Top Ten Flowers for Christmas

Christmas is a joyful, happy time when family comes together and the tinsel comes out! To get in the spirit, many will decorate their homes with an array of festive embellishments, including an assortment of pretty flowers. Holiday greenery and flowers add both color and life to an interior space, brightening it dramatically on a chilly winter’s day. There are an assortment of popular Christmas plants and flowers to choose from, all of which are easy to source and maintain. If cared for correctly, many will continue to bloom long after the festive season is over.

Flowers for Christmas

Plants are a long-term gift and are a great option to give your nearest and dearest as a Christmas present. With an array of seasonal blooms to choose from, boasting a series of radiant reds and pure whites, set against a backdrop of rich green foliage, they make the perfect yuletide present. We’ve listed a few of our favorite flowers for Christmas below…

1. Red Azalea Basket

Red Azalea Basket for Christmas

This enchanting, dazzling profusion of bold blooms is guaranteed to brighten up any interior space, even on the dullest of December days. The color alone is what makes Azalea a perfect Christmas gift! Displayed in a contemporary square basket, embellished with a festive red bow, what’s not to love? Asides from being extremely aesthetically-pleasing, these Christmas flowers are easy to care for and are hard to beat if you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant. Their bold hue and attractive foliage make them a great option for a centerpiece, with the evergreen varieties promising to add year-round interest to the garden. The deciduous variants are also able to produce picture-perfect autumn colors. They’re the perfect plants for containers too, as they are as neat as they are compact.

2. Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettia Plant for Christmas

A favorite for Christmas, the red potted cheery poinsettia will add an instant injection of color to your home or office. This is one decoration you won’t want (or need) to take down post-Christmas, as when cared for correctly, it promises a lengthy lifespan. For best results, place the poinsettia close to a sunny window. South, east or west-facing windows are all preferred options. These Christmas flowers are tropical and thrive in direct sunlight. To ensure your poinsettia plant flowers for as long as possible, maintain a temperature of 18°C to 24°C (65°F – 75°F) during the day. Cold drafts can cause premature leaf drop. In addition to this, it’s important to water the plant whenever the soil feels dry to the touch.

3. Christmas Red Rose

Christmas Red Rose

Delicious blooms offering the deepest red hues, beautifully displayed in a festive green pot and embellished with a star and ribbon make an ideal Christmas present, and one that screams festivity! Miniature rose bushes come in the shape of hybrid roses, bred to remain small in size, which makes them the perfect choice for indoor use. Despite their smaller size, they’re extremely hardy and most varieties bloom for a lengthy period of time when cared for correctly.

4. Yellow Pot Rose

Yellow Pot Rose for Christmas

Similar to the Christmas Red Rose, the yellow pot rose, with its exquisite canary yellow flowers and lush green foliage is an ideal option for those wishing to brighten up their homes this Christmas. Use your yellow roses as a table centerpiece or to decorate a window sill – the choice is yours!

5. White Blooms Basket

White Blooms Basket for Christmas

Asides from an abundance of hot red hues, whites work equally well come Christmas time – especially if the individual has chosen to decorate their home using an abundance of contemporary hues, in the shape of silvers and pearl. The attractively serene basket boasts an assortment of crisp white blooms, comprising Roses and Kalanchoe, which sit upon a backdrop of rich green, arching foliage of Chamaedorea and Ivy. This is the perfect Christmas gift for your nearest and dearest, while it will go down a treat with friends and colleagues too!

6. Red Cyclamen Duo

Red Cyclamen for Christmas

Two beautiful red cyclamen plants, embellished with a copper decorative star, boasts a creative approach to Christmas flowers. This particular plant is able to thrive indoors in the winter months and can be transferred outside when the weather begins to warm up. Be careful not to transfer it outdoors to early though, as it is best to wait until the likelihood of frost is very low.

7. Santa’s Red Cyclamen

Santas Red Cyclamen

These flamboyant Christmas flowers sit upon wick-like stems and make the perfect festive statement. The delicately marbled leaves, embossed with arrowheads, add interest to this Christmas plant, which will ensure it becomes a talking point at the annual Christmas soiree.

8. White Azalea Basket

White Azalea Basket for Christmas

Looking for something a little more minimalistic in style? The white Azalea basket is an ideal Christmas gift to give a friend, colleague or family member. Alternatively, treat yourself to this crisp number. Presented in a square wicker basket and finished with a pretty golden bow, these delicate white flowers set against a dramatic backdrop of dark green foliage. For best results, ensure the plant is planted in an acid soil. Keep it indoors up until springtime, when you can transfer it to a border or cutesy pot.

9. Christmas Tree

Perhaps one of the most popular Christmas plants, this is a must come Christmas time – especially if you wish to make your home look as festive as possible! Decorate your tree as you wish, matching the embellishments to the style of your home for that added festive touch. Ensure the tree has plenty of water to avoid the pine needles drying out and dropping off. You can also buy mini Christmas ferns, which are the ideal option for smaller apartments and additional rooms in the house.

10. Red Roses

Red Roses for Christmas

A bouquet of red roses is another great option when it comes to choosing flowers for Christmas, mainly because of the bold hue, which promises to brighten up even the darkest of interior spaces.

Whatever flowers you opt for, we’d like to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas!

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