Valentine’s Day, a festival of love, is an event celebrated all over the world. Whilst some nationalities present their partners with bouquets of flowers and handmade chocolates, others walk through frozen fields bare foot!

Read on to discover some of the world’s most weird and wonderful traditions…

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1. Japan – Instead of the women (like in most cultures), it’s the men who get spoilt on Valentine’s Day. Women present their other halves with chocolates in the hope that the men will return the gesture later in the year.

2. France – Women take it to the extreme and burn pictures of those who spurn them.

3. Wales – Partners gift each other spoons on 25 January, as they believe it gives a new meaning to the term spooning.

4. Scandinavia – Men in this part of the world send anonymous poems signing them off with dots instead of letters. If the girl guesses right, she gets an egg at Easter. If she guesses wrong, she must buy him one!

5. Slovenia – Here loved ones walk through a field barefoot to celebrate the big day…even if it’s frozen! To repay this gesture, they holiday together later in the year.

6. South Korea – Singletons dine on dishes brimming with black noodles a month after 14 February, to mourn their single life.

7. Estonia – Instead of gifting loved ones alone, those in this part of the world celebrate friendship and give presents to many different people.

8. China – Those who long for love visit the matchmaker statue, which can be found in one of the local temples.

9. Germany- The term ‘pigging out’ takes on a new meaning come Valentine’s Day in Germany, where statues of pigs embellished with flowers are seen as a sign of good luck.

10. Italy – If you’re travelling to Rome for the big day this year, don’t forget to visit St. Valentine’s skull…the skull of the patron saint St Valentine!

11. Brazil – Fancy finding your future husband? Simply pop his name into a hat and celebrate like a Brazilian. The name you select could be the one you marry!

Each and every country celebrates in a very different way – so if you find yourself away from home this Valentine’s Day, be prepared to be surprised…

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