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An avant-garde arrangement of clean-edged petals is the ultimate in flower fashion. Bold colours add a stylish accent to rooms in neutral shades ? or try white for a chic complement to kaleidoscopic fabrics and bright walls.

Twist and Shout

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- Modern
4.4 /5
Chakra Glow
Chakra Glow
 £5  (13%)
3.7 /5
A White Rose in a Vase
A White Rose in a Vase
4.2 /5
4.3 /5
 £20  (33%)
4.3 /5
Purple Blaze
4.1 /5
Outback Adventure
Outback Adventure
 £10  (29%)
4.4 /5
Ocean Whisper
 £10  (25%)
4.3 /5
Summer Sorbet
Summer Sorbet
 £10  (25%)
4.4 /5
 £7  (26%)
4.5 /5
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Service rating : First time I have used Serenata and I am impressed. I thought the email to tell me the flowers were on their way followed by another message to confirm delivery was reassuring and demonstrated good customer care. Flowers were delivered promptly. I also thought the price of the product was excellent when compared to other companies.
Product : I opted for the Amazonia as a birthday gift for a friend because it was modern,exotic, and a welcome change from the usual. Just the kind of flowers I’d like to receive myself. Although I didn’t see them, I received a phone call from my friend who was delighted with them. I hope the flowers last well and if so I will definitely be using Serenata again.


Service rating : I used the company after having received flowers myself from my friend. The only thing I would say is that it wasn’t particularly clear what you would get if you paid a bit extra to ’make deluxe’..... Which I probably would have done. When you click to make deluxe it asks you to fill out a form so you can be contacted, which doesn’t really for in with being able to order quickly and easily online. Would have been an excellent otherwise.
Product : Modern, different and made my friend feel special. It would be nice to see more modern / unusual arrangements on the site. I will definitely order from you again ��


Service rating : I would have said ’excellent’ in the past, say 4/5 years ago. I was looking at other florist websites and yours has become very cluttered. I remember considering you for my wedding flowers as my perception was you were fresh, crisp, modern. But your website now has changed my opinions and you seem more commercial and have lost your differentiation. Also flowers are advertised as being a certain price and then you realise that’s for a small bouquet but you recommend the size up which is more expensive. Don’t lose what you originally stood for.
Product : I personally didn’t see it as it was sent to a friend for her 30th. She sounded delighted with it though.

Roger Brian

Sought a supplier in Worksop, Notts. found Serenata Very good choice of delivery free bunch/arrangements. I received very good response at all stages of their production, preparation, shipping, Loading on the vehicle and finally, delivered. I live 80 miles from my cousin who was the recipient who was also very surprised to receive such a beautiful arrangement. You never know how or when things are carried out on your behalf. I will always know in future when I use SERENATAFLOWERS.COM. Nice to know that the traditional service goes hand in hand with modern technologies.


Amazing service very fast delivery, very easy web site to use to place an order. Loved all the emails I got that kept me up to date on the progress of my order. Would definitely buy from Serenata flowers again and would recommend them to friends and family. I like that there were a nice selection for all pockets and that the 9.99 range wasn't some stuffy old carnations and few bits of Gypsophila with way to much greenery , it was really nice to be able to buy a nice bunch of flowers that were different and fresh and of a modern style.

Bishop’s Stortford

Service rating : Good, easy to use website with a good variety of flowers. I choose this site because it had more modern bouquets than some of the other sites. The flowers were delivered on time and the tracking system gave me peace of mind.
Product : Flowers were as described and arrived in bud. They opened up the next day and my daughter was really happy with the different flowers and the bright springlike colours. A real hit! I will certainly use this company again.


Service rating : kept well informed as to were the order and delivery status was and recieved emails to say its on the way and also when delivered. As price is everything these days its a much more realistic price including delivery
Product : good old value for money in modern wold executed well

Traditional and modern flower arrangements are not the only types of flower arrangements used by modern florists. In this day and age, the skilled modern florist from serenata flowers is keeping up with the latest trends by experimenting and innovating with flower arrangements.

The so called modern flowers or new age flower arrangements are what we often see in magazines and the display windows of elegant shops. Besides employing the use exotic flowers, the modern floristry arrangements boast of sharp color contrasts and the use of flowers modern and accessories to either highlight or complement the chosen modern flowers delivered. So now we see modern flower bouquets with dried twigs, pine cones, fruits, and other non-traditional items thrown in the merry mix of colors and textures.

Modern flowers for delivery allows you as the customer to be more creative in choosing the modern bouquet you want. You can be as creative, energetic, and adventurous as you want with your modern flower delivery selection, thereby letting your unique personality shine through the modern flowers by post you send.

Another thing that sets Serenata’s modern bouquets apart from modern funeral flowers is that it has done away with the plain white ceramic vases of old. Since modern flower designs are now utilized by a wider audience – a modern flower is sent and given as gift or tokens to men and women alike, used as corporate giveaways, or made as party centerpieces – serenata flowers lets you be more adventurous in the use of vases or funeral flower modern holders. You can choose from different crystal vases, wine glasses, fish bowls, plastic or ceramic pots, or baskets to be used in lieu of the traditional long necked vases.

If you are looking for modern flowers delivery, go to and discover the joys of modern floral arrangements.

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