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Versatile flowers with an unusual shape and enchanting scent, freesias are popular inclusions in bouquets. Their appeal doesn’t lie in their delicate blossoms and wide spectrum of hues alone – the flowers have a strangely attractive asymmetry, growing off just one side of a thin, elegant stem.

Freesia Bouquet

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- Freesias
Norma Jeane
Norma Jeane
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Team GB
Team GB
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Miss Elizabeth Bennett
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Service rating : The flowers arrived well packaged on the day I had booked. But I only received an SMS saying they are on the way, with not even a time bracket. I didn’t know whether a signature was required on arrival or indicating a safe place outside the house will be accepted, so I was house bound for many hours. In the end I had to leave for the school run and luckily it turned out a safe place was good enough, as I found the flowers on return. The company could improve a lot on this, as others have a system operating where you are told an estimated hour bracket and you can also indicate online if you choose a safe place, so don’t need to worry...
Product : I had used a promotion and expected flowers to the value of £39. The bunch I received certainly didn’t look like that, but more like what I had really paid, i.e. £19. A lot of foliage and the flowers at very different stages of freshness (the freesias only buds, not a single flower, while the roses were past their best)
That’s fine for this time, then, with the promotional price, but I would not buy again...


Service rating : The order process is very straightforward and delivery was quick. When I called to complain about the flowers that were received, the girl I spoke to immediately apologised and offered to have a new bouquet sent out the next day. However as this was not suitable a full refund was offered.
Product : The flowers received were extremely disappointing. The bouquet content was not as stated, containing fewer Roses, Freesias and Greens than listed. The quality of the flowers was also very poor, with many of the Roses brown at the edges. The presentation was extremely poor - the website shows it to be a very ’full’ bouquet of flowers. These were very tightly wrapped, they did not remotely resemble the picture on-line. The stems of the flowers were also wrapped in very cheap blue paper towel. This bouquet was bought as a gift. I was too embarrassed to present this ’bouquet’ to the individual.


Service rating : Flowers delivered on time. I would’ve liked a dispatch notification, but I was emailed in the afternoon to say they’d been delivered.
Product : Not the luxurious bouquet for my mum that we’d hoped for. All the trademarks of intensively produced flowers. White roses picked too early, inner petals were green (!) and freesias were only just purple with just a couple of buds flowered on each stem, which would’ve been fine but the rest didn’t flower at all and instead just died off. Not at all as pictured in this respect, and for the price we certainly expected far better quality flowers. Frankly we could’ve and should’ve just gone to the supermarket and got a bigger and better quality bouquet for less.


Service rating : I have used this company many times and the receivers have been very pleased in the past...
Product : However the Mother’s Day flowers a different story. I made 2 orders to 2 seperate mothers. You text my mother to tell her that my mother in law had received her bouquet... Not appropriate! So my mother received her flowers on Mother’s Day, thank you, but she is very disappointed with her wilted freesias and brown roses! Just because it is one of your busiest times for bouquets does not mean the quality should suffer? Please get back to me with a resolve to this if you would like me to keep recommending your service.


Service rating : Asked to "leave flowers on doorstep if no reply" (there are small shrubs either side to conceal parcels from the road). Courier did not ring the bell but rapped on the door with his knuckles (there is no door knocker). I answered the door immediately and found the courier had gone and the flowers left prominently in the middle of the doorstep. Not up to previous standards of delivery.
Product : Flowers greatly appreciated by the recipient, but a head of one of the roses had broken off in transit and so had the top of one of the freesias. However, the excellent quality of the remaining blooms made up for that this minor defect.


Service rating : Good service in the past. Ordering process v easy to follow. But this time the flowers are a massive disappointment - see below.
Product : This from my mum, the recipient: "really disappointed. Your flowers are usually so lovely. But these are not. The purple ones whatever they were (definitely not freesias) just curled up and died yesterday. The golden rod looks tired and droopy and the lily flowers aren’t going to last very long either.
Not a patch on my £6 bunch of alstromeria that I have in for a fortnight from the supermarket." This after just 4 days - it’s not good enough.


Service rating : The ease of booking and delivery of flowers was faultless apart from a product substitution.
Product : Recipient was delighted with the product but I was disappointed when she thanked me for the ’roses and irises’ because the picture showed freesias. I know substitutes do happen but irises are so different from freesias and, in my opinion, do not last as long. I did send an email to this effect to the company, some days ago, and had an automated acknowledgement but have not had any other response yet. Apart from that everything was fine.

When it comes to quality here at serenata flowers, we have an eye for picking the most beautiful freesias for your freesia bouquet or freesia arrangement. With their pretty bell shape and wonderful fragrance, the freesia bouquets is one of the most popular flowers in the world.

This lovely bulb flower is a member of the iris family and originated in Africa at the Cape of Good Hope. Thankfully, flowers freesias are now found all over the world, and the designers here at serenata flowers think roses and freesias add the perfect touch of color and fragrance to any mixed-flower bouquet. Freesias flowers also make a beautiful arrangement even if they are showing off all by themselves.

A white freesia bouquet comes in a gorgeous variety of colors that are simply stunning. While you normally find the most fragrant flower color is white freesias, the freesia is different because the red freesias and pink freesias have the strongest sweet and fruity scent. Orange freesias and blue freesias are available year round with their peak season being spring. No matter what time of year we are buying freesias by post, our buyers inspect every stem, leaf, and petal to make sure the freesia flowers pass our standards for freshness, color, fragrance, and beauty. Because of our high expectations, your roses freesias by post will last longer and smell stronger than freesias from any other florist.

Freesias are the symbol of trusting friendship and innocence, so they are the perfect choice to brighten a friend’s day. They also represent a seventh wedding anniversary, so a freesia bouquet delivery of these beauties is the perfect choice for your significant other when you are celebrating that special seventh year. Here at serenata flowers, we know how to spot a perfect flower, and each one has to meet our high standards before our designers will ever allow it to become part of a bouquet or vase arrangement. When you place your order with us, you can be confident you are getting the very best of the best roses and freesias, every time.

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