care about. You have to drive to the garden centre that's near you, walk through alleys filled with thousands of garden plants and indoor plants and pick the one that's within your budget and is suitable for the occasion and recipient. If you live in remote areas of UK, that could even mean driving an hour before you can visit a garden centre or a florist shop offering beautiful plants and flowers. No matter if you live in London or Edinburgh, you will agree that there are plenty of garden shops and florists to choose from, so how do you decide where to shop to make the experience as convenient as possible? How do you choose from pansy plants, begonia plants, busy lizzie plants, geranium, fuchsia plants, sweet pea plants, annual plants and about hundred other options? The great news is – you can do everything from the comfort of your home. Join thousands of people who buy plants online and save themselves a lot of time and hassle. Unlike at a traditional florist, you can browse beautiful plants and flowers with just a few clicks and you will have all the information you need to make a decision on the same page. Many online florists can deliver cheap plants and flowers anywhere in the UK and all it takes is just a few clicks on the website. If you never bought online plants before, it can be a daunting experience. You don't know what conditions is the plant going to turn up, if it will arrive on time, how do you know when it has been delivered and most importantly, if the recipient will be happy with it. We understand that it's important to make a grand impression when you're sending gifts via online retailer and you don't have a chance to inspect them in person. That's why at we make sure that when you order plants online, you're getting the very best quality product with the most efficient and reliable service. Whether you're looking to send cheap orchid plants to a friend to say thank you, or a planted basket to your mum to remind her how loved she is, you are able to order your plants on line and we will deliver all of these next day anywhere in the UK.

Best place to buy plants online –

Are you tired of wasting your valuable time and money on finding a perfect present for someone you want to impress? Well, we are here to help! Our extensive range of blooming plants online is all you need to get the right gift. Not only will you find the most artistic plant baskets, but you can also save money on delivery and time spent in shops by buying plants online. That's right! We also offer free next day delivery for plants online. So, you no longer have to make regular visits to the garden centre to get hold of the prettiest plant basket, because we have got you covered! Why should you buy your plant online? The answer is simple - it is one of the most convenient ways to shop! Rainy day? You don't need to even leave the house - just take a look on our website and get your indoor plants delivered to your door next day. Sending plants via our online shop is one of the best ways to surprise a relative or friend who lives far away or you simply can't deliver your gift in person, or you can't make it to their home on Saturday or Sunday. Our selection of plants online includes everything from stunning orchids, to delicate planted rose baskets, even outdoor Buxus plants or our wonderful planted gift baskets. Plant gifts are increasing in popularity because of their long lasting nature and very minimum care needed. When we send plants to your recipient, we make sure they are absolutely safe and secure during transit, so they arrive at their door in immaculate condition. Even the most delicate and precious orchids are delivered safely, packed in a sturdy cardboard box for every order. We also include a short care taking guide, just in case they had no clue how to water their new gift. We believe plants and flowers are one of the most wonderful gifts to send for any occasion. They express so many feelings and are always welcomed with joy and excitement, especially if you surprise someone with an early morning delivery. Buying plants online is as easy as counting to three and our free next day delivery, will make the shopping ever more affordable!

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