Have you received a lily bouquet and wonder what’s the meaning behind these beautiful fragrant flowers?

In ancient Greece, they believed lilies are associated with birth and motherhood as they thought the flower was created from the breast milk of Goddess Hera. That’s not the only meaning of lilies, Greeks have surprisingly associated it with masculinity too. It was a symbol of sexuality and eroticism.

Did you know in the old days lilies were used to indicate the sex of the unborn child?

The process was simple, but required that the expectant mum doesn’t know about this symbolism. The pregnant lady is handed a lily in one hand and a rose in other hand. She has to pick one. If she would choose a rose, the baby would be a girl and if she chose lily, it would be a boy (that’s a reference to the masculinity symbolism of lilies).

When to give lilies?

Lilies are considered appropriate flowers to present during weddings because they are symbols of partnership and long lasting relationships.

They are also appropriate as gifts for new mothers and brides-to-be; share the symbolism of these beautiful blossoms with them, and watch their faces light up with delight.

Lily Bouquets

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  1. Very pretty flowers but not a good bouquet to buy for a cat owner because they are poisonous to cats. Better to get roses or something else cat-safe.

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