10 Flowers that Look Like Animals

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

But when Mother Nature plays around, something wonderful happens – check out these orchids that look exactly like animals!

Which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below.

1.Dracula Simia – Monkey face orchid

2.� Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

3. Bumble Bee Orchid –� Ophrys bomybliflora


image: arastiralim.net

4. Parrot Flower –� Impatiens Psittacina

5. Flying Duck Orchid –� Caleana Major


image: Michael Prideaux

6. Dove Orchid –� Peristeria Elata


image: Reji

7.� White Egret Orchid – Habenaria Radiata

8. The Fly Orchid –� Ophrys insectifera

9. The Green Squid Orchid –� Prosthechea cochleata

10. The Flying Bat Orchid

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Author: Lily Calyx

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