Most Adulterous Cities in United Kingdom

Most Adulterous Cities in United Kingdom Infographic

1 in 5 British adults admit to having an affair.

According to a survey conducted by YouGov UK, one in five British adults confess to having an affair, while a third of Brits claim that they have considered it. Of those who have had an affair, only 50% stopped at just one: 25% went on to have two affairs, while 20% have participated in three. Surprisingly, 8% have had five or more affairs! What qualifies as an affair was also addressed in the survey. Although 20% of people admit to having an affair, 22% of survey participants admitted to kissing someone else, but only 17% have actually had sex with someone else. Additionally, most affairs go beyond one-night stands: 82% said that their longest affair lasted more than a week, and 5% said they are still involved in their longest affair.

Men are slightly more inclined to have more than one affair, but men and women are equally likely to have an affair in general.

The data showed that 49% of cheating men go on to have additional affairs, versus 41% of women. More men say they have thought about having an affair (37%) versus women (29%).

Women are more likely to cheat with a friend. Men are more likely to cheat with a co-worker, a stranger, or a neighbour.

Overall, 43% of people had an affair with someone they considered a friend, while 38% went for a co-worker, 18% a stranger, 12% an ex-partner, 8% a neighbour, and 3% a relative of their current partner. The motives of cheating men and women were also slightly different: 44% of women said, "I felt flattered by the attention," and 43% said, "I feel emotionally deprived in my relationship". Meanwhile, 35% of men chose the flattery option and 32% chose dissatisfaction with their sex life. Only 15% of women selected a lacklustre sex life as a motive.

Oxford is the cheating capital of the UK.

A startling 9.13% of the Oxford population admitted to having an affair, according to the 2018 Infidelity Index published by, the UK's leading married-dating website. Just behind them is St. Albans, with 9.12% of the population admitting to an affair.

Richmond upon Thames is the most-cheating borough in London.

While London ranks low for UK cities at 48 overall (with just 1.47% of Londoners admitting to an affair), that's not the case for all of its boroughs. For example, 6.16% of people living in Richmond upon Thames admit to having an affair.

Men are more likely to forgive a cheating partner than women.

On a not-so-sour note, forgiveness does happen. According to the survey, 29% of men are likely to forgive a cheating partner versus just 21% of women.

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