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I was delighted to find that SerenataFlowers offered a delivery service on Sundays. I ordered a plant with a greetings card to be delivered in London and was very pleased to find that I was being kept informed of the delivery status of my order. The plant arrived and was of extremely good quality. It already has delighted the recipients for several weeks ... and is still blooming. A great service, excellent quality plant and well worth the money!

Welwyn Garden City

Serenata is the best florist. I have used them on many occasions and have never been disappointed. The flowers are beautiful and good value. The tracking service is unique, I can always check on my delivery. I would recommend Serenata to all my friends.


Easy to use, efficient service. Recipient said delivery was very professional, and beautifully presented and flowers were perfect quality, very pleased with gift! I will use again!


Good service. Good products. Good delivery time. All great. Recommend.


good , speedy delivery and lovely planter


As usual my order from Australia went through with delivery at the requested time, the correct product which was securely packaged. This gave great delight to the recipient. Thanks again Serenata Flowers. Leonie Bell


i have used serenata flowers many times before, so chose them again for this special occasion delivery.the basket arrangement arrived on time.

Office Plants - 5 of the most popular plants

From productivity boosting properties to air purifying aids and wellness rewards, plants for the workplace can be a great investment. Adding a touch of greenery to the office environment carries a number of proven health benefits too. When it comes to choosing a plant for work, it's important to choose something that can thrive in a windowless environment, and also, a plant species that requires little maintenance. This is especially the case if you have a high-powered job! To inspire you, we've listed five of the most popular plants for the office…

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

If you're looking for a low-maintenance plant, the Spider Plant is a great option. It's best suited to hanging baskets and high shelves, and thrives in both the shade and the sun. If you work from a cubicle or a windowless office, this is an ideal choice. Asides from adding a hit of colour to your desk, they boast a number of health benefits, including reducing work stresses and improving air quality. If you suffer from allergies, this particular specie of plant is said to reduce dust matter and boost relative humidity too. As air pollution is a common problem in many of today's working environments, it is little wonder the Spider Plant is a big hit in the office. Maintenance and care: When planting your Spider Plant, choose an appropriately sized pot or hanging basket and invest in a bag of rich potting soil – this can be found in your local garden centre. There is no need to place this specific plant in direct sunlight, as it's quite happy to live in fluorescent light only. It you travel a lot for work, you need not worry about watering this shrub on a daily basis, as it's an extremely resilient choice. However, if you notice brown or sagging leaves, moving it to a brighter spot for a short period of time will help you to revive the plant.

Philodendron (Philodendron bipennifolium)

If you're searching for an office plant with low upkeep, the Philodendron is a must. This plant is a top pick for those looking for an air purifying aid, as it promises to free indoor air of excess carbon dioxide and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – all of which are harmful to human health. Such impurities can cause drowsiness, headaches and ultimately, a lack of concentration. If you have a project deadline on the horizon, this is the last thing you want! Maintenance and care: This plant can be placed in either a hanging basket or a pot, which makes it extremely versatile. Regardless of whether your office is small or large, this is an ideal option for the workspace. Philodendrons require watering just every two weeks, making it a great choice for busy career people – it is however important to ensure the soil is kept moist – as soon as it begins to dry out, it's a sure sign your green friend is thirsty.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

If your office is a little on the shady side, or your desk sits away from a window, a Peace Lily is an ideal option, as it loves the shade. Asides from being an extremely beautiful plant, it's also one of the most popular choices for those looking to improve indoor air quality and cleanse their workspace. Research conducted by NASA reveals the Peace Lily to be hugely beneficial to individuals who work in an environment that suffers from poor air. Maintenance and care: The Peace Lily is both resilient and of the forgiving nature. In order to ensure your Peace Lily thrives, you must plant it in loose but rich potting soil. The pot you choose is also extremely important, and it must provide adequate drainage. To guarantee the plant is cared for correctly, it's wise to check the soil every few days – this will ensure frequent flowering and healthy leaves. Whatever you do, never allow the soil to dry out completely. Have you opted for a Peace Lily in your office? We'd love to know what you think of it and if you've noticed any of the benefits.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

If you're looking to brighten up your day with a sweet smelling fragrance, then the Lemon Balm plant is a great option for your desk. This incredibly sweet-smelling specie is happy in both shade and sun, which means they can be placed anywhere in the office. Asides from offering a beautiful aroma, research indicates that the Lemon Balm plant may improve workplace wellness and mood. If you have a busy work schedule to contend with, this particular specie of plant is proven to help de-stress you. Maintenance and care: Although the Lemon Balm plant will thrive in any light, the soil does need to be kept moist. If you have a hectic calendar to contend with, set a daily reminder in your work diary. This will help you to remember to water your desk buddy!

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum Aureus)

This is another plant certified by NASA for its health beneficial properties. The plant offers so much more than looks alone – its pretty heart-shaped leaves are said to remove an astounding 73% of air pollutants and VOCs. It's also one of the best choices for low light environments – meaning it's ideal for the office! Maintenance and care: The Golden Pothos can grow in either a hanging basket or a pot. One pointer to remember when caring for your plant is that the soil must be kept slightly dry, as too much water can cause it to diminish. This particular specie of plant is extremely low maintenance - it doesn't even require re-potting, and prefers to be root-bound. This makes the Golden Pothos an excellent desk companion.

Get Office Plants Delivered

Nothing brightens up your day at the office as the look at a blooming plant. Why not spoil a colleague on her or his birthday with an elegant orchid, or one of our planted roses to get some much needed colour for the dull office environment. Have office plants delivered anywhere in the UK with, a trusted online florist with some of the best value flowers and plants on the market. Choose the occasion, recipient and your budget - we have something for everyone. If you're celebrating a colleague's birthday, we recommend sending a stunning orchid to mark the occasions. If your friend and colleague is feeling down, why not brighten up her day with a stunning potted rose delivered straight to her? Office plants have been proven to have a positive effect on productivity and creativity, so even more reasons to brighten up the dull environment with something fresh, green and fragrant. Do you need something that requires very little maintenance? Or are you looking for something very impressive, that doesn't take up much space on the office desk? We've got something for both categories.

What are the best office plants?

Ideally office plants should be low maintenance and take up as little space on your desk as possible. Some plants are known to reduce air pollution, so if you're looking for clean office air, you should consider rubber plants, Draceana, Peace Lily, English Ivy or umbrella plant.

How do I buy office plants online?

At you can choose from a wide selection of office plants in various sizes and budgets. Place your selected plant to basket, and proceed to checkout. We delivery to any office buildings, but please note some remote areas might be excluded from our delivery. We also cannot guarantee delivery straight to the recipient, and in most cases the flowers are left at the reception or the recipient is required to pick up the flowers from reception.

What are the best office plants to buy for a colleague?

Depends on their preferences and the occasion. If it's a birthday, a potted rose would be a great gift. If you need a gift for a man, you can't go wrong with orchids - they make a wonderful addition to the office or home.

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