Corporate Social Responsibility

 Corporate Social Responsibility

Serenata Flowers take its social responsibility seriously and work hard to ensure that our products and services are handled by us and our partners based on good ethics. In all our operations, planning, purchasing, manufacturing and delivering, we strive to meet highest possible quality. This mean to handle and spare nature resources that will help to maintain a highest possible care of the environment.

Serenata Flowers - Ethics and Quality

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Serenata Flowers teams, like buyers and merchandisers are trained in social auditing and ethical purchasing practices. We are bringing ethical trade into our core competency framework so that career progression includes the implementation of ethical principles.

Our goal is to offer our customers top quality product and convenient services and maintain good price performance. In effect, we know that quality and good services in all aspects is paying off at the end and is a hallmark for any serious and successful business.

The main focus is to offer customers a vast array of attractive gift products and various optional delivery services options. In order to improve, we successively develop and refine our services offering. Serenata Flowers strive to combine attractive wrapping and recycling capability by a careful selection of material that allow for quick, easy and efficient disposable feasibility to save the nature from harmful pollution.

Our philosophy of doing business includes:


Meet ethical code of conducts


High quality processes in every aspect of our business internally and among suppliers


Support replenishment programs trees, water and species


Support new developments in clean energy

Serenata Flowers - Sustainability activities


Virtually any economic business activity harvest from the nature, like use of water, trees, crops, minerals including agriculture, fishing and transport. Finally it needs to be convenient for customers with recycling or decompositions of the packaging arrangement. To limit the impact of any business activity to the good for existing and coming generations a high degree of care in our use of natural resources are of course deemed increasingly urgent. Activities to safeguard the nature are important for us at Serenata Flowers. We take part in various kinds of initiatives to support the protection and replenishment of trees, plants, water, soil and species.


Packaging and transport are of course core physical processes in our business. Thus, it is of great concern for us to make sure that we handle these processes with great concern minimising waste and unnecessary use of nature resources that can be harmful. In our goal to select and successively refine and develop our product range including wrappings etc., to meet disposable or recycling demands. Gifts by nature need of course should have an appealing design but we work hard to use easily disposable material in all chain of the process with the goal that should not leave harmful waste products.


Key to virtually any human activity is access to energy. The direct sunshine is an important and ideal energy source for life on earth but also increasingly important to use for the production of sun and wind energy. Access to clean and cheap energy is important for everyone and for greenhouses, production, transport, heating and transport and so on. Serenata Flowers take a serious interest in various development activities in finding new type of clean, cheap and non-polluting energy solutions as this may have such a great impact on our and future generations. In our sustainability program we have therefore taken great pride to encourage and support new development of true green energy alternatives.

Serenata Flowers - Support activities

Serenata Flowers is strongly committed to proactively helping the world in which we live. This includes our local community, the local environment, and the global environment. We do this as already described through our policies, procedures, and general approach to business, but we also provide practical support.

The types of causes that we are involved in are generally related to our field of business. This includes initiatives to plant, conserve and protect trees and plants. It also includes animal and bird initiatives such as research and conservation projects. Also, we are strongly interested in clean and renewable energy.

Here just few examples of projects and activities that Serenata Flowers support:

Trees for life - support plant trees in Scotland

Owl preservation - support of owls in UK

Plant trees in cities - grow trees in UK

Clean energy - support and promote clean and cheap energy activities

Elephant life - support of Asian Elephants

Greenbelt movement - support of tree plant activities in Africa by women

UK bird watchers - support of winter birds

New clean energy - support clean energy promoters like PSWIKI and E-Cat world

Serenata Flowers - Charities & Open Source Projects

Two main types of projects benefit from our financial support - charity-led projects and open source projects. Open source projects are an exciting field to be involved in because they harness the power of collective goodwill, intellect, and ambition to drive the world forward. And because there is no large central organisation to sustain, they are usually much more effective at getting practical aid to where it is needed most.

Open source is a term that is most commonly known in software development - the website Wikipedia is probably the best known example. We support such open source software, particularly software that we use in our own business. We believe that open source software makes the internet safer and as an ecommerce company, this is incredibly important to us. We are contributing towards this cause through financial donations, and through committing our own time. Open source principles can also be applied to projects outside of software development, for example environmental research as well as healthcare, youth organisations, journalism, clean energy, and many others. We are support all of these projects too.

Through financial support we want to contribute to improving the communities that we live in and the environment in general. We want to help to plan for the future; we want to aid those in need. We want to promote and help innovators and free thinkers. These are the people who are doing such great work in everything from journalism to environmental protection to developing healthcare solutions that are for people rather than profit.

Serenata Flowers - Our Promise

We are committed to donating a minimum of one percent of our total revenue to supporting these causes. We also often offer our expertise, and members of our team regularly donate their time.

Is this you? Is your organisation involved in environmental research, protection or conservation? Are you involved in delivering healthcare where it is needed most, or are you part of an open source project working to improve the community?

If so, we would love to hear from you. While we cannot support every idea or organisation, we always want to hear from organisations and individuals who are working in a charitable or non-profit way to improve the world. Get in touch today press@serenataflowers.com.

At Serenata Flowers we cannot change the world on our own, but we are committed to playing our part in full.

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