National Gardening Week 13 – 19 April

With spring finally here, it’s time to get those green fingers out and get gardening!

The sun has finally graced us with its presence so make the most of it and get out into your garden and prepare it for this year’s bloom!

In light of the change in season, it’s an exciting month for your garden and according to National Gardening Week there are ten jobs you should be doing this month:

  1. Be sure to keep your weeds under control
  2. Be careful to protect any fruit blossoms from late frosts
  3. Tie in climbing roses and bushes to keep them strong and protected
  4. Sow hardy seeds
  5. Begin to feed any citrus plants you may have
  6. Increase the amount of water you give your house plants
  7. Feed your hungry roses and shrubs
  8. Sow new lawns
  9. Prune your fig trees
  10. Divide bamboos and water lilies

This time of year is fun for the whole family, it’s when you can finally put your sandals on and enjoy your garden for the first time since last year. So, it’s time to ensure your garden is the very best it can be – and with spring in the air it’s time for optimism and positivity so let’s get cracking!

Here are ten gardening tips from professionals in the gardening world, guaranteed to ensure you have the perfect garden for swimming pools and water fights this summer.

1. Give your grass a trim

The first thing you should be doing is giving your lawn a good ol’ trim. Now, don’t go too crazy with this, we’re not thinking a grade 1 or 2; go for a 3. This will mean you will leave around an inch of grass which is the perfect amount for this time of year.

2. Feed your beds and design your borders

According to Alan Titchmarsh, now is the time to be feeding your flower beds. He advises you feed your flowers by sprinkling animal blood, bone and fishmeal generously over the beds while also forking it in. You should also be sure to pull out any of those weeds that have begun to grow as they will ruin the overall appearance and health of your blooms.

Titchmarsh also recommends that now is the time to be filling in your beds and borders with a range of shrubs, roses and border perennials. It’s recommended you choose healthy looking plants to do this with as this will revive your garden once more and bring it into full bloom.

3. Clean your greenhouse

Come on, the sun is shining, there is no reason you can’t go back into the greenhouse and clear up last years’ mess! So, get a dust pan and brush and get sweeping! Then you can begin replenishing your shining greenhouse with new plants that are set to flourish.

4. Hunt down those garden pests

By hunting down garden pests such as worms, snails and slugs you can save yourself a great deal of trouble come the summer. It’s worth purchasing some insect killer and laying this down around your plants to tackle the problem head on.

5. Fix any fences

Before it gets too hot you should look into fixing any fences or benches you have in your garden that may have got damaged during the winter months. By having a secure fence you not only protect your garden from intruders and the neighbour’s dog but it also creates a great ambiance in your garden when you’re looking to relax in the sun.

6. Create a composting area

If you haven’t already got a compost bucket or area, then create one! Not only does it function well as a great place to put garden waste but plants can also benefit from the richness it creates.

7. The birds and the bees

It’s important to encourage birds to pay your garden a visit so be sure to put out plenty of bird food. This will enhance the ambiance of your garden plus bees are central for pollination; so, get involved!

8. Feed your soil

Yes, even your soil needs feeding from time to time. Simply add some well-rotted organic matter to your soil in order to add extra nutrients to help your plants and flowers continue to thrive. You can also get multi-purpose compost from your local gardening centre.

9. Plan any vegetables or fruit

If you just love to grow your own fruit and veg during the summer, it’s time to get planning. It’s really important to ensure that you know where you are going to plant the seeds and begin preparing the soil accordingly.

10. Relax and enjoy

Now that you’ve finished sorting your garden, it’s time to take a breather and relax. Enjoy your gorgeous garden this spring; you could even clean your BBQ ready for the summer months!

Find out more about the National Gardening Week and event on the official website.

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