The Business of Flowers

The floristry industry has been disrupted by direct e-commerce flower delivery models, which distribute bouquets directly from flower emporiums in the UK to customers, cutting out the middlemen and in turn, are commanding an increasing proportion of the online floristry market's growth, overtaking relay models (companies established primarily to facilitate order exchange and fulfilment between local florists or third-party sales agents of floral products) businesses.

The following report will highlight how consumer demands and expectations are leading this shift – and crucially, why certain businesses are suffering as a result. It will look at how and why the digital disruptors - e-commerce flower businesses – are benefiting, and ask the same questions of those relay organisations which are beginning to stall. It will also examine what these organisations need to innovate and diversify, to either supercharge growth or avoid ultimate decline.

Finally, the report will address the challenges facing the sector right now and look forward to what the insights from this report can tell us about what the flower industry will look like and what challenges it will face in five, 10 and 20 years from now.

Martin Johansson – Managing Director, SerenataFlowers.com

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