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Our Mission

We want to capture and convey the moments of joy, surprise and delight that sending and receiving flowers uniquely create.

We have been spreading smiles in the UK since 2003 and it has always been our mission to ensure that giving and receiving of flowers is as meaningful, special and as memorable as it can be. No matter what the message will be, you can trust that our blooms will express all without uttering a word.

Serenata Flowers - Our Promise

Our Promise

Flowers bring joy. They lift our spirit. They say things that words cannot. They help us celebrate. They tell someone how much we love them or how much we miss them. They can even go some way to mend a broken heart.

That's why we, believe that when you choose to give a gift of flowers, everything should be absolutely perfect - the freshest, hand-picked highest quality, sustainably grown blooms rushed direct from our best growers, gathered into exquisite bouquets individually created by our expert florists , each exactly as you pictured, beautifully presented, always delivered on time.

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Whilst we deliver 97% of our orders on time, due to the current UK driver shortage there might, on some occasions, be some delays with flower deliveries. Please allow 24 hours after the intended delivery date for delivery to be made. Due to the above, we are not able to refund orders on the grounds of late deliveries.

If your order still has not been delivered during this time you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.


If you paid for a timed delivery option and the order was not delivered on time, we will refund the delivery charge associated with your order.

Delivery issues must be reported within 3 days of delivery date.
(Please note that banks might take 3-5 days to refund the amount on your card.)

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