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Serenata Flowers is an online florist that has been selling and delivering hand-crafted flowers since 2003, as one of the first direct to customer online florists. Serenata Flowers' mission is to connect our customers to the people they love through the art of floristry. We want to make it quick and easy to order fresh, beautiful and affordable flowers, all sent with free next day delivery across the UK.

Since 2003, you've come to us for the moments of triumph and times of sadness; the momentous occasions, and the non-occasions-just-because. We've watched you wax-lyrical and been your love language when there were no words at all. Twenty years on and life looks a little different, and so do we - our founders may not be the ones driving our delivery vans around London, or taking every single one of our customer's calls anymore. They've moved away from running their handful of flower shops across London and being the face of the brand. Instead they've built a team of fantastic people dedicated to sourcing and curating the most fantastic floral products and providing exceptional customer service. But, one thing about us hasn't changed - we're still incredibly passionate about connecting our customers through the art of our floristry.

A language of love, sent with love.

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Our Promise

Flowers are the messengers of joy, lifting our spirits and expressing emotions that words simply can't convey. They symbolise celebration, speak of love and longing, and have the power to heal even the deepest wounds.

At Serenata Flowers, we hold steadfast to the belief that when you choose to gift someone flowers, every detail should be nothing short of perfection. We curate the freshest, highest-quality hand-picked blooms, sustainably grown and swiftly sourced from our trusted growers. Each bouquet is a masterpiece, individually crafted by our expert florists, who pour their artistry and care into every arrangement. Our dedication to perfection ensures that every delivery arrives with a touch of elegance and charm, leaving a lasting impression.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, you can rest assured that your flowers will always be delivered on time, creating moments of delight and memories that will bloom forever.

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