How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Are you looking to decorate your home for Christmas?

Christmas Wreath would be probably the first thing you either buy or make yourself for Christmas!

There are plenty of shops offering all the materials for your own Christmas wreath, so why not give it a go this year?

Start with researching some ideas for design and styles online, and do your supplies shopping based on the decorations you will need.

There are two basic techniques to do a simple Christmas wreath – you either wire materials into a metal form, or (most commonly) apply them to a round foam base. Second technique is probably a bit easier and most popular. All you need to start is few basic things – floral wire, foam base for your wreath (or metal one if you prefer the first method), craft glue and garden gloves.

Wire wreaths are more versatile, so you can shape them in any form – create letters or even square wreaths for more original design. They do need a bit more work to make them look stunning and most importantly keep the embellishments and greenery secure.

To start with your Christmas Wreath, follow these video tutorials which will explain the whole process step by step.

Make a traditional Christmas Wreath

How to make an Ornament Wreath

Make a novelty Christmas Wreath from old book pages

Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath

Author: Lily Calyx

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