Nothing can be more stressful than finding the appropriate gift for Christmas time; whether it is for your significant other, a work colleague or family members – the right present or card can be a nightmare to find.

The key to getting this Christmas right is originality and thought, the usual bath set can get old and can leave your family wondering whether you put any thought into your Christmas gift giving.

So, with these quick tips there is no need to feel stressed during this year’s festive season.


Although not a particularly original idea, the Christmas card is a timeless classic that can hold its own in any gift-giving situation.

Sometimes a gift is a little too far, especially when it comes to work colleagues and professional situations.

To give your cards a personal touch a tasteful homemade creation can go a long away when it comes to spreading a little Christmas cheer.


It is not always easy to find the perfect gift for acquaintances; thankfully a festive bouquet of flowers can go down a storm in any home. Flowers are ideal for distant friends who take pride in their home as well as those older family members. They are also particularly handy for those of you who have a busy schedule and struggle to find the time to shop.

So, it is a great deal easier to hop online and get the perfect bouquet delivered by SerenataFlowers.com!


Presents can get trivial; it can be hard to find originality in the standard choice, especially when it comes to your family or significant other.

A great alternative for those same old gift sets is to treat your family or friend to a Christmas meal. Whether you decide to go out or pour your heart into a home cooked meal, giving yourselves quality time together over the holiday season with some well cooked food can be the best gift you give this year.


One of the most heart-warming gifts you can give around Christmas time is a trip down memory lane.

A picture book of memories, a collaged frame or an electronic picture frame can be an easy, authentic and meaningful gift for your close friends and family. Don’t be scared to go home made this year; nothing says love at Christmas like handmade.

Lily Calyx

Lily Calyx is a flower expert at SerenataFlowers.com, a gardening enthusiast and creative mind behind this blog. Join me on floral adventures at Pollen Nation.

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