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Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated - if you need a gift that is guaranteed to impress, choose a yellow orchid. It instantly brightens up any room and if you get Phalaenopsis orchids, it will continue blooming all year round.

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Yellow Orchid Planter
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Excellent service as always! The orchids were a gift. They arrived on time and in perfect order. Thank you !!

Bognor Regis

Was very pleased with the purchase the orchids arrived on my mum birthday full of flowers so will be buying again from your company believe in good products and top service hard to find today so well done you


Recently purchased orchids from Serenata.Unfortunately when they arrived one had become loose in the box and I had to buy some orchid potting compost in order to repot it.I did email the company and they answered the first email but not the second.However having said that the orchids now look really good.


The sad thing is that my flowers delivered to the receiver in the Cambridge, UK dried quickly; Literally in few days from the delivery. Even though delivery method and excellent timing of delivery were excellent with great work done but the fact that flowers dried so quick is not good to me. Possibly something had happened that those planted flowers were gone so soon. This is not normal for orchids planted in the flower pots with soil. Maybe they were store in the fridge with too low temperature?
Thank you,



Orchids were not delivered on time. The delivery person dropped the metal "vase" damaging it and the orchids. We found the vase around the side of the hoise (no note) on it"s side with the orchids and potting strewn on the ground. with roots exposed. First orchid died within a week and the second one lasted 7 weeks. I was disgusted with the service but I was out of the country and only found out about yhe problem from my fiancé once I returned by which time it was too late to do anything about it. I was surprised at what had happened because I have purchased from Serenata before and the service was excellent.


Your orchids are fabulous and last a long time thank you


Service rating : Just what I have come to expect from Serenata,--especially when you hpnoured the 10% discount!
Product : Our daughter thought the orchids were beautifully fresh. They were delivered on the chosen day, after her final chemo-therapy treatment, and cheered her up.
Much appreciated!
Wendy Godfrey

Yellow Orchid – basic facts and orchid identification

Yellow orchid is one of the most popular house plants thanks to their elegant appearance and relatively easy maintenance. Almost all orchid varieties are available in yellow colour, and the most sold yellow orchids are Phalenopsis, Dendrobium and Oncidium. Are you wandering how many orchid varieties are there? There are hundreds of them, different sizes, shapes and colours - here are some of the most basic identification groups: Brassavola Orchid is also known as the lady of the night and is famous mainly thanks to its beautiful fragrance. It is characteristic with terete leaves emerging form a central rhizome. It grows flowers in early winter, in white colour. In the evening, the fragrance of the orchid covers a whole room. Catasetum orchids are probably one of the most unique and unusual orchids. They produce large waxy flowers, male flowers are typically more extravagant and in a bigger display and require a lot less light than the female flower. One interesting fact you didn't know about Catasetum orchids is that when the flower is bumped, it ejects the pollen into the air. Cattleya orchids are mostly known for their inclusion in corsage for wedding or other festive occasions. The large tall growth on the orchid is called Pseudobulb, with a leaf growing from these which will produce the next season's bloom. Best time to repot Cattleya orchids is when they stopped blooming and new Pseudobulb just started growing. In addition to Cattleya orchids, there are also miniature cattleya orchids, which are fraction of the size of its big brother. It takes up far less space and produces multiple petite blooms, which look almost identical to the blooms of big Cattleya, but in a smaller version. The repotting rules for this orchid are the same as for the big Cattleya, when the flower stopped blooming and same Pseudobulbs start appearing. Waxy and fragrant Cycnoches orchids are delightful especially in early autumn. Available in a number of colours, these red, green and yellow orchids are a beautiful addition to your orchid family. Cymbidium orchids are very large, hairy and unruly orchids with tall spikes. If you live in a warm climate, you can actually grow Cymbidium orchids outdoors and they can still be found growing wild in the nature. Same as with other orchid varieties, they prefer to be repotted straight after blooming. You can also find miniature Cymbidiums which are a lot smaller than the big Cymbidium orchids. Dendrobium orchids are some of the most popular and well known orchids, used as a potted gift or include in bouquets, especially for weddings. They are quite tall, with elongated pseudobulbs and small leaves. They bloom in winter, and like to grow in small pots, which may present a challenge due to the length of the stem. They are very heavy at the top so need a little support, either plant them in a clay pot or put pea gravel or cobblestone to the bottom of the pot to weight it down. Careful if you're repotting Dendrobiums, they are not huge fans of changing pots and sometimes even die if you don't do it the right time or the right way. If you like Epidendrum orchids remember they have high light requirements, which can make it very difficult to re-bloom at home. Artificial light source might be the best solution for this type of orchid. Moth orchids or widely known as Phalaenopsis orchids are most common available as yellow orchid, pink or white. They bloom all year round and can grow ealisy at home and stay blooming for a long time. Vanda orchids are mostly grown in baskets, with roots hanging out midair. They also require high light and need additional light source if grown at home. Unlike Phalaenopsis orchids, they only blooms few times a year.

No matter what type of orchid you have; yellow orchids are beautiful addition to the home. If you got a yellow orchid as a gift, you're probably wondering how to grow an orchid at home. Firstly, you need to find out what type of orchid it is. Look at the plant care guide that came with the orchid, or search for yellow orchid pictures online and see which one it is. Phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most common ones, they bloom all year around and don't require too special care. If you want your yellow orchid to bloom regularly, water at least once a week and report when needed. Despite the popular belief, watering yellow orchids or any orchids, in fact, with a cube of ice is not a recommended practice. Orchids are tropical plants used to be water by rain water, and that means they should be getting water that's room temperature, not cold. If you really want to know how to grow orchids, you need to look up specific directions for the orchid you have at home, because the care recommendations can vary orchid by orchid.

Yellow orchid plants for delivery in UK

You can send yellow orchids anywhere in the UK, if you shop online at No need to look for a flower garden near you when you have plenty of options available at the comfort of your own home. Send yellow orchids any day of the week and enjoy our free delivery service even if you order as late as 10.00pm weekdays for next day delivery. Simply choose an orchid from our wide range on this page, place them to your basket and proceed to fill in your and recipient's details. After you paid for your order, our in-house florists will roll up their sleeves to pack and ship your gift on time. You don't need to worry about the orchid delivery either – we know how precious and delicate orchids are, and we prepare them well for the journey. To have them delivered around the UK next day, you need to submit your order online by 10.00pm weekdays. We offer free delivery even on Sundays and Saturdays, so even at weekend you can spoil a loved one on their birthday or other occasion with beautiful yellow orchids delivered straight to their door.

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