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Instead of a bouquet of flowers or a simple centrepiece, why not create a flower wall?

This new, on-trend theme is certainly causing a storm and is a perfect display to choose for a wedding or event.

From whimsical and elegant designs, boasting soft pastel hues and glamourous petals, to bold backdrops, awash with colour and fragrance, there is a flower wall to suit every persona.

Pink is the new black

Today’s trending themes boast an array of popping pink hues, and what better way to make a statement than to dress an otherwise simple wall with an array of hot-hued petals?

A floral perspective

Asides from placing flowers on each and every part of the wall, for a simpler, more streamline display, create floor-to-ceiling hanging strands of flowers – a little like life-size daisy chains.

Simple but effective

In the place of dressing an entire wall with petals, spell out words or sayings using flowers to create letters. This is a great option for a store opening or a wedding. You can use pretty coloured petals to spell the names of those tying the knot or alternatively, the name of your brand. Instead of attaching the petals to the wall, purchase hollow wooden letters and fill them with flowers for an easy, yet effective solution.

It’s all white

Want something subtle? Add an abundance of oversized white flowers to a statement wall. This will create an understated, glamorous look perfect for a wedding or engagement party.

An imaginary wall

Don’t have a wall to work with? Create your own using strands of flowers, a little like a natural curtain. This is a great option for a garden party, as it will allow you to create different sections and corner off certain areas. Whereas one area could be a seating area, where you intend to serve drinks and food, another could be a stage for a band…the options are endless.

Looking for a present with a twist?

Whether you’re looking for an unusual gift for Valentine’s Day or a birthday, look no further than a flower wall. Imagine presenting your loved one with an entire block of flowers, which he or she can display in their home or garden. It’s certainly one way to make a statement!

flower walls


A floral masterpiece

If you don’t want to cover an entire wall in flowers from top to toe, add bouquets to a shelving system. This is an easy yet impactful solution and one that can be tailored to the room or event in question. Whether you opt for colour opposites, a rainbow or one single popping hue, there are a number of ways to work this creation.


If you’d like to create a contrasting wall of flowers, ensure you add a little foliage. From large areas of contemporary grass, to elegant stems and giant leaves, there are plenty of options to choose from. Ultimately, what you opt for should reflect the mood or type of event in question, so enjoy being able to get creative!

Author: Lily Calyx

Flower expert, gardening enthusiast and creative mind behind our blog.

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